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C1245 trouble of not chatting

When I heard the man call his name directly, LAN Yanxi raised his head and saw the man's gloomy handsome face that was about to drop water.

"Er..." Did she really offend him by saying the wrong thing?

Ling Mo Feng's big palm is still holding one of her calves. Seeing that she looks up at herself stupidly, the slightly opened lips make him have a momentary trance.

"Don't say that again!" Ling Mo Feng also felt that he had the meaning of murdering her just now. But carefully think about it, why does he care so much about a woman whose IQ is still at the primary school level? Then, the voice line has recovered its gentleness.

"No more!" Lanyanxi also quickly looked down on herself. It's said that men like sensible women. She was really noisy just now. Ling

Mo Feng rubbed one of her legs for a long time, which made her stretch out the other leg again. LAN Yanxi gave the leg directly to him, and the man's finger belly was filled with medicine wine. He rubbed it repeatedly, and LAN Yanxi felt that it was really good to be kneaded by him, and the pain was relieved a lot. "

Ling Mo Feng, didn't you say your mother would come? Is she not coming for the time being? " LAN Yanxi asked him with a chuckle. "

I asked her to come tomorrow evening. I'm busy today!" Ling Mo Feng's eyes gently swept over her face and stopped on her thin white legs. The girl's skin was smooth and young. The feeling of touching the palm was really good, which made him not want to let go.

"You're tired, too, or I'll press your shoulder for you later. I'm still experienced in this field. My grandfather often asks me to help him beat his back." LAN Yan hoped that he could not enjoy himself, so he proposed to exchange with him.

"Good!" Ling Mo Feng almost didn't think about it, so he agreed. Yan Xi asked him to pinch a few more times, then he took back his legs and prepared to beat his back and shoulder for him. The soft touch of palm suddenly left. Ling Mo Feng's fingers, which had not yet been tightened, froze for a second, and finally squeezed them into a fist and put them on his thigh.

LAN Yanxi jumped up from the bed and went around his back. His legs were half kneeling. The man's body was very long. She was half kneeling behind him. "

I'm going to start!" LAN Yanxi clenched his fists and beat them on the man's shoulders like rain.

Ling didn't expect her to get rid of her fatigue at first, but her quick beating strength was like a naughty kitten tickling him. This feeling was not enjoyment, but torture. "

need more strength?" Behind her came the girl's soft exhale.

"Yes!" Ling Mo Feng nodded.

LAN Yanxi then used more strength to beat, then two small hands released, pinched his shoulder, and found that the man's shoulder was too strong and broad, and her two small hands could not hold at all.

"Cough Well, that's ok? " When the fingers touch the shoulder of the man, a little touch, we find that the man's figure is really good. LAN Yanxi is a little nervous for a moment, and uses a slight cough to cover up his inner thoughts. "

great!" Ling Mo Feng felt that her breath was gradually panting, and his thin lips could not help but arouse a smile. He had long seen that her delicate and habitual woman did not have much strength even to hit people, but just pinched his shoulders for him, and the breath could not keep up with the rhythm. If it was to do other sports Ling

Mo Feng's Adam's apple rolled twice involuntarily. He tried to press down those thoughts in his mind, but he didn't know why. Listening to her breathing sound, which was a little more urgent than before, he couldn't control his own heart at all, and his reason was a little broken.

"Well, no more pinching!" Lingmo Feng finally decided to stop her going on. He was afraid of the final result, not to let his fatigue go away, but to add more burden to his body. LAN Yanxi is not sure, because she just wanted to reach out and pat him on the back or arm. At least she could find more information.

Now that the man won't let her pinch, she can only shake.

"Your man's figure is very different from ours. Your shoulder muscles are as strong as iron. My hands are sore, but you don't seem to have much reaction!" LAN Yanxi said with a smile as she moved her wrist.

"What kind of reaction do you want?" Ling Mo Feng's thin lips were tinged with a smile. She felt that she said these words, which was very lovely. "

just want to hear you hum a few times. I just tried my best to knock you." LAN Yanxi said directly. "

does my reflection here count?" Ling Mo Feng looked down and looked at her with evil spirit. Yan Xi didn't expect the man to make such a joke with her suddenly. A pair of big eyes naturally followed her. Ling

Mo Feng seemed to be a little embarrassed, so he stood up quickly and didn't let her see more. He turned his back to her and said, "I have to take a bath. You should have a rest earlier!"

Finish saying, do not wait for the woman behind to answer a word, he walked out in a daze. Yan Xi sat on the bed like a piece of wood. God, what did she see just now? "

too much!" LAN Yanxi blushed and scolded angrily.

Ling Mo Feng is really running away. The reflection in his body is unprecedented. How could this happen? The woman just breathed a few breaths in his ear. He seemed to have taken some medicine. He was not right all over. "

damn it!" Ling Mo Feng expressed his chagrin at this kind of reaction. He had seen many beautiful women before. He had seen many of them, but he had never been able to make him look like this before. I can't run away from the cold bath in the evening.

The next morning, lanyanxi came down from the upstairs with a little song humming. Now she was wearing only her work clothes. She wore a black Nizi fitted coat, which contained a white shirt, a word skirt, flesh colored silk stockings, and a pair of high heels. It was extremely simple, but also full of intellectual and elegant temperament.

Her long hair was tied into a ponytail, all tied behind her head, showing a bright and clean forehead, as well as the delicate and beautiful face of melon seeds. She made a delicate dressing, which was more brilliant.

"Mr. vice president, what's good for you?" LAN Yanxi went downstairs and went directly to the kitchen. He didn't take himself as an outsider at all. He stood beside the man with a hand on his back and looked into the pot with his eyes. Ling

Mo Feng is making spaghetti for her. He sees her with such an air, deep eyes and a flash of smile. "

is the leg still painful?" Ling Mo Feng looked down, saw her straight and slender legs, and asked in a low voice. "

it doesn't hurt any more. Your medicine wine is very effective. Please give it to me tonight..." "

OK, let's go out for dinner tonight and come back, and then rub it for you!" Ling Mo Feng didn't mind, but replied very considerate and thoughtful.

"No, no, please, I can do it myself!" Thinking of the reflection under the man's trousers last night, LAN Yanxi was so embarrassed that he decided not to play such adult jokes with him anymore. "

why? Did I rub it badly? " The vice president looked at her with some sadness. LAN

Yan Xi didn't expect Ling Mo Feng to ask, did he knead well and praise him?

"Men and women don't give and receive. We haven't married yet. We have to have a moral bottom line, haven't we?" LAN Yanxi answers him with a smile, a smart mouth, which is also very talkable. Ling

the sadness in Mo Feng's eyes restored his cool and ascetic temperament: "what you remind us is that we can do our marriage as soon as possible!" Blue

Yan Xi: "..." She definitely didn't mean that.

Ling Mo Feng takes out the boiled soft noodles to control the water. His fingers are skillfully tripping over the sauce, but Jun's face is gloomy and ugly. He took LAN Yanxi's excuse as rejection.

LAN Yanxi felt embarrassed. She couldn't help sniffing: "well, I'll go to work first, and you can eat it yourself..."

"Don't think of this door until you have finished eating this bowl of noodles!" Ling Mo Feng said extremely domineering.

LAN Yanxi came here reluctantly, raised his adjusted face and whispered, "thank you!"

Of course, she wanted to eat it. She just felt that the atmosphere was not right, so she wanted to escape.