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C575 introduction to family

When Ji Yueze rushed to Ji's home with Bai Yiyan, he found that he was cheated back by his grandmother.

Mr. Ji didn't get sick at all. The old lady just wanted to see her grandson, so she lied on purpose.

Of course, the lie was told with season's permission.

"The one who follows you Is that your recent girlfriend? What's her name? " Looking at Bai Yiyan hiding behind Ji Yueze, the old lady asked with a smile.

Ji Yueze is a little sulky. Grandma is a lot older. How can she lie and cheat?

He had a heart attack on the way.

Bai Yiyan didn't expect that Ji Yueze's grandmother would be so easygoing. She seemed to get along well.

So she hurriedly came out from behind Ji Yueze and introduced herself: "Hello, old lady, my name is Bai Yiyan!"

"Bai Yiyan? Your last name is Bai! " The old lady's expression was slightly stiff for a moment. It was obvious that she had some antipathy to the person whose surname was Bai, probably because of the woman named Bai Liuyin.

Bai Yiyan felt that the old lady was very close. She saw her face changed and she was scared. She immediately gave a dry smile: "yes, my name is Bai!"

Strange, what's wrong with the surname Bai?

When the old lady saw her subconsciously hiding behind Ji Yueze, she thought of her suspicious character.

She continued to smile and asked, "Miss Bai, have you been with Yueze for a long time?"

Bai Yiyan looks up, and she is slightly shocked at Ji Yueze's eyes.

The man's eyes are so complicated that she can't understand what he wants to express.

She was just about to reply that Ji Yueze had already said, "grandma, don't you always want me to find a girlfriend to honor you? Yiyan is my girlfriend now. I've been dating her for a while. She's a very good character. You can get along with her for sure. "

Bai Yiyan just giggles. She feels that Ji Yueze doesn't dislike her as much as usual. She also praises her good character. Bai Yiyan can't help but look at him twice.

The old lady also read a lot of people. Seeing Bai Yiyan's clear eyes, she knew that the little girl was not a girl with a lot of heart.

"Grandma understands you. Your work is different in nature. It's normal to hide your feelings. However, if you hide it from the outside, I don't care. It's not right if you hide it from Grandma!" The old lady was still a little dissatisfied. She felt that her grandson had taken herself as an outsider.

Ji Yueze quickly laughed and explained: "grandma, young people in love, there must be a period of understanding. I used to know each other all the time, and now I think it's very suitable to choose an open relationship."

"If your eldest brother didn't find out that you had a lot to worry about recently, I don't know how long you would keep it from you." The old lady snorted angrily.

Ji Yueze's eyes are slightly stiff.

Bai Yiyan, standing behind him, could not help pinching a cold sweat for him.

How is it that his eldest brother found out about his recent worries? Does Ji Xiaohan know something?

"Big brother is really concerned about me!" Ji Yueze is a little ashamed. "Well, since you are back, you can stay for dinner in the evening. It's rare for the family to get together. Miss Bai, I'm glad you can come to our house. Yueze is my little grandson. When you are together, you need to take care of him more. I'm always worried that he won't eat on time outside

go to bed, or that he will break his body when he is young." The old lady is very fond of Bai Yiyan because she looks quiet and smart.

Bai Yiyan collected Ji Yueze's money, which was naturally a hard-working performance.

"Don't worry, old lady. I will take care of him." Bai Yiyan looks at Ji Yueze tenderly and answers with a smile.

Ji Yueze's face was a little tense, then he found an excuse to go upstairs to talk with his grandfather.

The old lady quickly asked Bai Yiyan to sit down and asked the servant to bring tea and fruit.

Bai Yiyan eats absently, but she is still worried about Ji Yueze.

Since stepping into the door, his mood is like a cloud. He must be very sad.

The person I like is my future sister-in-law. I can't look up and look down. This kind of torture can't be endured by anyone.

Night is falling!

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou went home in advance after receiving the call from Grandma.

Two little guys also came back. They were curious to see a beautiful little sister sitting in the living room.

Bai Yiyan also looked at the two children in astonishment. Although the little one, the long one was really beautiful.

She has seen the photos of Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou. It's the genes that determine the appearance of the child.

Only a man with delicate and perfect facial features like Ji Xiaohan can give birth to such a beautiful child.

Bai Yiyan and the two little guys are still very congenial. They play together in an instant. Because Tang xiaonai likes her very much, she will play a boring family game with herself.

When Ji Xiaohan stepped in, he found that Tang youyou had not come back.

"Big brother..." Ji Yueze came down the stairs and shouted with a smile.

When Ji Xiaohan saw him, he was in a good mood: "are you playing abroad these days? Have a good time? "

"Not bad!" Ji Yueze replied with a chuckle.

In fact, Ji Xiaohan has another question, that is, why does his younger brother take his new girlfriend to the city he and Tang youyou have been to? Is it really a coincidence?

"Did your girlfriend bring it back?" Asked Ji Xiaohan curiously.

"She's here, too. She's upstairs playing with nane!" Ji Yueze points to the upstairs.

"Introduce me!" Hearing that he really brought his girlfriend back, Ji Xiaohan also wanted to see the girl for herself and see what charm she had to attract her younger brother.

Ji Yueze nodded and turned to go upstairs.

I don't know why. Although I'm very happy to see elder brother today, I feel a little more complicated.

Ji Yueze knows that he has no hostility to the enemy. Even, he hopes that elder brother and Tang youYou can get together for a hundred years and be happy as soon as possible.

However, their mentality has changed, the change is no longer single, the change is extremely complex.

In the toy room on the second floor, Tang xiaonai's happy voice came out and seemed to have a good time.

Ji Yueze, with his hands around his chest, leaned against the door and shouted, "Yiyan, my eldest brother is back. I'd like to introduce you to him!"

Bai Yiyan quickly stood up and said to Tang xiaonai, "xiaonai, I'll help your baby dress later!" When Bai Yiyan came to the door, she saw the calm and calm man behind Ji Yueze. With a little shake, she felt that Ji Xiaohan's strong atmosphere of staying at the top for a long time was chilling.