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C1045 the world is too small

Tang youyou is a little surprised. It's hard to avoid a strange way: "then why do you agree? Are you not going to misunderstand any more? "

"Are you guilty?" The voice line of the man suddenly tensed up: "if you don't feel guilty, you won't ask so clearly."

Tang youyou couldn't help but smile bitterly: "I really don't feel guilty. I am worried about him as a friend."

"Lu xuanchen's signing in to my brother's company is no harm to me. He is a potential actor, which will surely bring great benefits to my brother. Moreover, I heard that my brother said that a media company called Xingyun was against him recently and wanted to sign Lu xuanchen. In order not to let my brother lose such an opportunity, I can only promise him, My brother promised me that he would keep an eye on Lu xuanchen's every move for me. It's a once and for all experience for me. "

"What a traitor!" After hearing his explanation, Tang youyou laughed and scolded him.

"How can you say that you love a big profiteer who lives and dies?" Season owl cold not only is not angry, but complacently asks her. Don

chuckled for a while: "OK, I admit it!"

"Well, I won't talk to you. I'm going to have a meeting soon. I'll talk when I get home!" Ji Xiaohan takes the time to call her. He is tense and has fun with her for a while, but also relaxed a lot. "

good, see you in the evening!" Tang youyou said softly, then hung up the phone, stared at the mobile screen and giggled. Now her marriage life with Ji Xiaohan has become more and more peaceful. There is no ups and downs or quarrels in her life. When the passion recedes, what she returns to is the true essence of marriage, which is a good experience. Lu

xuanchen held a celebration dinner in the evening and invited some friends who had cooperated in the circle to come and have a lively time.

After drinking some wine, Lu xuanchen asked his assistant to take him home. On the way, he suddenly thought of a very important thing, so he asked the assistant to help him buy a bunch of flowers. He wanted to visit his grandparents in the cemetery in the evening.

The assistant and the agent's eyes widened when they heard about it.

Not at all. Go to the cemetery at night? "

my grandparents have always wanted me to achieve something. Today, it's also a turning point in my life. I remember that I thought about signing into Baiyu before, and I was ridiculed severely. At that time, I secretly vowed that I would succeed." Lu xuanchen leans on the back of his chair, his eyes are intoxicated, with a sneer. He cried in front of his grandparents that day. Now that he has signed the contract successfully, he will visit them.

"Brother xuanchen, you should go early and go back early. We are waiting for you on the side of the road. It's not suitable to come to this kind of place in this big evening. Please think about it for us!" The assistant's face was pale with fright, shaking his voice to persuade Lu xuanchen. "

don't worry, I will come back earlier!" Lu xuanchen's courage surprised people. He didn't seem to be afraid at all. He just carried a bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers.

It's not a very high-end cemetery here. It used to be a private cemetery, only the old man who had been invited to watch the door. Now, in the big evening, the old guard man has been lying in his small room, whirring and sleeping. No matter who goes in or out, the quality of the people is generally improved, and there is no possibility of tomb robberies or other strange things happening in this place. Lu

xuanchen is stepping on the steps and going up step by step. It's very quiet around. Only the moonlight above his head spills down, and the rest is the light from his cell phone flashlight. For example,

if it is in other places, this pale light may not cause other people's fear. But

walking on this mountain path, there are tombstones around. Timid people are afraid that their souls will fly away. Lu

xuanchen is fearless. He always believes that even if there are wild ghosts around him, his grandparents will protect him. Therefore, he walked to the grave of his grandparents.

He opened the bottle cap with his teeth. Lu xuanchen placed a bottle of Shaojiu, Grandpa's favorite drink, in front of the tomb and a bunch of flowers in front of grandma's tombstone. Two old photos are newly pasted. The smile of the two old people makes Lu xuanchen's eyes ache. "

grandpa and grandma, I have come to see you. Are you OK down here?" Lu xuanchen murmured. Although he knew there would be no response, he still wanted to talk about something. "

I signed a contract with Baiyu group today. By the way, the two stars you liked before, I asked them to sign today, and I will burn them to you now to meet your wishes!" After that, Lu xuanchen really took out the lighter and burned two pieces of signature paper to his grandparents, who were all the old stars they liked very much. "

my wish has been fulfilled. From now on, I will work harder to prove my strength. You can rest assured that even if I am left alone in the world, I will live a wonderful life, which is what you want to see." Lu xuanchen smiled and murmured. Then he knelt down and kowtowed: "my assistant and agent are waiting for me. They are timid. I will go first." Lu

xuanchen kowtows, gets up and leaves. He drives his car to the steps.

The cellphone flashlight shining on the weathered green brick steps will make people feel sad.

Just as Lu xuanchen was walking down, suddenly, a woman came out of a nearby tomb path. "

ah, ghost!" Lu xuanchen uttered a scream, and the frightened cell phones all shook out. The tall body also sat on the steps unsightly.

"How does this sound sound familiar?" The man he called the ghost spoke.

Then, the other side flashed a flashlight on his face. Then, the other side mocked: "the world is so small, you can be seen everywhere. Lu xuanchen, what are you doing when you come to the cemetery in the evening?" Lu

xuanchen raises his hand to block the light. Through the light, he vaguely sees a woman with black frame glasses, wearing a beige dress and long hair hanging on her chest. If he doesn't hear her voice, Lu xuanchen really wants to treat her as a ghost girl.

"You are Mao Rongrong? " Lu xuanchen asked in horror. Mao

Rong Rong stooped, picked up his mobile phone and handed it to him: "are you ok?"

"Why are you here?" Lu xuanchen jumped up angrily and shouted at her. "Today, the security guard said that my grandfather's tombstone was cracked. I'll come and have a look," said Mao "

you alone, come to check your father's tombstone in the evening?" Lu xuanchen feels that his courage is very good. Unexpectedly, Mao Rongrong is brave enough to go to heaven and earth. "

is there a problem? I don't have time to come during the day, so I have to come and have a look after my shift. " Mao Rongrong didn't realize it was strange.