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Mu Shi Ye's heart was stuck in his throat, he could only shake his head, and follow Luo He Ning as he opened the door and left.

Lu Xuan Chen rushed over in a hurry and picked Tang Xue Rou up.

"Ji Xiao Han has withdrawn all my endorsements. Just the endorsements alone will cost me hundreds of millions every year …" Tang Xue Rou sobbed, and said with an expression of helplessness.

Tang Xue Rou painfully shook her head. She was not willing to be destroyed by another man. In her heart, she only loved Ji Xiao Han.

Lu Xuan Chen also frowned!

"Then, what plans do you have for the next battle?"

"I don't know, I'm very at a loss right now. Xuan Chen, do you want to step down the path?" I feel that you are suitable for this circle. " Tang Xue Rou looked at Lu Xuan Chen's handsome face, and suddenly, she pounced on him, hugging his lips, wanting to kiss him.

"Xue Rou, what are you doing?" Lu Xuan Chen was shocked by her actions. He reacted and quickly reached out his hand to push Tang Xue Rou to the side.

Tang Xue Rou's eyes reddened and she wailed in grievance: "Do you despise me too?"

Lu Xuan Chen was stunned. He and Tang Xue Rou had never held hands because they had never been work partners before. He also didn't have any presumptuous thoughts towards Tang Xue Rou.

"Xue Rou, don't be a slut. You've only lost a few endorsements. You should calm down a bit and think of a solution." Lu Xuan Chen anxiously comforted her.

Tang Xue Rou sat in the front passenger seat in a sorry state, with her head lowered, she looked like he had suffered a huge blow: "You don't like me, and the one you like is still her, right?"

Lu Xuan Chen trembled slightly, and did not say a word.

"It's been five years. It's already been five years. We've been together from morning to night. I thought you would be tempted by me, but who would have thought … "Hahaha!" Tang Xue Rou unwillingly ridiculed a few times, feeling that she had lost all of her charisma in an instant.

A dull pain flashed across Lu Xuan Chen's heart, and then, he said in a low voice: "I'll send you home."

"Tell me …" Could it be that he has really taken a fancy to her? " Tang Xue Rou's expression suddenly turned sinister, she remembered that night when they were eating, Lu Qing came down to stop Tang You You, saying that he fancied her and asked her to accompany him to eat, but Tang You You rejected her.

Lu Xuan Chen's hand tightly gripped the steering wheel. After he went back to think about what had happened that night, he knew that Tang You You was definitely not a person who would lower his head for money.

Because he knew that stubborn woman too well, if he could not walk into her heart, regardless of whether she was Ji Xiao Han or not, Tang You You would never accept him, unless, Ji Xiao Han had used a strong method.

"Xuan Chen, if you still love Tang You You, you should pursue her. I feel that she is definitely interested in you." As Tang Xue Rou wiped away her tears, she advised her kindly.

Luo Xuanchen shook his head: "We'll see about this in the future. We haven't met for over five years, so there has to be a process …"

"If you don't act quickly, I'm afraid she'll be taken away by another man soon." Tang Xue Rou did not intentionally say that it was possible that the man was Ji Xiao Han.

"No, you don't understand her. No matter how much time passes, she will not be easily taken away by others. If there really comes a day when she agrees to marry someone, that person will definitely be the person she loves." Lu Xuan Chen smiled faintly, and for some reason, it was as if he knew that she was not someone who would be easily taken away.

Tang Xue Rou felt that there must be something wrong with Luo Xuanchen's head, he actually believed that Tang You You had the ability to make her own choices?

Hehe, if the other party was Ji Xiao Han, he might be able to hold on for a while, but he would definitely give in after one year. Maybe the one who took the initiative to climb onto their bed, was Tang You You instead.

Four thirty in the afternoon!

The two little fellows had finished school!

Uncle Yuan stood outside the school gate with a dozen or so bodyguards, quietly waiting for the two little fellows to come out.

"Big brother, did you really give these flowers to me?" In his hands, Tang Xiao Nai held a few extremely beautiful little flowers and some candies, as he asked Tang Xiao Rui while grinning.

"Who told you to take it? Didn't I tell you not to accept the things they sent you?" However, Tang Xiao Nai, who was sitting beside her, did not refuse her and even kept on thanking her. Tang Xiao Rui really felt that it was too embarrassing, she really wanted to push her sister back into her mother's stomach and reinvent herself so that he could have a younger sister as smart and intelligent as himself, then replace Xiao Budian with her.