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C1375 it's not a joke

LAN Yanxi just walked to the last few stairs. Hearing the words of the adjutant Chu, she almost fell down and scared the adjutant Chu into a cold sweat. She quickly reached out to help him, but felt it was not right. Fortunately, LAN Yanxi had a good sense of balance, steadied the center of gravity, and looked at Chu lie with surprise: "really? Where is she? I'll see her. Is she hurt? "

LAN Yanxi asked several questions in a row, and asked Chu lie. Chu lie had no time to reply. LAN Yanxi had already run to a room on the first floor, and went in to see Cheng Yuan lying on the bed and sleeping. Her back of hand was still infused with liquid.

"Cheng Yuan!" Lanyanxi's steps were immediately lightened, and he walked to her and squatted down in front of her.

Looking at Cheng Yuan's pale face, her lips also lost their blood. The whole person looked extremely weak, as if they dared not wake her up loudly.

Chu lie stood at the door and watched, his face full of heartache and worry.

LAN Yanxi didn't wake up Cheng Yuan, but she turned around, walked out of the living room with red eyes, took a deep breath, and then stabilized her voice and asked, "where can I find her? She seems to have a lot of small wounds on her body. Are they hurt by someone? "

Chu lie shook his head: "these wounds should have been left when she escaped. We found her under the cliff by the sea."

"My God!" LAN Yanxi is very sad. In such a cold winter, Cheng Yuan even spent a day and a night by the sea. How did she survive?

"However, she's just frozen. If she adds some nutrition, she should wake up. Nothing will happen. Miss LAN doesn't have to worry too much!" Chu lie saw LAN Yanxi's self reproach and sad expression, and immediately comforted her in a soft voice.

"Those bastards are not human. How can they hurt Cheng Yuan like this? They deserve it! " LAN Yanxi's heart is full of resentment at the moment, hating those who started against Cheng Yuan.

"That's right. They really deserve to die. In their eyes, human life is worthless at all. But it's because their hearts are black that they are afraid that they won't get the support of the people and play all kinds of insidious means behind them. However, there are still fairness and justice in this society, and they won't be proud for a long time." Chu lie also hates that old bastard's head can't be screwed off and kicked as a ball. Is their life the only one? You can't live on grass?

"Chulie, fortunately you are here, and Cheng Yuan just picked up a life!" LAN Yanxi sighed and was relieved at last.

"By the way, there's another thing I'd like to mention to you. It's about Qiao Zhuo. He admitted that he was instructed by the old president's men to approach you deliberately. His purpose is shameless. He wants you to like him so that he can wear a green hat for the vice president. Moreover, he wants to take the opportunity to find out the relationship between you and your husband!" Chu lie tells LAN Yanxi about Qiao Zhuo's sinister intentions, and LAN Yanxi is stunned.

"Is he really the old president's man?" Before it was just speculation, I'm not sure. Now, lanyanxi is in a cold sweat. Unexpectedly, Qiao Zhuo will do these shameless things to her. Later, she really doesn't want to see him at all.

"Don't worry, Miss LAN. We have severely punished this villain. He should have no chance to hurt you again in the future." Chu lie comforted her immediately.

"What did you do to him?" LAN Yanxi asked curiously.

"It's nothing, just shave his self righteous face and give him another beating to make him have a long memory. Don't harm others any more." Chu lie smiled sarcastically.

LAN Yanxi didn't say anything after listening. This kind of punishment should not be too heavy for Qiao Zhuo. It really needs to keep his memory for a long time. Otherwise, if he has evil intentions, he is afraid that he will hurt more innocent women in the future.

Cheng Yuan woke up at noon. She opened her eyes and saw Chu lie. There was a nervous Blue Yan Xi beside her. She couldn't help but smile.

"Cheng Yuan, do you have any discomfort? I'll get the doctor to see you again? " LAN Yan hopes to see her wake up and care for her at the first time.

