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"Sister-in-law!" Ji Yue Ze walked over to Tang You You's side and smiled as he called out to her.

Tang You You was not embarrassed at all, and acknowledged Ji Yue Ze with a smile.

When it was time for dinner, the old man had already taken a bath. He changed his clothes and went to the villa by the sea. The family sat down amiably in front of the table to eat.

The topics of the family members were all about family conventions, so the old lady was most concerned about the matter of Ji Yue Ze choosing his wife.

Ji Yue Ze knew that his grandmother was extremely concerned about his life's important matters, but this was exactly the thing that he didn't want to mention the most right now.

"Grandma, now that you have grandchildren, can you not be so worried? I am only twenty-four years old this year, have you ever seen a Big Star of the entertainment circle get married at the age of twenty-four? In my profession, even if I am not married by the age of forty, it is very normal. " Ji Yue Ze smiled as he comforted the elderly.

Hearing that, the old lady was choked with sobs, "What did you say? You also know that I'm old, how can I wait for you to turn forty? I just want to see what your child looks like.

Everyone looked at the old lady in astonishment as tears began to flow from her eyes.

"Uncle, don't make great-grandmother cry. She's already so old!" Tang Xiao Rui really couldn't bear to see this, so he could only beg in a small voice.

However, Ji Yue Ze knew that his grandmother was simply pretending, and had no choice but to laugh: "Grandma, my acting skills must be inherited by you.

Alright, Grandma, don't be angry, don't worry about me, you just want to see what my child looks like, I can tell you this, if I had a son, I would definitely grow up to be Xiao Rui. If I had a daughter, it would be Xiao Nai. Ji Yue Ze's topic became more and more irrelevant.

Ji Xiao Han squinted his eyes, and swept his cold gaze across: "Unless the woman you're looking for looks exactly the same as you do, then she'll have the appearance of my child!"

Ji Yue Ze's expression instantly stiffened, his handsome face instantly flushed red, and he anxiously explained: "Brother, you misunderstand, the woman I will be looking for in the future, must also be very beautiful. What I mean is, sister-in-law is beautiful!"

Seeing that Ji Yue Ze's face had turned red, Tang You You quickly said to Ji Xiao Han: "Enough, speak less. Your brother is much more handsome than you, the girlfriend he's looking for is definitely prettier than me. Who knows, maybe the children he'll give birth to will be even cuter than these two!"

When Ji Yue Ze heard Tang You You speak up for him, he looked at her deeply.

The old lady snappily said, "Alright, stop talking so much. You have to hurry up."

The Ji Family's atmosphere was harmonious. In the other suite, the atmosphere was tense.

Pei An Xin promised Mu Shi Ye to come visit his at home. The nanny was an aunt that Pei An Xin knew since childhood, that was why she was so at ease with his child being brought around by her. It was because she knew this aunt had a good reputation.

Because Mu Shi Ye wanted to come over, Pei An Xin told his aunt to go back first!

When Mu Shi Ye thought about seeing his precious daughter, he didn't even go to work in the afternoon and directly went to buy presents for the little guy.

Mu Shi Ye, a grown man, was also extremely interested in this little thing's clothes and toys. Of course, he also called his elder sister Mu Lin over from the company.

When Mu Shi Ye entered the room carrying all these things, he had a whole new level of respect for him.

"What are you buying? Who told you to buy something? I just want you to come over and see your daughter! " Pei An Xin didn't know what to say when he saw that the man had filled up his own small sofa.

After Mu Shi Ye put down the thing, he started to look for his treasure.

"Cheng Cheng... Daddy is here! " Mu Shi Ye saw Xiao Cheng Cheng playing alone in the children's room.

Although he was only a year old, the little guy already had a reaction to Mu Shi Ye's familiar male voice when he heard it.

She immediately crawled up, her pink body running towards Mu Shi Ye as she pouted, "Daddy …"

When Mu Shi Ye heard his daughter call him, he felt as if his heart was about to melt. He knew that his daughter would remember him.

"Daddy is here to see you, my little one!" Only when Mu Shi Ye carried his daughter up did he realize that she was still so young and that she didn't seem to have much flesh to her during this period of time.

"Why have you lost weight?" Mu Shi Ye could not help but ask Pei An Xin.

Pei An Xin stood at the side, trying his best to ignore this very loving feeling from the painting. However, when he saw her daughter intimately lying on Mu Shi Ye's shoulder, the light in her eyes still softened.

"She's had a cold in the past two days and has diarrhea. She's been taking medicine!" Pei An Xin replied.

Mu Shi Ye was a man, he did not even catch a cold all year round, which was why he felt that being sick was a huge matter.

Since his own daughter, who was only one year old, was sick, Mu Shi Ye immediately felt that it was the end of the world, and his heart felt extremely heavy.

However, Pei An Xin was not worried at all, and indifferently said: "He went to see a doctor, and the doctor said that as long as you do a good job of keeping her warm, and pay attention to the matter of food, there won't be any big problems."

"Daddy …" Xiao Cheng Cheng hadn't thought about it clearly yet, but at this moment, she could only express some simple feelings. She really liked the feeling of being held by Mu Shi Ye, and felt very safe.

Mu Shi Ye kissed his daughter's cheeks and hugged her, refusing to let her go. Then, he said to Pei An Xin: "Let's go out to eat!"

"No need, I've prepared some dishes. I'll be eating at home tonight!" Pei An Xin rejected her offer and turned around to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Mu Shi Ye quickly carried his daughter and followed behind her. Seeing the ingredients that she prepared in the kitchen, he couldn't help but laugh: "I never thought that you actually know how to cook!"

Pei An Xin rolled his eyes at him: "If I can't cook, my daughter and I would have starved to death already!"

Mu Shi Ye was stunned!

"An Xin, if you are willing to move to my villa, I can get people to take care of you and your daughter. You don't need to work during the day, and you still need to go home and cook dinner!" Mu Shi Ye was truly pained.