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Thus, after he circled around the entire city, he still stopped at the entrance of Pei An Xin's small district.

"Cheng Cheng is asleep!"

Pei An Xin hurriedly hid the sadness in his eyes and said indifferently, "Yes, I work during the day, and can only be carried by Nanny."

"How can you be at ease? What if the nanny abused her? She's still so young, she can't even talk, and when it hurts she can't tell you. "

"You must have watched too much news on TV. The nanny I hired is a very nice person. I'm very relieved!" Pei An Xin acted cold on purpose, and added on after: "I set up surveillance at home, watching from 360 degrees without any dead angles, I do not believe that nanny would dare to do anything to Cheng Cheng."

"Then what if …"

"Mu Shi Ye, daughter has also seen it. Shouldn't you be leaving? "I still need to sleep, and I still need to get up early to go to work tomorrow. Can you not disturb me?" Pei An Xin very impolitely kicked him out.

Mu Shi Ye straightened his body, his gaze still unwillingly looking at his precious daughter, unable to dispel the sorrow in his heart.

After Pei An Xin heard his words, the expression in his eyes became gloomy. "Why did you bring up this? It's meaningless, we're finished! "

"I want to start over with you. I want to start after you. An Xin, no matter how long you want to start a cold war with me, I won't give up. This time, I won't let go." Mu Shi Ye's hand supported the woman's side, pushing her against the door.

Hearing his emotional words, although Pei An Xin's heart was affected, she maintained a calm face and sneered, she raised her head, and looked into the man's eyes: "Mu Shi Ye, do you think that I, Pei An Xin, will ever be able to marry you? "I admit that I was too dumb before and thought of you as the only man in this world. But now, I have quite a few suitors. As long as I agree …"

"I forbid you to agree!" Mu Shi Ye's words were somewhat unrestrained, and he felt a huge wave in his heart. With a domineering voice, he said: "I want you to be my woman!"

Pei An Xin's heart lightly trembled. Three years ago, she had wanted to hear him say these words.

If it were three years ago, she would have jumped into his embrace and happily agreed with a nod of her head.

But now, she was no longer naive, and her heart was no longer pure. She had to consider too many factors.

"If you don't want me to find another man, I have to look for one. Honestly speaking, for my daughter, I have never tried to find someone to date, I almost forgot how wonderful that feels. Mu Shi Ye, I'm sorry, if you want to queue up, you might have to wait for a long time." Pei An Xin had purposefully said those words to anger him, because she still carried a grudge in her heart.

"Then I'll cut the queue and stick it in front of you. I won't let any man touch you!" Mu Shi Ye seemed to have gone crazy at the moment.

Pei An Xin looked at the man's crimson red eyes and instantly felt as if the atmosphere was rising.

Mu Shi Ye looked at her untouching red lips, and couldn't help but want to get closer.

"Go away …" Seeing that he was about to kiss her, almost instinctively, Pei An Xin extended his hand to push her away.

But the current Mu Shi Ye had lost all reason. He reached out and gently closed the door to his daughter's room, and in the next second, without any further hesitation, he directly kissed the woman's tender lips.

"Mu Shi Ye, are you crazy?" Pei An Xin never thought that he would actually be so bold.

"I'm crazy. I just want to know if you still have any feelings for me!" Mu Shi Ye embraced her petite body, and her thin lips greedily and crazily kissed the woman's lips.

Pei An Xin's tears instantly fell from the corner of his eyes. The familiar lips made her feel like his heart was about to break.

How could she not feel it?

However, she didn't want him to know what she was thinking.

She fiercely bit down, causing Mu Shi Ye to scream in pain as he retreated a step.

Looking at the woman's blood-stained lips, Mu Shi Ye felt an unbearable pain. He opened his eyes wide in shock.

Pei An Xin slightly tilted his chin upwards, and laughed coldly: "In the future, if you dare act recklessly again, this will be the result."

Mu Shi Ye wiped the blood on his lips as he felt a very weak sensation.

"An Xin, let's meet again in a different way." After Mu Shi Ye finished speaking, he turned around and quickly left in a sorry state.

Pei An Xin looked at his stiff back as he left. He said to meet another way? What does that mean?

In the blink of an eye, the anxious New product launch had arrived.

In the first two days of the press conference, Tang You You was extremely busy.

The whole of Prometheus was busy.

"The models have been invited over and are currently putting on their costumes. Assistant Tang, would you like to take a look at the scene personally?" The assistant came over and asked.

Tang You You put down the brush in his hand and stood up: "Yes, I want to go take a look."

Below the stage, Liu Xi and a few department managers were seated, earnestly watching the audition onstage.

Tang You You walked in and under the moving music, the models walked out from the doors one after another.

"Eternal Rest, the effects of the stage are quite good. The lighting this time is also quite unique. It looks like you've invited the right person." Liu Xi praised her generously.

Tang You You laughed bitterly, and in front of everyone, she shouted: "Chief Liu, to be able to satisfy you, I feel like these past few days' hard work have not been in vain."

The managers nearby also began to speak kindly of her.

Tang You You looked around the main hall, her expression was filled with excitement, for her, this was definitely a challenge.