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Under the camera, Yang ChuChu's face, which is forced to smile, has stopped the director for the nth time. Director

Yan directly takes off the sun hat on his head, holds it to fan his face and stares at the eyes. He can be bigger than the ox. he is too angry to speak. Yang

is also very upset and ashamed. Just now, she has tried very hard to show a happy smile, but she really can't do it. She can't make her eyes full of sincere smile.

"Director, don't be angry. I'll shoot Yang ChuChu's part in a few days. Just in time, I'm going to catch up with other scenes, and I may have to wait for a few days to come back." Lu xuanchen came to help Yang ChuChu to say good things. Of course, the director can't really train Yang ChuChu. After all, she just doesn't perform well today. Before, her acting skills were online. Lu

xuanchen gives a step down, so the director has to slow down: "OK, you have to do a good job in your own private lines, and also think about how to live the scene I just said. It's clear. Do you have any concerns? All day long absent-minded? " "

sorry, director, I'm in a bad mood today!" Yang ChuChu said with embarrassment and guilt. "

well, everyone has a bad day. I'm not in a good mood now!" The director said with humor.

Yang ChuChu is even more embarrassed to blush. When they came down to play, Yang ChuChu and Lu xuanchen went to the rest area.

"Lu xuanchen, thank you for your kind words just now." Yang ChuChu is still very grateful to him. If he didn't speak for himself, the director might have to teach her a few words in public, she would be even more embarrassed.

"What's the matter with you?" Lu xuanchen frowns. In fact, Yang ChuChu is not good at acting, and Lu xuanchen, who plays with her opponent, is not good either.

"I Something happened to me. " Yang ChuChu lowered his head and sighed.

"Is it because your relationship with Luo Jinyu has been exposed? However, you are not an easily affected person Lu xuanchen looks at her strangely. "

not only that, in a word, thank you very much, and you have endured so many ng plays!" Yang ChuChu's impression of Lu xuanchen is getting better and better. He feels that he is really a dedicated actor. "

well, you go back to deal with things and adjust your state. We will shoot this play again in a few days. I hope that by then, we won't let you down again." Lu xuanchen advised softly.

"Good!" Yang ChuChu turns and leaves.

If she can't perform well in this play, she is also in a state of anxiety. She even feels that she is not suitable to be an actor and doesn't work hard at all. She always brings her own emotions into it, which is really tiring. After xuanchen finished work, he left in his car. Tonight, he needs to meet someone.

Sitting in the car, his agent said with a worried face: "that girl's brain dead, has told her, the original price doubled again, she did not care, I was convinced her." "

What's her name?" Lu xuanchen suddenly asked. Because

he has been asking his agent to deal with this matter, he doesn't really know the name of his granddaughter who refuses to live or die, except that the head of the household is Mao Zhangrong.

"Oh, it seems to be Mao Rongrong!" "

what? Is it her? " Lu xuanchen's face suddenly changed color, and he sat up straight. Seeing this, Ji asked, "xuanchen, do you know her?" "

I don't know, but I've heard of her." Lu xuanchen has heard that Mao Rongrong is the top talented woman in his junior high school. Moreover, she has a high academic performance and can always hear the principal praising her at the school flag raising ceremony. Lu

although xuanchen didn't talk to her formally, she was still vaguely impressed. A female student wearing black frame glasses occupied most of her face, making people can't remember her real appearance until now. "

yes? How could you have heard of her name? Is she a beautiful woman? " Asked the agent with a wretched expression. "

No, I can't remember her appearance, it should be very common!" Lu xuanchen leaned back to the back of the chair again and went away. "

is an ordinary woman worth remembering? It's not very scientific! " The agent mumbled strangely. He only knows the woman named Tang Youyou, but now she is the youngest grandmother of Ji's family. After seeing her real person, he knows that she is an absolute beauty. It's normal for Lu xuanchen to keep thinking about her.

The business car is parked in front of a private house!

"Xuanchen, I have an appointment with Mao Rongrong. I'll meet you tonight. I'll knock on the door first. You can come in later." With that, the agent went down and knocked on the door.

After a while, the door opened, and a woman in a black business suit stood in front of the door, looking at the agent and frowning: "you are ten minutes late, not punctual at all."

Lu xuanchen is surprised to see the woman standing at the door, because this is really different from the two people he imagined Mao Rongrong. She no longer wears the huge black frame glasses, and the whole face is exposed. Her long hair, which shows the charm of women, hangs in the middle of her chest and decorates a small face of melon seeds. She looks at the car in an unhappy voice. "

what? It's all in front of my house, and I can't get down yet? " Mao Rongrong has been dissatisfied with their late arrival. Now, seeing Lu xuanchen's late meeting, she is even more resentful.

Lu xuanchen had to open the door and went down to stand in front of Mao Rongrong. Mao

Rong Rong picked his eyebrow and looked at him: "it's me at last. Let's talk with me!"

Lu xuanchen nodded, and the agent followed. Mao Rongrong immediately stared at him, "no one else, no one to come in." After

Ji Ren's expression was stiff, he looked at Lu xuanchen.

Lu xuanchen takes a look at Mao Rongrong and looks at the agent. When I went to school before, I heard that this woman is not easy to get into trouble and has a bad temper. Now it seems that it's true.

How does Mao Rongrong make people think of caterpillars all of a sudden? It's also plush. It makes people look gooseflesh.

"Mao Rongrong, did we go to a school before?" Lu xuanchen takes the initiative to get close to her.

"I don't remember!" Mao Rongrong answered lightly.

"I see you're in business attire. Where do you work?" Lu xuanchen continued to ask.

"I'm a lawyer!" Mao Rongrong answered him directly. Lu xuanchen was surprised, but it's also expected that a conservative woman like her, a lawyer, is quite suitable for her.

"Is the price of this land not close? Or for some other reason, you don't want to sell it? " Lu xuanchen asked the topic directly. "

I don't want to sell!" A word from Mao Rongrong blocked all his thoughts.