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Fang Kexin's words, let Fang Yang feel headache, also very worried about the two daughters to fight down like this, the consequences are ugly. As a father, Fang Yang can't just sit back and ignore. It seems that he has to meet someone.

Cheng Ying is not in a good mood recently. Tang Qi is against her daughter's association with Luo Jinyu, which makes her worry. She is really afraid that her daughter will be hurt by her feelings. It's hard for her to get out of that shadow like she was in that year. Cheng

Yingzhen hopes that her daughter will not be too persistent in her feelings. At present, many women love to play with their feelings. Some people are greedy for money, some people want to look at each other's appearance, but they don't love deeply. In fact, it's also a good thing that they don't love deeply. At least when they let go, they won't suffer so much.

"Cheng Ying!" A male voice stopped her. As soon as Cheng turned around, she saw a person she didn't want to see again in her life, and her face suddenly became cold.

Fang Yanghou came over with a big face and said, "is this going to work?" Cheng

yingleng asked him in a voice: "are you here to find me? If you have anything to say, don't beat around the bush. " "

you're still straightforward. Well, we know each other so well. I'll talk about it directly. It's just that this is the street. It's not easy to talk about it. Otherwise, let's sit in the coffee shop next to you and talk about it." Fang Yang looks at Cheng Ying, and there is a wave in his heart. Xu, this is a man's evil nature. He married a red rose, but there is a white moonlight in his heart. After seeing it for a long time, he will feel tired after knowing it.

When Fang Yang married Fang Kexin's mother at the beginning, he also felt that the other side was good, elegant and gentle. Now, he found Cheng Ying's frankness is also very charming. Cheng

with a cold expression, turned to the coffee shop. Although she didn't want to meet this man very much, she wanted to hear what he was going to say. If it wasn't an important thing, he would not come to her. Because of his face, he has been very careful in this respect.

Pick a box, Cheng Ying drinks coffee, looks at the man in the opposite direction with sarcasm. I don't know if I'm old. I thought he was the most handsome man in the world. Now I look at him, he's just an ordinary man. The years are merciless. Cheng regrets that he was desperate to marry him. Cheng

the more he sees Fang Yang, the more he dislikes her, but the more he sees her, the more he likes her.

"Xiaoying, over the years, you have always refused my help. I really have a bad conscience. You raised your daughter by yourself. I didn't spare any effort. I feel guilty. I hope you can give me a chance to be a father from now on..." "

I'll give you this opportunity. Do you dare to be a good father? It's not that we have to meet secretly and give money secretly. Fang Yang, I tell you that our mother and daughter are not short of money! " Cheng Ying sneers at him.

Fang Yang's face froze. As expected, he was speechless.

"Xiaoying, I know that you still hate me, and I have no face to pester you. It's just that the matter between you and Luo Jinyu is very hot recently. I don't know if it's true." Fang Yang has been paying close attention to this daughter secretly. I hope she can have a better life. "

it has nothing to do with you. She decides who to be with." Cheng Ying's face sank. He thought Fang Yang wanted to use his daughter's hand to climb up to Luo Jin to seek his interests, so he refused to tell him directly. "

you misunderstood, I don't want to use my daughter to do anything, I just care about her, for fear that she loves the wrong person." Fang Yang quickly explained. "

I'll check for her. She won't love the wrong person, but I was blind and fell in love with you." Cheng Ying sneers.

"Well, Xiaoying, I made a mistake at that time. I'm sorry for you. I don't mind what you said. It's just that there's a big difference between the age of Chu and Luo Jinyu. Do you think they can be together well?" Fang Yang asked tentatively. "

What do you want to do?" Seeing that he was so concerned about his daughter and Luo Jinyu, Cheng Ying immediately raised his vigilance. "

that's what I care about." Fang Yang looks at her with a guilty heart.

"You don't have to care!" Cheng Ying stands up, annoyed, and strides away. Fang's face was heavy. I really don't know what to do. Bai

was really locked in a room, saying that someone came to explore her, who she thought it would be, but she was an unexpected person.

"You changed your name. You used to be Bai Liuyin. Now you change your name to Bai Zhenzhen. If I hadn't seen your picture online and recognized you, I really thought that you had disappeared from the world." Cheng Jianhong said half jokingly. White

she looked at the rich man sitting opposite with cold eyes. She didn't expect that the men who had been offended in the past would come to her one by one. Sure enough, if you can't live your own life, you'd better do less bad things. Otherwise, you'll have bad luck and bad karma. That's what she looks like now.

"Are you here to go down the drain?" Bai Zhen really doesn't like him at all. "

I just want to ask you if Bai Yiyan is my daughter." When Cheng Jianhong knew that Bai Zhenzhen was the woman who gave him the surrogate, he was shocked. Then he knew that she had a daughter named Bai Yiyan. According to her age, she was the girl he didn't want. White

really sneer: "how? Mr. Mayor, are you afraid? Is it a threat to your reputation that you suddenly have another illegitimate daughter? "

"Bai Liuyin, I'm seriously asking you if Bai Yiyan is my daughter." Cheng Jianhong was in a hurry, even his voice became tense. White

Liu yinlenghum: "if so, what would you do? Do you dare to recognize her? "

"Where is she now? I want to make sure. " Cheng asked immediately.

"I don't know where she is, but you won't treat her like you did to me?" Bai Zhenzhen suddenly showed a ferocious smile, and his eyes were angry: "did you hurt me to be caught in that year? Cheng Jianhong, you are so cruel. If I didn't give you a son, you would persecute me like that. " "

I can't understand what you're talking about. I only know that you were arrested later because of the possession of drugs. That matter has nothing to do with me." Cheng Jianhong immediately cleared the relationship. "

do you think I'm a fool? If not you, who else? I was framed at all. I didn't even see drugs at that time. If it wasn't you, who could it be? " Bai Zhenzhen looks at him bitterly. He wants to stab him with a knife. He is willing to die together.

"Think of our daughter. You are a murderer. I am the only one who can protect her safety." Cheng Jianhong's tone was calm, and he didn't take Bai Zhenzhen's resentment seriously.