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C779 master Ji, speaking

When the youngest son suddenly arrived, LAN Yue was unprepared, so she had to pour tea for them and wash the fruit. Ji Yueze didn't sit down, but walked back and forth in the room. Looking here and there, when he found that the room was much smaller than he thought, he frowned and said: "who can find this house for you, even one There are no decent balconies. "

Like a bad tempered young master, Bai Yiyan follows him here and there with a rich expression.

Ji Yueze's role is changing so fast. As soon as he steps in, he becomes a qualified son.

LAN yuezheng bent down to cut fruit for them, and suddenly heard her son's words, she said with a smile: "I found this house myself. I think the environment here is good, the safety measures are good, and the house is not small. I live in three rooms alone, which is enough." Bai Yiyan can feel from LAN Yue's words that she is not a pampered lady, which surprises her a little. She carefully recalls her aunt's life. She is a famous brand when she goes out. When she goes in and out of the high-end beauty salon and restaurant, she will never feel warm like a quiet lady.

Bai Yiyan can't help but smile bitterly at the bottom of her heart. Do men like bad women? It's a pity that such a good woman who runs a family gently should be abandoned.

Ji Yueze pushes open a room, which is empty and has nothing to put. Ji Yueze stabs inexplicably in his heart.

"My villa is empty. There is everything in it. Move in. I'll hire some servants for you. You won't work on your own in the future." Ji Yueze said in a light tone, but every word was full of love for his mother.

LAN Yue is stunned. Looking at the back of her little son, her mood turns.

Ji Yueze turns around, LAN Yue lowers her head in a hurry, and doesn't want him to see her tears.

"Why do you cry so much?" Ji Yueze still saw her crying, so he turned a white eye.

Bai Yiyan feels that Ji Yueze is a bad child. Once she comes in, she won't speak well. At the moment, she says LAN Yue is crying again. He is not only not comforting, but also blaming others so lightly. Bai Yiyan can't see through. So she gently twists Ji Yueze at her waist.

Ji Yueze turned around and gave her a vicious look.

Bai Yiyan made a sign with her eyes that she would not hurt her aunt any more.

Ji Yueze gives her a nosy look and goes to her mother.

"Well, don't cry. In the future, I will often come to see you and never let you live alone again!" Ji Yueze is a man who doesn't cajole people very much. At the moment, he saw his mother crying, and his voice was tender and sincere.

Bai Yiyan finally breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that she just twisted him to get the effect.

"Ozawa!" LAN Yue couldn't help it. She reached out and hugged her son. This time, she burst into tears.

She was really crying with joy. She thought that she would never be forgiven by her son again in her life. Unexpectedly, her son still brought so many things to visit her and said that she would move to his house and ask a servant to take care of her. How could LAN Yue not be moved?

Ji Yueze reached out and gently held his mother. His dark eyes were also dyed red.

If Bai Yiyan wasn't there, Ji Yueze would have cried, but for his male self-esteem, he chose to hold back the tears in his eyes, reached out, and gently pacified his mother: "OK, stop crying, mom, I won't make you angry in the future!"

It's like a good obedient child. Bai Yiyan's eyes are red and praise is dark.

LAN Yue finally stopped her tears, stepped back from her son's arms, looked up and touched his son's beautiful face: "it's so tall!"

LAN Yue is very pleased. Both of her sons are grown-up, tall and handsome, which is her blessing.

"I can't always be a child!" Ji Yueze complains quietly.

LAN Yue smiled and nodded, "I know you are not a child now, but your mother is old!"

White still wipe the tear of the corner of the eye, say immediately: "aunt, you look just 30, not old at all!"

LAN Yue is a little shy: "you are a girl who can really talk. I am almost fifty years old!"

"Mom, I have something to tell you!" Ji Yueze suddenly spoke seriously.

LAN Yue nodded: "come and sit, I washed the fruit!"

The expression on Bai Yiyan's face was a little frozen. She seemed to have guessed what Ji Yueze was going to say, so she was very afraid. The sense of relaxation just now was gone.

She pinched her fingers nervously and looked at lanyue with beautiful eyes.

LAN Yue put the cut fruit in front of them, and then looked at the little son and the girl sitting beside him happily.

Last time I met at Ji's house, Bai Yiyan of LAN Yuejue was a good child. She liked it very much and was very satisfied.

"Mom, why don't you ask me why I came to you!" Ji Yueze reached for an apple and put it into his mouth.

To sum up, he hasn't eaten the food made by his mother for more than ten years, let alone anything she prepared for him.

Before, LAN Yue would buy things for him and his brother every day, but they destroyed them.

Later, he and his brother yelled at LAN Yue and told her to roll forever. Don't appear in front of them. LAN Yue may have been hurt, but it really didn't appear again.

Now, once again, the fruits that his mother cut by hand can be so sweet and delicious. Before, he seldom ate this kind of fruit.

LAN Yue was stunned and then asked, "yes, Ozawa, why did you come to me all of a sudden? You Don't you hate me all the time? Remember you didn't even want to see me before. "

Ji Yueze reached into his arms and found the photos he received last time and put them in front of his mother.

When LAN Yue saw the photos, she looked at him with a stiff face, and looked at him incredulously, and her tone was worried: "Ozawa, how can you have these photos? Where did you find it? Is it grandma... "

Speaking of this, LAN Yue suddenly stopped, because she remembered that the old lady came to her last time and asked her about it again. Let her never let the two children know about Ji Nan's previous extramarital affairs.

LAN Yue, for the sake of her two children, naturally said nothing. "Mom, what did you say about grandma?" Ji Yueze's expression was startled, his eyes fixed on her and asked.