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C1444 being watched

Blue fiber at home sad sad for two days, and to clean up a good mood, back to the general office to work.

When her father Lambert heard that she was going to work, he immediately called her and ordered her to resign. Blue

microfiber stood in front of the floor to floor window on the third floor and said firmly: "Dad, I don't want to resign, I want to continue working here." "

are you still paranoid about him? Don't kill our family! " From childhood, Lambert was obedient to his daughter and overindulged. But now, it's about a family's success and failure. He naturally no longer indulges his daughter's willful and reckless behavior. "

dad, I won't tell him, I I will only work hard! " Blue microfiber was still afraid, but she really didn't want to leave here. Just as she said this, she saw a number of orderly lines through the floor to floor window. At the front of the line, Ling Mo Feng came to the general office with several foreign guests talking and laughing.

Blue and slender eyes almost all want to see straight, she can't help but go forward a few steps, the whole person almost stick to the glass, just to be able to see more clearly that man's demeanor and posture.

"Slim, dad didn't joke with you, so he quit his job quickly. I will send you abroad. Wherever you want to go before, Dad won't stop you. He will let you go!" Lambert immediately relaxed the requirement. "

I don't want to go anywhere, Dad, I want to be with you." Blue fibril said duplicity words, the whole person ran to the other end of the corridor, ran to the end of the corridor, blue fibril can see Ling Mo Feng's figure more clearly, her heart was inexplicably a burst of joy, the heart rate accelerated.

"I really spoiled you. Now I'm angry all day long!" Lambert had no choice but to scold and hang up.

Blue microfiber holds the mobile phone tightly in the palm of his hand, and his forehead is close to the glass window, feeling the love feeling of the heart racing.

Just when Ling Mo Feng disappeared, he did not find a window in the distance, and someone was also observing his every move.

Mei put down her binoculars and pulled out a sneer on her plain face.

"Wan Qianqian, the useless woman, left without fighting and hurt the president's heart. It seems that I have found a new candidate for him. I believe this time, it will not be disappointing." Mei gave her telescope to her assistant.

The male assistant was a very handsome young man. Listening to Mei Jie, he immediately answered, "this blue fiber had to work in the general office before. She thought she was young and progressive. Now it seems that people come here while the vice president is here."

"You stare at her behavior for me, no matter how big or small, and report to me one by one. Also, look for more opportunities to make the number of times she and Ling Mo Feng met. Just now I saw her rippling appearance, I think it's already exciting. We just need to make more use of it. What she will do is really unexpected!" Sister Mei is still very happy. After all, after Wan Qianqian left, there was less trouble for Ling Mo Feng. The president was worried day and night, urging her to find a way everyday, and she finally failed to live up to her expectations.

"This blue fiber seems to have just had a fight with LAN Yanxi two days ago. The whole office knows that, sister Mei, this blue fiber looks simple in mind and must be easy to use!" Handsome assistant quickly follows. "

this LAN Yanxi is also a stubborn person. He fights with LAN Xianxian and ignores Ling Mo Feng's face at all. I still like her very much. Let her spoil some good feelings. Don't touch her for the moment." Mei reaches for the towel and sneers as she wipes it.

Blue fibril didn't know that he had been stared at. He would become a prey in the net, and blue Yanxi didn't know that after he became famous, he even managed to survive for himself. However,

all of these are expected by Ling Mo Feng. In the last fight between LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng, he was not angry at all. He just loved her injured face. In fact, her fight was good for her. The old president would not hurt her, but also let her fight several times.

As for the blue fiber, Ling Mo Feng has found out that she is the old president's relationship, and has entered the general office. The purpose is clear. She likes herself and is Lan Yanxi's cousin. No matter what his attitude towards her is, once the relationship is made public, Ling Mo Feng's reputation will certainly be damaged. Now facing the election, Ling Mo Feng will never let her This kind of scandal happened.

He has prepared a trap for the blue fiber to jump down.

LAN Yanxi begged Ling Mo Feng to help investigate Wang Rong. Ling Mo Feng also sent people to check his details. He was born in a rich family, but his family was unfortunate. At the age of 20, he fell down in the family. He owed a lot of money. His parents both went to prison. He was lucky to be exempt from criminal responsibility. When everyone was not optimistic about his future, he disappeared for several years, and then again several years later When he came back, he paid off all his debts. In addition, he redeemed several old houses of the king's family and began to run his various businesses. Until now, all the businesses that he had turned upside down have improved a little, and he has become a real rich man.

When Ling Mo Feng got the list, his brow turned to a knot, and his fingers tapped on the desk: "what did he do when he was 20, and he could make so much money?" "

sir, it's really hard to find out. Maybe he used a pseudonym at that time and only used his real name when he made money back. Therefore, we can't find any clue at present, plus the time is too long!" Chu's face was helpless and he replied.

Ling Mo Feng frowned tighter: "what are the shortcuts for a young man to get rich?"

"It's possible that she was taken care of by a rich woman!" Chu replied immediately. Ling

Mo Feng had some accidents. He looked up at him and said, "it's quite possible. He's handsome. He's looked up by the rich woman. If he has a little more skill to make the rich woman happy, he really wants money and money!"

Chu case is a little embarrassed by Ling Mo Feng's approbation. He quickly stretches out his hand to scratch the back of his head: "I'm also guessing. He owes more than three billion yuan, plus more than 80 million yuan to redeem the old house. Unless he is engaged in illegal business, he can't earn so much money." "

well, the analysis is reasonable, but he has not been caught in prison, which means he certainly has not violated the law, otherwise, he can not live so safely for more than ten years, just for fear of hiding long ago, or going abroad for life." Ling couldn't figure out how the man got a lot of money for a while. It was suspicious, but it took a long time to investigate. "

do you want me to send a woman to test him and see how sincere he is to miss Lan's mother?" Chu immediately proposed.

"No, this kind of thing is against morality. The other side is Yanxi's mother. She doesn't want to be good, but also sends a woman to seduce her boyfriend? If Yan Xi knows about it, how can I explain it? " Ling immediately rejected the idea.

Chu example immediately embarrassed nods: "what Sir says is right, this method cannot do!" "

go to investigate first, and then turn over the file data. It's hard for you!" Ling Mo Feng is still grateful for Chu lie. He accompanied him all the way. "What Mr.

said is important. It's my duty to share your worries!" Chu example smiled, then turned around and went on with the business. Ling

Mo Feng leaned back in his chair and became silent.

The old president recently sent all hands to contact all parties and prepare to jump to try on the day of the general election. To be honest, this kind of behavior is still shameful. According to some news he received, many people are disgusted with this matter. Forcing others to vote for you has turned their backs. This kind of behavior has advantages and disadvantages. For a while, I don't know if it's good Or not good.

The headquarters of Jishi group, like ants on a hot pot, is about to collapse. Xiao Han hasn't come to the company for three days in a row. He won't know her purpose and deliberately avoid her. "

No, you can't wait to die! Ji Xiaohan, if you don't come to me, I'll go to you! " Gao Yue is crazy. She decides to go to jixiaohan's house to have a fight. No matter what the result is, it's better to let the president know that she didn't do nothing.