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Arriving at the entrance of Only Idealism Hall, Tang You You took a deep breath, then said softly: "I'm going up, thank you for sending me off!"

"I'll send you off …" Suddenly, when she bent down to get off the car, the man reached out his hand in time. His warm palm naturally grabbed onto her soft little hand.

"Why don't you let me send you off?" The man's tone was slightly gloomy, and his brows were slightly raised. "Our relationship has already been made public. We don't care about this once or twice."

Tang You You's breathing became faster, and without hesitation, she walked towards the elevator.

When she stepped into the office, almost everyone's eyes were fixated on her. Envy, surprise, and disbelief.

"Wandering, is that news on the internet true? You are Quarterly's girlfriend? "

"Ji Yue Ze has already personally acknowledged your relationship, are you really dating the Quarterly?"

"Oh my god, I'm so surprised. I'm so envious."

As Tang You You passed by his colleagues' desks, he heard the envy in their eyes.

She only felt her mind go blank. She knew that once she had a relationship with that man, her life would experience an earth-shattering change.

"Wandering, come to my office!" Liu Xi was happier than anyone else, and he directly spoke to Tang You You without hiding the happiness on his face.

Tang You You quickly walked into his godmother's office.

Upon entering, Liu Xi looked at her as if he was looking at her again, his expression becoming more and more satisfied: "Tun Tun, you're being too rude, even your godmother was hiding it from me. You're obviously dating Quarterly."

"Godmother, I didn't mean to hide this from you …"

"Alright, no need to explain. I know it's not easy to be Quarterly's girlfriend, but I'm definitely happy. Wandering, the godmother is really happy for you. Liu Xi said happily.

Tang You You lowered his head and laughed bitterly: "Mother, I am sorry. Actually, I really didn't think that Ji Xiao Han would choose me as his girlfriend. Perhaps, he is also thinking for the sake of the two kids, but no matter what, my relationship with him has already exploded."

"You are the biological mother of his child. If he really wants to get married, then of course he will be the first one to consider you." Liu Xi said with certainty.

Tang You You glanced outside the door with some worry: "I really hope that my work will not be affected by this."

"It will definitely have an impact. However, as long as you don't notice anything, no one will dare to gossip about you." Liu Xi comforted her.

"Of course I wouldn't feel anything! "I just hope that everyone will not treat me like a beast race." When Tang You You just passed by the office, he could already feel the complicated and shocked expression his colleague had.

Of course, what she was worried about was not that her colleagues would do her harm if they knew about this. On the contrary, being able to be Ji Xiao Han's girlfriend was definitely a one in a million chance.

If she said she wasn't afraid of being struck by lightning, she would be able to do whatever she wanted in the company.

A cell phone's ringtone caused Tang You You's mood, which she had finally calmed down, to tremble slightly.

She took out her phone to see that it was Lu Xuan Chen calling.

Tang You You hesitated for a moment, but still answered.

"You long, are you and Ji Xiao Han really dating? You clearly said before that you had nothing to do with him, but you actually lied to me. " Lu Xuan Chen's tone was filled with heavy injuries. Indeed, when he saw this news, it was practically like a bolt out of the blue.

The reason he didn't call Tang You You the first thing was because his mood was too sorrowful and complicated.

He didn't even have time to confess to Tang You You before he already had no chance to.

If his opponent was a different man, perhaps he wouldn't feel so hopeless.

But that person was Ji Xiao Han, and he was not someone who could compete with him just because of his hard work.

Tang You You opened her mouth, but didn't know what to say. In the end, she could only apologize with a low voice.

"You Long, did he force you? I know you are not that kind of snobbish woman, did Ji Xiao Han force you to be his girlfriend? You don't love him at all, do you? " Lu Xuan Chen asked anxiously, with a tone that said that he loved her dearly.

Tang You You was startled again, she bit her lower lip and said with a low voice: "No, he did not force me, I willingly stay with him, Hengcheng-ge, I am sorry, I had deceived you before."

"You You, you still don't understand? I... "I've always liked you. I originally planned to confess to your mother's grave the day after tomorrow, but I didn't expect that I wouldn't even have the chance now." Lu Xuan Chen was extremely sad. He had previously planned for the future where Tang You You would be present, but now, he was in a complete blank space. Suddenly, he did not know what he should work hard for.

Tang You You was struck dumb. Her beautiful eyes were wide open as she said in disbelief, "Hengcheng-ge, you … Why are you suddenly telling me this? "

"Wandering, in these five years, I have been waiting for you to come back. Although I have never tried to contact you, I know that you will definitely come back, but I did not dare to confess to you in the past because I did not have the courage to do so. I have always wanted to be with you in the most relaxed of relationships, but now … I didn't think that you would actually be snatched away by Ji Xiao Han. " Xuan Lu Chen's voice was downcast, but it contained a thick sense of self-mockery.

"Hengcheng-ge, I really didn't know that you … "You've been waiting for me. I thought you had already found the girl you liked." The sudden confession also caused Tang You You to be at a loss of what to do. She didn't know how to reject Lu Xuan Chen, because up until now, Lu Xuan Chen had always played an indispensable role in her life. He was her trusted friend and his elder brother that she relied on.

Although she had felt that it was a very happy and warm thing to find a boyfriend like Lu Xuan Chen when she grew up, she had never dared to think too deeply about it. Therefore, her feelings for him had only stopped at the word "friend".