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C1952 initiative once

The scenery along the way is very beautiful. Ji Mucheng and Xia Xinnian change a RV to travel, which is more convenient for this shooting. They first came to the seaside to take a view.

Xia Xinnian changed a set of blue Mermaid skirt. She was slim and beautiful. Several photographers looked straight beside her. Jimucheng immediately reached out to block the low neckline of the woman and asked for another scarf.

Xia Xinnian's heart is sweet. He knows that jimucheng is jealous. However, he looks very cute. Although she thinks it's OK to dress like this, there are many people in swimsuits playing in the distance. She's very conservative.

Ji Tingyan has set up a drawing board on the beach, put on her drawing gear and wore a sun hat to prepare her new work.

The sky is blue, and the sea is also blue. They are connected in a line. Looking at the sweet shooting pictures of elder brother and elder sister-in-law, Ji Tingyan suddenly feels open. The world seems to have been washed completely, without any worries.

The seaside shooting is over. Xia Xinnian is very tired. He lies in the RV to rest. The next stop is a very famous scenic spot. It takes more than 200 kilometers to drive.

Ji Mucheng unscrewed a bottle of drink and handed it to her sister. Ji Tingyan took it and took a sip.

"You really don't think about that male neighbor?" Jimucheng continues to advise sister Yong to contact.

Ji Tingyan turns her head slowly to look at her elder brother when she's stiff and full of food: "do I look like nobody wants it? Love should have been a man's initiative. Women are too active and will be looked down upon. "

"You're too serious. If Siyi wants to, she doesn't care who takes the initiative." Jimucheng sighs. The two sisters are totally opposite. One is quiet and the other is lively.

"Siyi is not worried about marriage. She is so lovely and attractive." Ji Tingyan chuckles and likes this little girl very much.

"Otherwise, if you take the initiative once, it will be a challenge. How exciting the process is, you will find out once you experience it." Jimucheng smiles and comforts.

Ji Tingyan stares at the sea in the distance and squints her eyes: "brother, did I take the initiative this time, and you won't force me to date again? My parents force me, and you have to help me to say good things. "

Jimucheng: "..."

By my sister.

"If you don't answer, I'll let you do it. OK, I'll go back tomorrow. I'll take the initiative to show it to you once." Ji Tingyan immediately grabs him for half a beat, and simply nailes this matter to death.

"Xiaonai Me! " As soon as jimucheng was in a hurry, she called her nickname.

Ji Tingyan shakes her long hair and stands up: "that's the deal. It's not dark yet. I'm back downtown."

"Wait a minute. I'll have two bodyguards take you." Jimucheng sighs helplessly. Her sister seems quiet, but in fact, her ancient and strange character is still there, just not as naughty as when she was a child. "All right." Ji Tingyan nods and agrees.

At about 4 p.m., a silver sports car, under the protection of a black car, ran towards the city.

After more than three hours' journey, Ji Tingyan finally returned home, exhausted.

She went upstairs to take a bath, changed a set of elegant skirts, put her long hair on one side of her chest, made a braid, slightly fluffy hair, and outlined her delicate and flawless face.

"Auntie, I'll go out and be right back." Ji Tingyan greets the nanny at home and goes out with a gift.

"Miss, do you want us to follow?" Asked the bodyguard outside.

"No, it's very safe in this neighborhood. I'll go to my neighbor's house and open a door." Ji Tingyan smiled twice. Suddenly she felt very guilty. Today, she is the first time to find a man. She used to be in school, and her father is strict with her. After graduation, she is strict with her own management. She doesn't want to fall in love. She is in a hurry. She has reached the age she has to love.

The breeze is blowing her skirt, and Ji Tingyan's tense palms are sweating. Seeing the turning Road, Ji Tingyan can't help but stop.

All of a sudden, at the corner, three black cross-country vehicles burst in. Ji Tingyan was shocked and jumped away.

The three black SUVs disappeared at the end of the street lights.

"It's not polite. This kind of place still drives so fast." Ji Tingyan was nervous. She was frightened suddenly, which made her heart beat faster. At the same time, she whispered and plucked up courage and came to grandma Zhang's door.

Just as she was about to ring the doorbell, grandma Zhang suddenly opened the door.

"Ah!" Ji Tingyan covers her mouth and says, "grandma Zhang, do you want to go out?"

Grandma Zhang's eyes were a little red. When she saw her, she immediately smiled and said, "no, I just want to see if my grandson has gone. I have no conscience. I promised to stay with me for a month, which is less than half a month, and I have to go out again."

Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes are shocked. His grandson is gone?

For a moment, she didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

Why does such a coincidence happen? No one is here. Who does she show it to?

"Miss Ji, why are you here?" Grandma Zhang remembered and asked her.

"Oh, I just went out and bought some delicious food. I want to send it to you." Ji Tingyan's face is slightly swollen. Her forced gift giving behavior is too strong.

"Really? You are so thoughtful. Alas, if I have a granddaughter-in-law like you, it would be nice to pity that my two grandsons haven't found a girlfriend yet. I can only wait for her. " Grandma Zhang couldn't help feeling.

Ji Tingyan can't help but be stunned for a moment: "grandma Zhang, do you still have two grandsons?"

"Well, come in and have a seat. I'm alone now." Grandma Zhang is so lonely. She is so happy to have someone to talk with.

Ji Tingyan, who wanted to leave, was dragged into her home by grandma Zhang. She had to sit on the sofa and lift her eyes to see a picture frame, which was a picture of her family.

Ji Tingyan can't help standing up curiously. She reaches for her hand and takes a close look. She sees that this is a very happy family. The old lady and the old man are sitting on the chair. Each of them is surrounded by a beautiful boy. Behind them are a pair of very suitable husband and wife.

"These two children?" Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes can't help opening.

"I have a pair of twin grandsons. The old lady brought her a cup of tea in person. Seeing her stupefied expression, she immediately explained with a smile.

"Twins?" Ji Tingyan is a little surprised.

"Yes, he has a younger brother. The two brothers have different surnames. One likes doing business, the other is steady and reticent. Now they are engaged in different businesses." The old lady came over and looked at the picture frame, her eyes slightly red.