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C1489 danger approaching

Blue fibril was frozen in place, and tears of grievance swirled in her eyes. However, although there was no chance to leave with Ling Mo Feng by car, what the man said just now, listening to her ear, was still warm.

Ling said that this was a special care for her and that he could not explain it to Grandpa. It was all an excuse. He was concerned about her and was afraid that she would get hurt if she went to such a dangerous place.

It must be like this. Blue fiber finally comforted itself, turned around and left in another car.

Ling Mo Feng's car, driven by the wind and snow, drove towards the disaster area. The road condition was not good, the car drove slowly, and everyone on the car was on full alert. Such a bad environment, once an accident happened, was really very dangerous.

"Sir, what does she want to do with this blue fiber?" Chu lie asked with a frown.

"Don't worry about her, no matter what her purpose is, it's not good for me. Just now on the plane, I can only isolate her with so many eyes!" Ling Mo Feng said in a calm voice.

"She won't be a knife handed over by someone over there, will she hurt you?" Chu lie thought of this, cold all over, seemingly the most harmless people, often hiding a fatal danger.

"It doesn't look like it!" Ling Mo Feng shook his head: "she can't be a knife, but it can be a snake. It's not good for my reputation whether it's bitten or entangled by her. You can find a chance and send her back!"

"Well, it's cold here. If she's ill, I'll find this excuse to send her back!" Chu lie nodded.

"How far is it from the disaster area?" Ling Mo Feng asked.

"There are more than 100 kilometers left, all of which are mountain roads. We are looking for the most reliable and skilled drivers. There are more than 300 soldiers and guards ahead and behind. One of them is the most noteworthy place. It has always been a heavily defended area. There are stowaways and illegal elements who take advantage of it. The critical point is a river, a small town by the river. I'm afraid of ambush!" Chu lie holds the instrument in his hand, staring at it and analyzing it.

"I'm sure I'll show up at the scene of the disaster area. No matter how dangerous the road is, it must pass." Ling Mo Feng stared at the front and said in a deep voice.

"If you don't, sir, take the car in the back. Let's get out of the way." Chu lie immediately asked for instructions in a low voice.

"You want to be bait?" Ling Mo Feng looked at him with trust and trust on his face.

"I'd like to break down my troubles for you. Besides, I'm experienced in all kinds of battles, and you don't have to worry about me. There are only a few thieves. I can deal with them!" Chu lie said earnestly with a face.

"Chu lie, I'm very grateful that you're willing to share my worries. If you want to be experienced in all kinds of battles, I'm almost done. You don't need to play any tactics. Just go ahead like this. If I'm in danger, it's going to be investigated thoroughly. Maybe it's a good clue. If someone dares to buy a murderer, he will surely get blood in his hand. It's not so easy to get rid of him." Ling Mo Feng sneered.

"Sir, do you want to take a chance? It can't be! " Chu lie's face changed a lot and said in a hurry.

"What's wrong? Do you think I'm greedy for life and fear of death? If it's just an escape, it's not my style, so it's decided! " Ling Mo Feng will not let his subordinates die for him. If he wants to set an example, he must live and die together in order to have a stronger relationship between his superiors and subordinates.

Chu lie had already made a decision to take risks for Ling Mo Feng, but now his decision seems to be rejected by Ling Mo Feng.

"I didn't mean to question Mr. LAN. In that case, if there is a real danger, Mr. LAN must protect himself. Miss LAN is waiting for you to go back. I promised her to ensure your safe return." Chulie reminded him with a light smile.

"You've got people waiting for you, too. We're going back together!" Ling Mo Feng smiles and nods.

A long line of motorcades, in the wind and snow slowly forward, in the distance, a bright town, reflected in the eyes.

"Sir, that's it. This town is called Anhui town. It's not peaceful in the last few years. Once the poison had harmed the whole town. Men and women don't work. They lie at home every day and suck. Now it's changed. It's a little better. But it's still a cancer in the area. I don't know how to treat it." Chu lie reached for the direction with the light and said to Ling Mo Feng.

"That's it!" Ling of course knows this small town. He once proposed a plan. But because of its remoteness, it's hard to reach out and cure. It's always a headache.

"There is only one way ahead!" Chu lie said, and took the walkie talkie at hand: "I'm going to go back to town soon. Please be careful. Don't be careless. You must ensure the safety of the vice president."

There was a response from all the cars, and everyone was alert.

Ling Mo Feng saw through the window that in the big evening, the town was still bright with lights, which was different from other towns.

"Sir, this is for your protection!" Chu lie suddenly takes two pistols from a box to Ling Mo Feng. Ling Mo Feng reaches for them and hides them.

Ling was also trained professionally, but he didn't take a gun for a long time.

As we drove past the central block of Anhui town, suddenly there was an explosion in front of us.

"We're under attack, everyone!" There was a scream in front of him. Chu lie felt nervous and immediately shouted to the walkie talkie.

At this time, bullets were fired at passing vehicles from several nearby buildings.

The gun battle is on the verge of happening. Although we are prepared, the sudden attack is still a surprise.

"You drive away quickly, protect sir!" Chu lie said, looking for an opportunity, immediately rolled down from the car, then found a safe shelter, began to fight back.

Many people, like him, jumped out of the car and began to look for shelter. For a while, there was a constant gunfire.

Ling Mo Feng's car, fast forward, under the cover of several cars, through the central block.

Chu lie used both hands, the shooting method was accurate, but he hit many criminals.

Just as he was replacing the bullet, he received a shot in the shoulder, and his whole body trembled, and the pain made him unable to stand.

Just when he thought he was going to die here, suddenly, someone rolled over and fell beside him. The next second, he raised his wrist and fought back at the big windows.

There are hundreds of soldiers and guards coming down from the car. Everyone has heavy guns in his hands, which is much higher than the arms of those lawbreakers. Therefore, although the gunfight lasted for more than half an hour, the other side is still inferior.

"Chulie, you're hurt!" A female voice, anxiously sounded, the next second, someone rushed over and held Chu lie's body about to fall.

After hearing the sound, Chu lie reached out and pulled the mask of the other party, revealing Cheng Yuan's pretty face.

"Why are you here?" Chu lie endured the pain and was shocked.

"I I'm applying for help, but you don't know. If you don't say this, I'll send you to the hospital as soon as possible. "

"The hospital here is also very dangerous. Don't worry about my injury. Do you have a car? Hurry up to catch up with my husband's car, I'm not sure! " Chu lie said, and forced to stand up.

At this time, the party that had solved the criminal began to take the car and follow Ling Mo Feng's car.

Cheng Yuan naturally knows that the safety of vice president is the most important thing, and she can't care a lot. Seeing a parked car next to her, she quickly kicked it, smashed the glass, opened the door, and sat Chu lie on it. The next second, she started the car skillfully, stepped on the accelerator, and the car moved forward at full speed.

Chu lie in the back seat, watching the woman's one-off action, can't help but smile and ask: "Cheng Yuan, how many things do you have, I don't know."

Cheng Yuan's brain was buzzing for a while, but she didn't hide: "there are many things I can do. I'll tell you later. Don't talk now. Hurry to hold the wound down!"

Chu lie nodded and gasped heavily. "OK, I'll wait!"

Ling Mo Feng's car drove out of the town under the protection of a car. The mountain trees nearby were desolate and remote, but the crisis did not decrease. Ling Mo Feng sat in the car and held the gun tightly. Although he was safe now, he knew that in order to protect his safety, many people had been injured and sacrificed.

He bit the root of his teeth. It's a shameful act.