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Yang ChuChu didn't expect Fang Kexin to come to her to settle accounts with her as the master. He really took himself seriously. Although he didn't lose the fight just now, she was still in a state of inexplicable sorrow. The label of illegitimate daughter could not be torn off in this life, but she didn't care. What about her mother? Does Mom also want to be pulled in and scolded by everyone? Just now she said that she was not afraid of Fang Kexin's exposure. Now when she thinks about it carefully, she is afraid. Once exposed, the reputation of mothers will be damaged. In the future, there will be more people who want to despise their mothers and daughters.

"I won't let you hurt my mother, absolutely not!" Yang ChuChu is holding his fist fiercely, and his face is pretty white. LAN

Yan Xi had some bad luck in the last two days. On the way home, she almost had a car accident when she got home. Fortunately, she had a quick reaction and avoided the car that had been hit directly. Unfortunately, she still threw the car's head to the side guardrail, causing her forehead to be bumped and a wound to be scratched. Blue

the old man and blue mother rushed to the hospital, and LAN Yanxi was sent to the hospital.

After some examination, the doctor said it was not serious. After dressing her up, they left.

Back at LAN's house, LAN Yanxi ran directly to the second floor, looked in the mirror and looked at it again. He thought bitterly, "it's over. Am I going to disfigure? But don't leave scars. Even if you don't leave scars, the skin color is uneven, and I want to die. " Blue

Yanxi didn't like make-up from childhood, but she was diligent in maintenance, so she had a pretty face every day, which also made people feel that her skin was flawless and beautiful, but at this moment, if there was a scar on her forehead, lanyanxi would really collapse.

"Someone must have hurt me!" LAN Yanxi calmed down after being sad: "are the two uncles finally going to give me a hand?"

LAN Yanxi's hands and feet are cold. As Ling Mo Feng once said, if someone wants to harm their mother and daughter, she has no resistance at all. The enemy is in the dark, and she is in the bright. Moreover, because she doesn't participate in anything of the company, she has no chance to join the private party, let alone guess the people's heart. She lives like a happy bird every day, thinking that she has no worries or tigers, but in case Even if she was shot dead, her mother would be helpless.

"No, I'm moving. I'm moving now!" LAN Yanxi said, and hurriedly called the servant aunt to bring her two large suitcases. She cleans up her common articles and fills two full compartments. She can't lift them, so she has to ask the servant aunt to help. With the help of

she ran directly to the blue man's room: "Grandpa, didn't you agree that I moved to Ling Mo Feng's house before? I want to move in now, don't you mind? "

The blue old man looked at her with a surprised expression: "now? It's almost ten o'clock in the evening. What are you doing in such a hurry? "

"Grandpa, I I want to see him soon! " Of course, lanyanxi can't really say that the purpose of finding Lingmo Feng is to protect her life. At present, the two uncles are very good to her on the surface. Moreover, grandpa also values family harmony. If she tells her guess, Grandpa will die of grief.

In order not to hurt grandpa's body, LAN Yanxi can only lie. "

you, a child, asked you to go and have a blind date with him before. You run like a rabbit. Grandpa can't find you if he wants to find you. Now you are good. You are going to drill towards others like a pole. Grandpa's old face is almost lost by you!" Although the blue old man scolds her, he means to spoil her.

"Grandpa, don't you want me to be with him? I really like him now. Just promise me! " Lanyanxi quickly reached out to shake grandpa's arm.

"Of course, I don't have a problem. I'm afraid that other people have a problem. Ling Mo Feng is vice president. His words and deeds are serious. He doesn't like to mess around like you. At this moment, he may have a rest. Don't you disturb him when you run to him?" Mr. blue is reasonable. "

I just called him and he told me to go there!" Lanyanxi had to tell a lie. She was very sorry, but she couldn't care much to protect her life.

Although today's car accident is like an accident caused by herself. The car that came straight to her disappeared quickly, and she was only unlucky for her injury. But she refuses to accept it. This kind of accident is enough for one time. How many times will she die?

"Don't lie to Grandpa. If Grandpa dotes on you, you will be lawless!" Blue old man used to shave her nose: "well, if you really get in touch with each other, you'll go there. If you don't get in touch with each other, you'll find your own way to solve it. You're not grandpa's little hope anymore. When you grow up, you have to learn to solve many things by yourself. If you have the ability to let Ling Mo Feng take you in so late, Grandpa still appreciates it. There will be more in the future You have to be prepared for the difficult things! "

"Grandpa protects me. I'm not afraid of anything!" Blue words hope a sour nose. "

grandpa also wants to live for a long time, but unfortunately, the years are not forgiving. In a blink of an eye, I'm covered with white hair. OK, let's go earlier. Grandpa will send someone to send you!" Blue old man exclaimed.

Lanyanxi really moved the box to the car, and then sat in the car, remembering the words of Grandpa just now, she suddenly fell into tears in silence. In fact, she moved away like this, which is not filial. Fortunately, her grandfather didn't hold her back. Otherwise, she would not like to move. She still wanted to be his granddaughter.

"Grandpa, take care of yourself. Your granddaughter will come back to see you often!" Lanyanxi turns around to see the dim lights of the Lanjia villa. Her heart is more sad. I don't know if she is too sentimental or sad. The lights are gradually extinguished, as if she is also aware of Grandpa's future. LAN Yanxi began to cry silently again.

When the car stopped in front of Ling Mo Feng's ancient building, it turned off the lights. LAN Yanxi took out his mobile phone and called Ling Mo Feng.

Ling Mo Feng opened the gate and two cars drove in slowly. When

LAN Yanxi got out of the car, he saw Ling Mo Feng still wearing a white shirt and trousers, his hands around his chest, and looked down at her. His handsome face was calm and calm. Blue

Yan Xi gave her a dry smile and coughed softly: "cough, that Did I disturb you? " "

What's the matter with your head?" When Ling Mo Feng's face was still expressionless just now, when she saw a circle of gauze wrapped around her forehead, she walked quickly and her eyes narrowed tightly.

"I had a car accident. I hit it myself!" LAN Yanxi replied with a smile.

"You bumped yourself? You're really capable! " Ling Mo Feng couldn't help making a light mockery. Then he asked reassuringly, "is the injury serious?"

"It's not serious. It's just that I broke my skin. The doctor said that I didn't hurt my brain or concussion!" LAN Yanxi is afraid that he will abandon himself and get hurt, so he replied quickly. Ling

Mo Feng couldn't help laughing in a low voice: "didn't he hurt his brain? Are you sure? "

"I'm sure? Why do you ask? " LAN Yanxi blinked his eyes. "

if you don't hurt your brain, how can you move so late? Don't tell me how much you want to see me! " Ling Mo Feng teases her. "

I Well, to be honest, I don't think my car accident was an accident. A car scared me. I moved here so late to save my life. Lingmo Feng, I don't know what happened? Since you told me about my uncle last time, I'm jumpy. Please take me in. I'll try my best to help you take care of this family. I promise to do it! " LAN Yanxi can only tell the truth now. I hope Ling Mo Feng won't drive her out.

"That's what you said, no regrets!" Ling Mo Feng suddenly reached over, held one of her little hands tightly and dragged her to the living room. At the moment, the driver's eldest brother helped her to move the trunk in and drive away.

LAN Yanxi's brain is buzzing. He looks down at the little hand he holds tightly. How can a man's palm be so warm? The bottom of her heart was flustered.

"Step into this door, without my permission, you can't leave easily!" Ling Mo Feng said suddenly.