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"Even now, do you still think that I would despise your birth?" Mu Shi Ye walked over and sat down on the sickbed. He extended his hand and gently held her slightly cold finger: "An Xin, what do I have to do before you can accept me again? Can't we go back in time? You haven't changed, and neither have I. Is it just because we've grown up that love has become a reality? "

Pei An Xin took a deep breath and laughed at himself, "Can I still have love?"

"Why not?" Mu Shi Ye's heart ached for her broken appearance, and he immediately pulled her into his embrace, "An Xin, even if it wasn't for my daughter, I would definitely bring you back for myself. Because for the past three years, I have been waiting for you."

"You're lying, you said you were waiting for me because you couldn't find a suitable one!" Pei An Xin purposely spoke to anger him.

"Luo He Ning can prove that I have never sought out another woman, and Ji Xiao Han can also bear witness for me!" Mu Shi Ye frowned, could it be that he had to cut open his own heart, in order for this woman to completely see through his thoughts?

Pei An Xin said sarcastically: "They are all your brothers, if I don't speak good words for you, can you still be considered your sworn friend?"

"An Xin …" Mu Shi Ye was once again silenced by her.

Maybe Pei An Xin was really tired. She closed his eyes and leaned into his embrace, like a quiet child.

"Mu Shi Ye, are you really willing to love me one more time? This time, you're not going to push me away, okay? " The woman murmured in a very pitiful voice.

Mu Shi Ye's thin lips gently kissed her forehead, and he said in a low and resolute voice: "Of course, I won't, unless you don't want me anymore!"

Pei An Xin laughed bitterly: "Actually, I have always wanted to rely on you again. Back then when I was overseas, you doted on me like a child and made me live a peaceful life. At that time, aside from loving you, there was nothing else in my mind.

Mu Shi Ye muttered softly, and only felt as if his heart was pricked with needles.

"An Xin! My An Xin!" Mu Shi Ye could only kiss her hair non-stop and non-stop, non-stop controlling the emotions that he was about to collapse.

That's right, back when he was overseas, he had indeed doted on her like a daughter. All of her pettiness, all of her pettiness, he had accepted.

However, the current her was so strong that he couldn't find a chance to act against her. That was why he was on the verge of collapse.

"In the past, Wo Ma Shuo, you must learn how to be strong. It is only now that I realize how exhausting it is for a woman to become strong. Having a daughter, I am truly very tired, just like I was seriously ill. If it wasn't for the fact that I have to face her adorable little face every day, I would really feel depressed and ill. " At this moment, Pei An Xin finally revealed the weakness in her heart. She didn't want to be strong anymore.

Mu Shi Ye naturally knew that after she had given birth to her daughter, life had been extremely difficult. He could only comfort her gently, "Alright, as long as you don't try to show off, I will take good care of you and your child!"

"En!" Pei An Xin was once again exhausted to the point that he was about to fall asleep.

As Mu Shi Ye looked at the pale corner of her mouth in his embrace, he finally let out a breath of relief. The fact that she was willing to completely relax and fall asleep in his arms showed that she trusted him at this very moment.

It was not easy for Mu Shi Ye to walk this far, so even if he felt a little tired from getting his hands on her, he was still unwilling to let her go.

Ji Yue Ze sat in his office and looked outside the window. A few of the higher ups had come over to meet him, and discussed the latest urban romance movie that he was going to film. All of the female lead's designs should be done by Tang You You, who was currently famous.

When Ji Yue Ze heard this name, his expression immediately became complicated.

A few of the higher ups were trying to persuade him, telling him to call Tang You You and ask if he could take on this job.

"Is she fit to wear the clothes she designed?" Ji Yue Ze's lips suddenly curled into a cold smile.

Recently, he had become more and more absent-minded about his work. He had become a boss who didn't care about anything other than being in a daze and sleeping every day.

However, this was also like an opportunity, silently luring Ji Yue Ze to pull out the phone to call Tang You You.

What the hell.

She was clearly his sister-in-law, as close as a family. Why did he still need to find a reason to call her when he called her? Yet, he still cowered and felt a sense of inferiority.

Ji Yue Ze was even more confused by his own emotions now. The dream he had last night was to observe the three things he had.

In his dream, he went to participate in the wedding between his big brother and Tang You You.

In his dreams, he felt all sorts of fear and uneasiness. He even took out the flowers written on his chest that said 'groom', and stomped on them viciously.

Pui, how could he have such a vulgar dream?

After waking up, Ji Yue Ze didn't forget to slap his own handsome face.

However, he still felt that he wasn't conscious enough, so he ran back inside and splashed cold water on his face.

This time, he was completely awake and confused. How could he have such an unbelievable dream?

This was simply outrageous and heinous.

However, the scene in his dreams was not something he could control. As for why he had such a dream, Ji Yue Ze knew in his heart.

That was because he had feelings for Tang You You that exceeded that of his sister-in-law.

When he went to find her, she wasn't his big brother's girlfriend at that time.

It was also during that meeting that Tang You You left a deep impression on him. That kind of impression, which had been pestering him to this day, seemed to be difficult to forget.

"I must be crazy!" Ji Yue Ze punched himself ruthlessly in the chest, thinking that he was just too shameless.

"She's my sister-in-law, the Mummy of my two nephews, my big brother's woman." Ji Yue Ze continuously stuck labels on Tang You You's body in his heart, attempting to calm himself down.

However, it was useless. He realized that once a person's name was branded into his heart, it was impossible to erase it just by saying a few words.

"I will definitely be able to hold it in!" Ji Yue Ze felt that he did indeed have a thought that he shouldn't have, but he was also very confident in his self-control. As long as he didn't see Tang You You, and didn't think about her, his life would still be normal.

Ji Yue Ze kept on persuading himself that he should not think about this anymore.

But at that moment, his phone rang!

Ji Yue Ze didn't dare believe it. Seeing the words "Tang You You" written on his phone, he looked like he had been possessed and immediately retreated a few steps.