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Luo Jin Yu, who always had a strong abstinence towards sex, had never cared about women at all, let alone those insignificant changes in the other party.

However, at this moment, he stared at the gorgeous girl on the phone with a slightly absent-minded expression.

The girl's eyes were clear and bright, brimming with vigor and vitality.

Luo Jin Yu Tu Ran felt that the temperature in his room was rising, the robe on his body was too thick, he was sweating a little.

Seeing that he did not reply, Yang Chu Chu immediately called. Luo Jin Yu was stunned for only two seconds, before he picked up the call.

"Luo Jin Yu, did you receive my message? Why didn't you give me a response?" Yang Chu Chu's somewhat charming voice came from there, carrying with it a unique sweetness that only girls could feel.

Luo Jin Yu's voice was low and filled with love: "I see, it's very beautiful!"

"That's it?" Yang Chu Chu immediately pouted. She was a little unsatisfied: "You don't want to praise me anymore?"

"You are already very beautiful, how can you praise me?" Luo Jin Yu was immediately amused by her words. He didn't know that the little girl's personality would be so strange, with every second, he could feel that he was about to keep up with his tempo.

"I missed you!" Yang Chu Chu suddenly said, with a trace of pleading: "We haven't met for three days, I miss you!"

Luo Jin Yu was slightly taken aback. It was very obvious that he still could not react in time for Yang Chu Chu to directly say what he was thinking.

"You really miss me?" Luo Jin Yu's voice suddenly became hoarse.

"Mm, I haven't had dinner. Why don't you come over and treat me?" Yang Chu Chu said pitifully, just like her name.

The soft and tender aura of a young girl was like a feather, lightly brushing against Luo Jin Yu's heart, causing his heartbeat to quicken.

"Where?" he whispered.

"I'm still in the production crew. I just finished filming the night scene. Can you come find me?" Yang Chu Chu didn't seem to be sure that he would come here, but her tone was filled with anticipation.

"Which city?" Luo Jin Yu asked again in a low voice.

When Yang Chu Chu heard his words, she immediately giggled: "Luo Jin Yu, don't you hear that I'm playing with you?"

"No, I thought you really wanted to see me!" Luo Jin Yu answered honestly. Indeed, he was not on guard against this little thing teasing him at all.

"Forget it, it's too far. Even if you fly over now to find me, it would take at least three hours. I'll get my assistant to pack up some food for me to come over later!" Although Yang Chu Chu really missed him a lot and wanted to jump into his embrace to willfully enjoy his embrace, she had accepted a new movie now. In order to play at the end of the year, she had to stay in the crew day and night, soaking in the movie, not daring to leave.

"Send me the address, I'll come find you!" Luo Jin Yu obviously did not realize that the little thing was joking around with him, so he said it seriously.

"Ah …" Are you really looking for me? No need, Luo Jin Yu, don't come. It's already past ten o'clock, it's already so late! " Yang Chu Chu felt that this joke was too big, and she anxiously tried to advise him.

"I want to see you!" Luo Jin Yu was serious, just a moment ago, and in that one second of decision, he had wanted to see her. No matter how far away they were, no matter how deep the night was, his desire to see her was unparalleled.

"Luo Jin Yu..." Yang Chu Chu was stunned, she did not think that the joke would actually come to fruition, she suddenly cried out: "Luo Jin Yu, you are the first man to treat me so well, I will definitely treat you well in the future."

Luo Jin Yu did not expect her to cry just because of this. He was momentarily flustered and helpless as he consoled her in a low voice, "Alright, don't cry, give me the address, I'll go look for you!"

"If you are coming, I will devote my life to you!" Yang Chu Chu said in a serious tone as she shed a tear.

Luo Jin Yu, "..."

Seeing that he remained silent for a long time, Yang Chu Chu thought that he had been scared by her boldness and immediately called out softly: "Luo Jin Yu, are you still listening?"

"I'm here …" The man hesitated.

"What is it? "You won't promise me your life?" Yang Chu Chu was tickled by her boredom.

Luo Jin Yu thought for a few seconds, then replied: "Not yet!"

"What? I'm willing to do anything to you, a girl? Why don't you agree? Or do you find my figure to be lacking?" Yang Chu Chu felt that it was a failure, the enticement did not work, she was afraid that she was going to faint from crying.

"Chuchu, don't be so casual!" Luo Jin Yu reprimanded her softly.

Yang Chu Chu, "..."

Did what she said just now mean that she was very casual? Oh, NO, she hurriedly explained, "No, that's not what I meant. Don't you ever think that I'm really casual. I've never said that to any man before. Really, you have to believe me. I'm just joking with you."

Seeing her nagging and explaining, Luo Jin Yu couldn't help but laugh: "Alright, I'm hanging up, wait for me!"

Yang Chu Chu heard him really hang up the phone with her, and her pretty face jumped off.

Luo Jin Yu still hadn't told her, so did he really think that she was very casual?

"I want to cry!" Yang Chu Chu's heart became restless. She was sure that she was not such a casual girl, but just now … Why did she say she wanted to repay him with her body?

After Luo Jin Yu hung up the phone, he entered the clothing room and quickly changed into a casual set of clothes.

Downstairs, when he saw Luo He Ning sitting on the sofa and laughing foolishly, Luo Jin Yu frowned, "I'm going out for a while, rest early!"

Luo He Ning immediately became serious and asked in concern: "Brother, it's so late, what's the matter?"

"It's nothing!" After Luo Jin Yu finished speaking, he went out and called his assistant, who helped him book the most important plane.

Then he was asked to arrange a car for him in the city.

After four hours, it was already past two in the morning. Luo Jin Yu was alone in his black sports car as he drove from the airport straight towards the television station.

The black sports car was frantically running on an empty road. Luo Jin Yu urgently wanted to see that little girl.

When his black sports car stopped at the entrance of an apartment building, he saw a petite figure standing under a street light, rubbing her small hands from time to time.

Luo Jin Yu immediately pushed the door and got off the car, shouting her name: Yang Chu Chu!

Yang Chu Chu turned her body abruptly, and seeing the huge man walking towards her, she was extremely happy, immediately running over and throwing herself into his embrace.

"I thought you weren't coming. I didn't even dare to call you!" Yang Chu Chu's muffled voice came out from his arms.

Luo Jin Yu kissed her on the head with her thin lips: "Whatever I promise you, I will definitely do it."

"Let's hurry up and go, don't let the paparazzi catch us, then we're done for!" Yang Chu Chu grabbed the man's big hands and brought him towards the elevator.

Luo Jin Yu held her petite hand, and discovered that her small hand was unexpectedly ice-cold.