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Bai Yiyan is sitting on the sofa, watching a script sent to her by an Ge. It's a very popular movie script changed by the Internet IP play. The Internet novel has been popular for a long time. Many movies and TV programs are staring at it. But recently, Ji Yueze has just bought the copyright to use the TV play, so as to make Bai Yiyan popular. The news about the preparation of the TV play is also in today's news Tian let it go, Bai Yiyan tentatively determined the position of the heroine, while the heroine was still shrouded in a mysterious shadow, which made people unable to guess, but created more topics. Bai Yiyan looks at the script carefully. To be honest, she secretly borrowed the novel from her friends when she was in high school. There are some classic dialogues and plots in it, which have been talked about by people all the time. Bai Yiyan also remembers them clearly, but what she can't believe is that she will get the script of the novel today, and Ango is very sure to tell her, The hostess is her.

Bai Yiyan is really excited and happy, but after the excitement, it's like a glass of cold water being poured on her head, and she calms down in an instant.

Because the script is impeccable, but what about her?

If she destroys such a good script, she will lose face to Ji Yueze again.

Therefore, Bai Yiyan did not dare to relax for a moment. She seriously imagined in her mind what kind of person the heroine would be, her temper, character and her serious expression when she spoke.

Just as Bai Yiyan was thinking in her mind, the door was suddenly pushed open.

Li ran in. When she saw Bai Yiyan's script, she asked angrily, "did you go to the boss and ask her to give you the role?"? Bai Yiyan, are you a robber? Is it a thief? This script is clearly the one I picked first. How can it be that you are the main character now? I've become your supporting role. You really have the ability. "

Bai Yiyan was shocked when she was scolded by others.

Elder brother an rushed in and stood in the middle of the two, smiling to explain.

"Angie, stop talking. I understand everything. Do you see it? She's sticking her neck out to tell you what she has to do with the boss. " Li Ranran's eyes were full of scorn. He pointed to Bai Yiyan's neck and wrote a lot.

Bai Yiyan thought that she had forgotten to cover the kissing mark on her neck. When she heard Li dye, she reached out and straightened her collar.

However, those kissing marks were so dazzling that they hurt li's eyes, which made her heartache and anger.

Angie didn't dare to gossip about the boss, and he immediately looked serious: "Ranran, please say a few words less. This is the meaning of the boss. It's nothing to do with her. If you are dissatisfied, you can go to the boss." "Well, now the whole company, with her as the big one, what plays she wants to play and what resources she wants, of course, are all selected by her. What can I do? Just, Bai Yiyan, you should remember that people can't be so lucky all their lives. " After Li Ran finished, he bit his teeth and turned to leave.

Bai Yiyan holds the script's hand tightly. Then she puts it down and looks at brother an: "did she originally choose her as the heroine in the script? Why didn't you tell me? "

"That's what the boss means. I can't be the master."

"But If I play this play, I will rob Li Ranran's role. Of course, she will be angry. " Bai Yiyan also began to feel that this matter is not very moral.

"It's not part grabbing. Li Ranran's age is not suitable for a girl of sixteen or seventeen. You're the most suitable role." Angor comforted her immediately.

"Whether it's suitable or not, I'd better ask Ji Yueze about it." After Bai Yiyan finished, she took the script and came to Ji Yueze's office again.

At the moment, it's time to get off work. Ji Yueze always leaves on time, but today is another day. He's thinking about solutions to such a big problem in the company.

Just now, Ji Xiaohan made a phone call to him. He was also concerned about the stock turmoil of his company. He wanted to care for him and even help him, but he was rejected by Ji Yueze.

He can no longer accept the help of big brother unconditionally. He has grown up, and he must have his own ability to deal with affairs.

Outside the window, it was dark. Seeing Bai Yiyan coming in, Ji Yueze's thin lips raised a smile: "you came just at the right time. I'm going to send something to eat. Are you hungry?"

Bai Yiyan heard that he cared so tenderly. She sipped her lips and asked softly, "the script you gave me was not intended to be starred by Li Ranran before?"

Ji Yueze's eyes changed a little: "angodore's mouth?"

"It's not that Angie told me. Li Ran Ran came to me just now. She was very angry and said that I was a robber. Ji Yueze. Do you tell me that it's true?" Bai Yiyan doesn't mean to be angry. She just wants to hear the truth.

"I just mentioned this before, but I didn't really know who was the leading actor. Li Ranran thought more about it!" Ji Yueze is not aware of the seriousness of this matter. He has the right to decide who will play the leading role in the copyright he bought.

"Otherwise, you'd better let her be the heroine, so there will be no conflict..."

"Bai Yiyan, can you give me some confidence? Do you think there is room for humility in this matter? You are so kind! " Ji Yueze immediately interrupted her words, the tall body step by step close to her.

Soon, his thin lips fell on her ear, and his voice was very low: "this is my decision. If she has any dissatisfaction, you can come to me. You just need to do your job, remember?"

"But..." Bai Yiyan wants to say something more, but finds that she has nothing to say.

"Will one day you let me out?" Ji Yueze suddenly reached out and held her small white chin: "don't always think for others, you'd better think more about how to seize this opportunity."

"I'm really robbing her of her heroine's position?" Bai Yiyan blinked. "She took herself too seriously. When she got the script, she substituted herself for the heroine. I didn't nod." Ji Yueze is telling the truth. Li Ranran really thinks more about it. She thinks that after Yang ChuChu leaves, she can select all the resources of the company. But obviously, she has no right to enjoy such treatment.

Li Ranran is a new flower. There are more than a dozen female stars bigger than her above her, all of whom are willing to compete for this position.

"Well, if I'm not sure, then I'm not a robber!" Bai Yiyan is relieved at last. "We'll announce the engagement in the morning. You're ready for it." Ji Yueze's thin lips sucked at her lips. When they were released, she cut her long hair.