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Pei Anxin can't stay any longer. She doesn't want to be the target that people stare at. So she runs to settle the account and goes out the door. The rain stops.

Mu shiye chases out and sees her head bowed and moves forward silently.

He reached out, put his arms around her shoulders, had a beautiful face, and flashed a satisfied smile.

"I doubt this feeling. I'll walk on the streets of other countries and enjoy the leisure together." Murmured the night. Pei Anxin murmured: "did you find that all the places I went were places we had been before? I walked around the places we had been in love before. I wanted to completely forget you, but when I walked in those places, I found that I miss you even more."

Mu shiye was stunned for a while, but he didn't notice that she was actually recalling the past time. "Anxin, I'm really worried about your sudden offer to travel abroad. Unexpectedly, you are looking for the memories before us. Why don't you let me accompany you?" Mu shiye also wants to go back to that time. At that time, they were so sweet that even the air was full of love.

Pei Anxin stood still and looked up at the man's smiling eyes.

"Aren't you here now?" Pei Anxin sneered.

"Yes, I I'm afraid you'll find another man for this tour. " Mu shiye didn't want to hide her. He came to see her because he was jealous and panicked.

Pei Anxin frowned: "how do you think so?"

"I've seen your photos. In every one of your photos, I have a brilliant smile, which makes me doubt that it's a man who took your picture." When the night also felt that he was too impulsive, just because of an idea, he rushed to find her.

"How did you get in touch with my friend?" Pei Anxin frowned. "I found out when I arrived at the airport. I didn't know your specific location, so I had to ask my friend for help. I also found out when I was at the airport. I was travelling with a woman. Then I found her phone number and called to ask her." "You are cunning!" Pei Anxin can't help laughing and scolding him.

"In order to find you, I will do anything, do you believe?" Mu Shi reaches out at night and pinches on her soft face.

"I believe it!" Pei Anxin has known Mu shiye very well, so her feelings will change so fast.

Mu shiye stares at her face and hugs her tightly again: "Anxin, come home with me, don't leave me anymore!"

"OK, I'll go back with you! I'm not going anywhere! " Pei Anxin murmured softly.

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan stayed in the hotel until more than 10 p.m. before returning to Ji's home.

Outside, two people are so strong that they can't be separated, but when they get to Jijia, they almost tacitly choose to keep a distance.

The old lady suddenly shouted at Ji Xiaohan who was going upstairs.

Ji Xiaohan steps back and goes to Grandma: "grandma, what's the matter?"

"The woman I asked you to look for last time, do you have a way to straighten her?" The more the old lady thinks about it recently, the more unwilling she is. Ji Jia will become what she is today. The crime of Bai Liuyin cannot be redeemed.

"Grandma, where did this white willow sound offend you? You have such a deep resentment against her? " Season owl cold not from concern inquiry.

Although grandma said that the older she was, the more like a child she was doing things, if anyone dared to offend her, Ji Xiaohan would not let it go easily.

Looking at her grandson's concern, the old lady didn't know what to do for a while.

"Don't ask so much, you just need to punish her for me." Said the old lady with an unnatural look.

Ji Xiaohan sat beside her, hugged her, and said softly, "grandma, tell me how she offended you. I will punish her as the case may be." The old lady knew that her grandson only asked so carefully because she cared about herself. She only sighed: "this is the old thing many years ago. Don't ask so clearly. You just need to help grandma get out of this evil anger. What she is most proud of, you will destroy her most proud thing. Her shameless woman should pay for her lessons."

Ji Xiaohan's expression is a little startled. Did Bai Liuyin offend grandma before?

"Well, I'll have a chance to investigate her again!" Ji Xiaohan feels that grandma seems to be concealing it intentionally, but he has already remembered it.

"Xiao Han, grandma asked you one more thing. Your mother came to me last time and said she was going to divorce Xia Weiwen. What do you think?" The old lady asked, frowning.

Ji Xiao's face sank suddenly: "she can't get divorced, it's nothing to do with me."

"Xiaohan, don't you want to marry Tang youyou?" The old lady asked when she saw his cold face.

Season owl looks cold. "I think it's a good idea. She divorced Xia Weiwen and you married Tang youyou." The old lady seems to have figured out one thing in the last two days. Although she hated LAN Yue for years, after LAN Yue showed her the photos of her son and Bai Liuyin, her hatred for LAN Yue

disappeared, and more importantly, she felt the power of love.

It's hard for Sun Tzu to fall in love with Tang youyou. If she stops her, it will only let the tragedy continue again.

Looking at two growing up little great grandchildren, the old lady finally decided to let go of the Internet and give the young people a chance to love each other.

"I don't need her!" Season owl cold but cold tone reply.

"You fool, if they don't divorce, how can you and don youyou get married? You'll be laughed at for being so furtive together. I won't accept it, but I hope they divorce to complete you. " The old lady also hoped that this would be the result.

"Grandma, don't go to her!" Ji Xiaohan's tone was serious: "I won't ask her to do it!" "If you don't ask, I'll also say, Xiao Han, do you have the heart to let two children not have a complete family? I really hated that Tang youyou was Xia Weiwen's daughter before, but now I don't think about it? When I decide to fulfill you, I hope you will strive to be a filial son. Your mother owes you and Yueze enough. " The old lady has made a decision.

Season owl looks cold. "I can see that you and Tang youYou are getting closer and closer recently. I also open my eyes and close my eyes, pretending that I can't see them. However, it's not that I can't see them, and others won't find them. You should deal with them quickly, and you can't let them affect your business, you know?" The old lady reminded him cautiously.