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C623 cutting off the last relationship

Tang Xuerou was put into a mental hospital. When she was sent in, she held the trophies she had won tightly in her arms. She would not withdraw her hand. If anyone dared to come and grab them, she would take them up and smash them.

Moreover, on the way to the mental hospital, she kept telling the doctors and nurses that her boyfriend was Ji Xiaohan, and told them that she got these trophies because Ji Xiaohan helped her behind her back.

Tang Xuerou's parents are extremely sad. Seeing her only daughter, she turns into a madman. They can't accept this fact.

However, the evidence and confession provided by the police gave them no chance to refute.

"This Tang youyou is really harmful. How can she feel at ease when our daughter is hurt like this? How much kindness has she received from our Tang family? She's a white eyed wolf. I'm going to work hard to find her. " Tang Xuerou's mother, Meng Xiujuan, cried out in grief.

Tang Youkang, the father of Tang Dynasty, also resented Tang youyou. Was it still a mistake to raise her?

Now, even hurt their daughter to become like this, she really did not know how grateful.

"I'm going to talk to her right now. You're waiting for me at home. Don't go out any more!" Tang Youkang can't sit down, so he decides to go to Tang youyou for an explanation.

"I'm going with you. I'm going to scold the dead girl." Without her only daughter, Meng Lijuan can't live anywhere. She hates to stab Tang youyou with a knife.

Tang Youkang knew that if his wife didn't find Tang youyou to give vent to him, she would soon become a crazy woman and son. So his father and wife drove towards the hospital.

Before going to the hospital, Tang Youkang only knew that the hospital where Tang youyou was. It was the police who said that they found it here.

Once at the front desk, Meng Lijuan went directly to the nurse station.

Tang Youkang was afraid that his wife would do harm, so he directly said that he was Tang youyou's father. The nurse couldn't understand their relationship for a while, so she believed him and told him the number of Tang youyou's ward.

Tang Youkang and Meng Lijuan went directly to the door of Tang youyou's ward, but they had no chance to get close at all.

Six bodyguards in black, with serious expression, blocked their way.

"I'm sorry, but this ward is closed. Please come back." Full of polite and cold voice, let Tang Youkang and his wife more angry.

"Tang youyou is my adopted daughter. Why don't we go in and find her? I have something to ask her. Don't stand in our way. " Tang Youkang shouted loudly.

At this moment, in the ward, Tang youyou is resting. Ji Xiaohan has sent two children home. At this moment, she is the only one in the ward.

Hearing the noise outside the door and the voice of Tang Youkang, Tang youyou walked to the door and opened it. "Tang Youyou, you are willing to see us at last. You are a vicious woman. You give us your daughter back." Meng Lijuan saw Tang youyou first, and immediately wanted to rush over. Fortunately, a bodyguard stopped her quickly, turned to Tang youyou and said, "sorry, Miss Tang, did you have a rest?"? We're going to drag them down. "

Tang youyou looks at his adoptive father and stepmother with a look of grief.

"What can I do for you?" Tang youyou did not avoid them, but stood behind the bodyguards and asked them with indifference. Tang Youkang immediately asked her angrily, "Tang Xuerou is your elder sister. Do you need to make her a psychopath? Tang Youyou, you married Ji Xiaohan. Have we coveted you? Why do you have to deal with our daughter? Is your conscience eaten by the dog? Snow is my only daughter. "

Tang youyou looks at her adopted father's exhausted appearance. She is also very sad, but she doesn't realize how much she has done. "Mr. Tang, I can't thank you enough for your upbringing, but I really don't agree with how vicious I am. Five years ago, this woman wanted to give me to an old man to play with. I met Ji Xiaohan by mistake, which was my fate with him. But your daughter, by my light, was enjoying everything Ji Xiaohan gave her. She was When enjoying all this, have you ever thought about what I have paid? At the beginning, you came to me and asked me to let her go. I didn't care about her, but she didn't let me go. This time, I was in a car accident and escaped from the dead. It was your daughter who encouraged a man to find someone to force me and knock me off the road. If you still think she was the victim, I really have no explanation, I can only say that you can't live by doing your own iniquity. Go back to

and we won't meet again! " After Tang youyou finished all this, he turned around and closed the door.

"Don Youyou, you will die. You have no conscience. I will curse you for life." At the moment, Meng Lijuan lost all her sense. Tang youyou didn't hear a word of it. She just felt how much her poor daughter had been wronged.

When several bodyguards heard her vicious words, they immediately gave a serious warning: "two, Miss Tang needs a rest. If you don't leave, I will call the police."

"Is Ji Xiaohan powerful and powerful? Send you to keep her, you can keep her forever, right? If my daughter has a long one and a short one, I'll fight with her as well. " Meng Lijuan is almost mad. She scolds and cries in agony.

Only Tang Youkang listened to what Tang youyou said just now.

Indeed, when Ji Xiaohan found out that Tang Xuerou had deceived him, it was Tang Youkang who called Tang youyou and was willing to relieve his daughter's crisis with the kindness of upbringing. At that time, Tang youyou did such an exchange with him.

However, Tang Youkang did not expect her daughter to be so stubborn, and even thought of various ways to revenge Tang youyou.

At the moment, it's really a situation of both sides losing, no one is better.

"Let's go!" Tang Youkang turns around and holds his wife's hand tightly: "let's stop making trouble!"

"You Kang, what about the daughter? What does she do? "

"We can't have another accident. Our daughter will be better. We need to take good care of her." Tang Youkang is finally sober. Since his daughter has made a mistake, as a parent, he can only bear the result with her.

Tang youyou leaned on the door of the ward and closed his eyes. His eyes were sore.

She would not have treated those who had raised her in this way if she had not been pushed to the extreme. I only hope that from now on, there will be no harm, and everyone can be more rational.