"I'm ok, much better, Yanxi, are you hurt? I'm worried about you too! " Cheng Yuan looks worried, because she really wants to inform LAN Yanxi to pay attention to her safety, but her situation does not allow her to do that, she is very sorry.

"Isn't it all right with me? You don't have to worry about me. By the way, you talk to adjutant Chu. I'll go out first! " LAN Yanxi left the space to the two of them, not to make light bulbs.

"Ah, Yan Xi..." Cheng Yuan wants to keep her, but LAN Yanxi strides out and never returns.

Chu lie sat on the chair next to him, in a soldier's posture, with a concerned face, and said, "are you really comfortable? Don't try to be brave. You are weak now, not when you try to be brave! "

Knowing that Cheng Yuan is a tough woman, Chu lie will ask her seriously.

"I'm really all right!" Cheng Yuan's constitution is very good. Now she has lost fluid and recovered her strength.

"Do you know which bastards caused you to fall down?" Chulie asked in a deep voice.

Cheng Yuan shook her head: "I haven't seen those people. They are all foreigners. The taxi driver has died and the car has sunk to the bottom of the sea. I'm lucky to find a life. Thank you for saving me. I will remember this kindness."

"Mr. vice president is worried about you too, so he sent me to help. You and miss LAN are safe, and I can finally settle down." Although Chu lie is business like, she still has a lot of affection to see Cheng Yuan.

Looking at his serious expression, Cheng Yuan suddenly seemed to think of something. She lowered her head and chuckled.

"What are you laughing at?" Chu lie's face was slightly shocked.

"Do you remember what you said under the cliff? Does it count? " Cheng Yuan's pale face was also ashamed of the red glow. She bit her lower lip and asked with some coyness.

"I......" At that time, Chu lie thought that he was in a state of confusion. He thought that no one else could hear him, even if he heard him, he would not remember. But now, Cheng Yuan asked him a question. He thought he had a thick skin, but he was still blushing.

"Well, I don't really know. If you're in trouble, I won't talk about it." Cheng Yuan really deserves to be a reasonable girl. Seeing Chu lie's face red with embarrassment, she immediately decided to give up questioning.

Chu lie looks at her in a daze. Of course, he is not a man who does not count his words, but this kind of thing, even if he wants to be responsible, is not something that he can do alone.

"Adjutant Chu, I'm very lucky to survive. I dare not ask for anything else. Don't be too embarrassed. Just think I'm joking." Cheng Yuan is also under pressure when she sees the man sitting upright in front of her face red and red.

"It's not a joke, Cheng Yuan. What I said is definitely not empty talk. Since I said I wanted to marry you, I would marry you. It's just Would you like to be my girlfriend? " Chu lie said at the end, the momentum of a weak, the voice also small down.

As soon as Cheng Yuan woke up, she heard the man's sincere expression. She was speechless in surprise. Her heart was pounding with joy, which made her breathing become tight and sluggish.

"Isn't that a joke?" Cheng Yuan couldn't believe it, so she asked foolishly.

Chu lie shook his head and replied firmly, "of course not."

"Is that a dream?" Cheng Yuan still couldn't believe the surprise, and then she held out an arm: "give me a twist!"

Chu lie looked at her silly appearance and couldn't help laughing, but instead of twisting her arm, he leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead.

"Now do you still think it's a dream?" Chu lie laughed, but unexpectedly she could be so cute.

Cheng Yuan's eyes widened, and the temperature on the man's lips seemed to remain on her forehead, which she accepted for a long time.

"Well, don't think about it. I'll get someone to make you something to eat!" Chu lie is also very shy. After kissing her, he is a little unnatural and can only turn around and go out.

Cheng Yuan's breathing just eased down. Her mouth turned up. Suddenly she felt that it was a wonderful thing to be alive.

There is a mirror nearby. Cheng Yuan reaches for it and wants to see the happiness overflowing on her face.

However, she saw a disheveled woman, her face was still bruised, not to mention how ugly it was.

Cheng Yuan's brain explodes. Chu lie turns to her face and confesses to her?