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Once the news of Ji Yueze breaking up with Bai Yiyan broke out, there were waves again. There were people who were happy with the disaster, people who looked on coldly, people who were complacent and ridiculed.

Among them, the most proud person is Li Yinran, who has been watching Bai Yiyan's displeasure.

She was trying to figure out how to put on the shoes for Bai Yiyan. Unexpectedly, the news came so suddenly and in such a timely manner that all her complaints were cleared away.

Li Ranran sat on the sofa with a complacent smile on her face. She watched Ji Yueze face the cold and lukewarm expression on the reporters' faces over and over again, and he said the words of breaking up word by word, decisively and ruthlessly.

"Tut, no matter when the boss is so handsome, even if he is angry, angry and cold, he can be extraordinarily charming." Li Ranran reached for the cherry from the assistant and said with a smile. The assistant said in a flattering way: "of course, the boss is the God in our mind. This time, Bai Yiyan was so proud of herself. Didn't she still get kicked away? The boss is so wise and powerful that he finally made the right decision. That woman, by virtue of her youth and temperament, how can she compare with Ranran sister? You don't know how many streets to dump her. "

At first, I thought that I would be rewarded for my flattery, but I didn't expect that Li Ran Ran's face turned cold immediately: "you say she is young, that is to say I am old?"

The assistant's face turned pale with fright and explained in a hurry: "sister Ranran, you misunderstood me. How can you be old? You see how tender and white your skin is. It looks like you are in your early twenties. "

"If she doesn't have the boss behind her, I'll see how I can find a chance to straighten her out. I have to give her back ten times and a hundred times what I've suffered." "Ran Ran, she's like a mouse crossing the street. Everyone yells at her. It's not easy for you to get even with her. A little star like her, who can't even squeeze up three lines, can't make a fool of herself if she makes a move." The little assistant is worthy of being the person who works under the first sister's hand. He has learned a lot of bad ideas. Li Ranran's mouth was tickled and he smiled happily: "it's true that she's a little famous, and she's faced with anger at once. She'll surely want to get some money while she's still a little popular. At that time, I can really move my hands and feet. If the boss sees her tangle with other men, I'm afraid that the boss will definitely disgust her."

"That's a good move. Is sister Ranran worried that she still has a place in the boss's mind?" The assistant asked in a moment of curiosity. "Based on my understanding of the boss, he is actually a good man with special love. Over the years, there are many women coming and going around him, but none of them have been touched. Apart from Bai Yiyan, if I don't find a chance to make the boss completely tired of her, one day, the boss suddenly

thinks of her benefits, and will call her back. Isn't that true No chance at all? I can only do one thing or two things and destroy her completely. " Li Ran Ran's eyes flashed with a vicious and proud light, and he clenched his fist tightly because of his hatred.

The assistant praised: "sister Ranran, in terms of cleverness, that woman can't even compare you with one finger, and only you, a smart woman, can deserve the position of the boss's mother."

"I can speak. I'll give you a present tomorrow!" Li Ranran was in such a good mood that she immediately decided to reward her with a little sweetness.

"Thank you, sister Ranran. You are so considerate and generous to our subordinates!" Little assistant is not happy. How can she not be excited to know that Li Ranran casually gives a gift, which is the result of one year's work of a small employee with ordinary salary?


Tang youyou accompanies the children to fight snowball wars, make snowmen, and sing songs and watch movies with them. There is no time to stop in a day. The little guy is young and full of physical strength, but Tang youyou is too tired.

"Yo Yo, come here and help me to have a look. What do you mean by that on TV?" The old lady suddenly ran out and called her over.

As soon as Tang Youli ran into the living room, he saw the old lady in her presbyopic glasses, stretching her neck and watching the TV program.

"That's Ozawa!" The old lady's eyes have been blooming so badly recently that she can't be sure for a moment.

"Grandma, that's him!" Tang youyou answered in a low voice, and her eyes kept looking at the screen. Then she made a light voice.

"What's the matter? I just heard him say break up or something. He won't break up with Xiaoyan, will he?" The old lady would be so excited because she heard these two words.

Tang youyou naturally thought over what Ji Yueze said over and over again, and then said seriously: "grandma, it seems that he said to break up with Miss Bai in front of the reporter."

"What's the matter? A good relationship, suddenly break up? Did he propose it? " The old lady is really worried. It's not easy to see that the two grandsons have girlfriends, which not only make a great success, but also break up.

"Grandma, don't get excited, or you can call and ask about it and see what's going on!" Tang youyou comforts the old man. In fact, she is also uneasy. She feels that this matter may be more serious than she imagined.

As expected, the old lady picked up her mobile phone and directly unplugged it to Ji Yueze, ready to ask him about it.

However, the old lady's cell phone has been unplugged several times, all of which are in the state of no answer.

"What's the matter? I dare not answer my phone. This son of a bitch can't rebel." The old lady was reading angrily, so she had to put down her cell phone for a while.

In the evening, Ji Xiaohan comes back. Tang youyou sees a dark color on his brow. It seems that something is really wrong.

Two little guys rushed over. The gloom on Ji Xiao's cold face was like melting ice and snow. He directly picked up his daughter and asked her about playing at home one day.

"I played hide and seek with mommy and my brother. He couldn't find me!" Ji xiaonai said proudly with her chin raised.

Ji Xiaorui said that he was speechless and said weakly: "that's because I don't want you to feel unfulfilled and hide under the chair. Who can't see you!"

As soon as Ji xiaonai heard this, he immediately shouted with dissatisfaction, "if you can't find it, you can't find it."

Tang youyou immediately came over to spread out the two little guys: "OK, hurry up to play upstairs, mommy has something to say to Daddy!" Two little guys are just playing by themselves.