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C1013 the tangle is getting deeper

For Mao Rongrong, a woman who doesn't have too much waste heat in her life, Lu xuanchen's behavior towards her at the moment has left her a little dazed. She didn't expect Lu xuanchen to play the real thing.

Several female staff rushed in, and Mao Rongrong was hit by one of them, almost standing unsteadily.

"Lu xuanchen, can you sign for me?" "

can I take a picture together? I've been fascinated by you for a long time. I've seen all your works. I really like you. " "

Yes, yes, me too. All the screens of my mobile phone are you." After that, the woman deliberately opened the screen to show him.

Mao Rongrong looks at a group of women who are fierce in the office. At the moment, they become little soft girls in front of Lu xuanchen. Their faces are red and their ears are red. They dare not speak loudly, which makes her open her eyes.

"Of course, you are all Rongrong's colleagues!" Lu xuanchen's eyes drifted to Mao Rongrong, who was as dull as a chicken. Suddenly, there was an evil sense of teasing in his heart. He wanted to see if Mao Rongrong knew how popular he was. "

really? Sister Rong Rong, what is your relationship with him? Why does he seem so nice to you! " Immediately, a woman turned around to look at Mao Rongrong jealous, trying to see a little bit of felicity in her frightful expression. "I have nothing to do with him!" said Rong, with a clenched fist "

we are friends, classmates and neighbors!" Lu xuanchen counted many kinds of relationships, but no matter which one, it was enough to surprise these women, and immediately envied them. "

Rongrong, you're so deep. There's such a big star around you that you don't even mention it." One of Mao Rongrong's partners immediately complained about her face.

Mao Rongrong's mouth is open at the moment, but she can't say a word. She feels that now she should go to find a broom and drive this man out of her office. There's no need to talk about the land. Lu

xuanchen didn't know what disaster he had caused. He took a pen, signed for the female colleagues, and then they all took a picture together, which was to send them away. When the door of

office is closed, Lu xuanchen is trying to chat with Mao Rongrong again. When he turns around, he sees that her face is tense and she looks at him tremblingly with anger.

"Lu xuanchen, do you know where I am? I'm not your entertainment company here. I need to make a fuss. I'm not the stage for your performance. Let your light and heat go. This is the law firm. Every day, someone comes to us to appeal for their grievances. We are busy defending their rights and interests and helping the victims to conduct justice. We don't have any spare time to please your rich and noble people. " Mao Rongrong clenched his fist and looked at Lu xuanchen's face. Although his face would really make people feel dizzy, she could only close her eyes.

Lu xuanchen's face was stunned. He didn't expect Mao Rongrong to say such a thing to him.

All of a sudden, he was ashamed of his entertainment.

"Sorry, I'm just kidding you. I didn't expect it would affect your work." Lu xuanchen is not really evil to the extent that even human nature is reckless. On the contrary, he lives a real life. Of course, he can understand the heavy meaning of her words. The world is originally unfair, and what Mao Rongrong does is to maintain this justice, which is worthy of respect and admiration. "

you've influenced it!" When Mao Rongrong saw his sincere apology, his face relaxed a little. "

if you had promised to sell the land to me earlier, there would be no business today." Lu xuanchen will continue to defend his purpose. Mao

Rong Rong sits back in her office chair. She may have misted her glasses. Just now, Lu xuanchen really wanted to cry. She took off her glasses and wanted to wipe them with a paper towel.

Suddenly she heard that he had mentioned something again. Her hand suddenly shook, and her glasses fell for a while. Bang

Bang twice. It's the sound of the camera landing. Both of them are shocked. Rong Rong has a high degree of mirror vision. If she doesn't wear glasses, she can't see who is two meters away. At the moment, her brain is also stiff. She has to stoop to pick it up, but her forehead accidentally hit the edge of the desk.

"Ouch!" Mao Rongrong hurriedly put out his hand to cover his forehead, and became even more angry. Lu Chenjun's face was also shocked. He hurried to pick up her glasses. "

your glasses are broken and both lenses are broken." Lu xuanchen took a look at the glasses and looked up at Mao Rongrong immediately. Without glasses, she could see clearly the mist of tears around her eyes. Lu

xuanchen's face suddenly stopped.

"Then I can't work today. I can't do anything without glasses." Mao Rongrong quickly turned away his eyes and didn't want to look at him. "

don't you have spare glasses?" Lu xuanchenjue must take half of the responsibility.

"No!" Mao Rongrong reached out and rubbed his eyes, then stood up: "I have to go home to get them. There are contact lenses at home, and there will be a court session in the afternoon. I can't miss it."

"Let me take you back. How far can you see?" Lu xuanchen saw that she didn't pretend to come out, and immediately frowned. "

No, I'll take a taxi myself!" Of course, Mao Rongrong can't drive himself anymore. "

you are really stubborn!" Lu xuanchen feels helpless to her. She has never seen such a firm and unshakable woman. "

this is my style." Mao Rongrong took his handbag and hurried to the door.

Because of her high myopia, she didn't know where to go even when someone greeted her. Lu

xuanchen follows her, and suddenly a group of people surround her, but he is not in the mood to pay any more attention to it. He just follows Mao Rongrong fast.

When Mao Rongrong entered the elevator, he closed the elevator door. When the elevator door was about to close, a man's big hand suddenly reached out. The elevator door pinched his finger. He made a dull pain, but he forced the door open. The tall and slender figure stepped in.

Mao Rongrong narrowed his eyes to see him: "you have not finished, ah, I really have important work, you do not follow me?" "

I'll take you back. Don't take a taxi. You are so beautiful and unsafe!" Lu xuanchen found that when Mao Rongrong didn't wear glasses, she was still very beautiful. The black frame glasses covered her original light.

"I said, no, I'm safe!" Mao Rongrong thinks that, for the sake of her professional image, she still wears light clothes every day. She doesn't look good on her own, but in the eyes of outsiders, she is the standard beauty.