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Mom's sudden inquiry made Yang ChuChu's face stand on end, and immediately panicked and replied, "no, mom, don't think about it. I have nothing to do with him."

"Really not?" Seeing her daughter so excited, Cheng Ying squints her eyes and stares at her daughter's eyes. As expected, she sees her eyes flickering. She immediately becomes stern: "clear, don't lie to your mother. She is also for you. If you are really hurt..."

Yang ChuChu saw that her mother had doubted something. She quickly calmed herself down, raised her eyes, and looked at her mother's suspicious eyes: "Mom, really not. What kind of person is Luo Jinyu? Don't you know? How could he have done anything to me? "

Even if she does it, it's what she wants to do to him. Alas, thinking about it, Yang ChuChu wants to take a knife and chop his hand, so that you can make your hands cheap and use medicine indiscriminately.

Cheng Ying saw her daughter no longer dodge her eyes, which made her a little relieved: "well, if I can't believe Luo Jinyu's character, I won't let you communicate with him. To be honest, if you can marry a man like him in the future, my mother will be very happy and relieved." Cheng Ying knew from childhood that Luo Jinyu was a very excellent man. He worked hard and experienced. He was an example to all the people in school. He was also called a child of others' family since he was a child. Now, he manages the group of Luo family so well with one person's strength, and there is no scandal. This

scandal with his daughter must be a kind of trouble for him Come on. "Mom, are you sure I'll marry him?" Yang ChuChu asked carefully. After getting her mother's approval, she was in a much better mood. She thought that two years later, she would be able to marry Luo Jinyu. She really looked forward to it. She hoped that the time would pass quickly, and then it would be two years later.

"Yes, my mother is really at ease, but what's the matter with him? He doesn't think you are too young to break up with you, does he? " Cheng Ying frowns and her daughter frowns. She must have been hit by something. Yang ChuChu sighed: "Luo Jinyu has made an agreement with me. In the past two years, we try to meet less and contact less. Moreover, he has promised me that he will not find other women in the past two years and let me focus on my study. After two years, if I still like him, he will fall in love with me and get married."

Hearing this, Cheng Ying's face brightened: "does he really say that?"

When Yang ChuChu saw that her mother was still smiling, she immediately frowned: "Mom, why do you seem very happy? Are you so happy that I will be separated from him for two years? "

Cheng Ying immediately stopped smiling and said seriously, "I'm happy, not because you are separated. I feel that your life is good. I met a man who really loves you and cherishes you."

Yang ChuChu was stunned, then thought about it carefully, and most of the sadness on her face disappeared.

"But how am I going to spend these two years? He won't let me see him. Alas, how could he be so callous? " Yang ChuChu, lying on his back in bed, said angrily. Cheng Ying's heart is untied. She claps her daughter's arm: "well, cheer up. You are still young. You should focus on your studies. You should trust Luo Jinyu. Since he promised you to fall in love again two years later, he must be serious. Don't worry about finding another woman in these two years."

"All right!" Yang ChuChu had to nod!

After Cheng Ying left, Yang ChuChu hugged the pillow in his arms, closed his eyes and began to ponder what happened last night.

Yang ChuChu can't enjoy the whole process, but she finally knows what's going on between men and women.

Oh, think about it, and your face will turn red. It's really shameful.

Forget it, forget it!

Say good not to think, why the dream of a whole night, are restoring those things last night?

In fact, not only Yang ChuChu was thinking about it, but Luo Jinyu could not be as calm and restrained as before.

Because I have not satisfied the taste, I do not know the taste like entering the bone. Now that I have satisfied it, I can not control myself.

Come on, let's not think about it. Now that he has made that decision, he'd better take his heart first and wait for her to grow up to be two years old. Maybe it will be more suitable to get along with her.

The first thing Luo Jinyu did when he came back was to suppress all kinds of gossip about Yang ChuChu on the Internet. By the way, he would like to find out which meddler was the one who stabbed the Internet and asked him to look good.

Those messages on the network were deleted in just over an hour.

Looking forward to the aggravation of the incident, miffee has a beautiful face, which is about to be twisted. She hates to throw her mobile phone on the desktop: "it must be Luo Jin who did it. Only he has such ability. Oh, he is still defending that little bitch."

There was no chance to see the result that she wanted to see. Mifield was very angry and disappointed.

So she called Ji Shangqing directly and wanted to ask him out to meet her.

Ji Shangqing is very idle recently. After receiving the call from miffee, he came here at the first time.

It was the same bar where they met. Miffee was sitting in the box, shaking his glass, his face was ugly.

"Who upset our Miss rice?" Ji Shangqing pushed the door in and saw her cold face as soon as she came in, as if someone owed her millions. He immediately made fun of her.

"Do you men like young, beautiful and pure women?" As if there was a question that had never been answered, miffee raised her eyebrows and asked Ji Shangqing.

Ji Shangqing is stunned by the question she throws, sits down and pours himself a glass of wine.

"What's the matter? What's the thrill? " Ji Shangqing felt that she must have been hit.

Miffy lowered her head and suddenly didn't want to talk.

"In the last two days, the ebullient events of Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu uploaded on the Internet have something to do with you." Ji Shangqing suddenly laughed, his face full of suspicion.

Miffee's face froze. "Are you paying attention to it, too?"

"I'm concerned because Luo Jinyu is your first boyfriend. When I think about it carefully, it's like someone's revenge from the beginning to the end. Thinking about it, I feel that you are the most suspicious." Ji Shangqing seems to be idle, but he looks at the domestic news with a calm eyes.

Miffee's face changed greatly, and her tone was tense: "how can you suddenly guess it's me? Is there something wrong with this whole thing? " "Yes, the media scolded Yang ChuChu all the time, but there was no gossip about Luo Jinyu. It's strange. It's clear that both of them are the protagonists, but you only scold one. Do you think it's a horseshoe?" Ji Shangqing laughed.