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C1891 meet the enemy

Xia xinnianmei Mou Meng's opening, what does jimucheng mean?

Is he going to eat too?

"You want to know him. Next time you will find an opportunity, but he just returned home..." "It's because he just returned home that I want to show my sincerity. Don't refuse my arrangement, OK?"

The man's voice suddenly lowered. It sounded like he was full of affection.

Xia Xinnian is completely stunned. What does this man want?

"You don't doubt what I have to do with him, do you?"

Xia Xinnian's beautiful eyes narrowed, and he always felt that this man's purpose was impure.


My son said that you are good friends. Of course I believe it. I heard that he has helped you a lot abroad. As the father of the child, I should thank him at the first time. "

Jimucheng's eloquent tone makes it impossible to doubt his ulterior motives.

"I invited him to dinner because I wanted to thank him, but this time, you should not..." "Xia Xinnian, are you really disappointed with me?

Don't even want to introduce your friends to me? "

The tone of a man's voice changes, suddenly as if lost in the general.

Xia Xinnian choked and couldn't answer.

"I know that you don't want me to be with your son until now. Maybe in your eyes, I'm not a qualified father, but in my eyes, you are definitely the best mother, just like my mother in those days."

When jimucheng saw that she was silent, he began to move again.

Xia Xinnian was suddenly aroused by his sensationalism, but she did not know what to do. She sighed, "OK, I'll book a place. You can come here when you receive Yu Chen later."

Jimucheng thin lips a hook, the bottom of the eyes flashed the color of satisfaction, it turned out, as long as the attitude is soft, this woman can't take him.

He suddenly felt as if he had inherited one of his father's advantages, that is, he could be very shameless when pursuing a beloved woman.

Didn't the father cheat his angry mother with all kinds of love talk?

Xia Xinnian hangs up the phone convinced, and suddenly thinks that Jimu City mentioned his mother just now. She can't help searching the Internet for some gossip about the JIS family.

Open an old news and see some photos. One of them is a handsome and noble man sitting on a big black chair. The man's eyebrows look like jimucheng. This should be his father, Ji Xiaohan. It's said that he was the number one person in the business world at that time, and the next photo seems to be captured at will. It's gentle and quiet The woman, standing in the soft light, is smiling to talk to people, and Xia Xinnian is staring at it. Unexpectedly, jimucheng's mother is so beautiful. No wonder he looks so beautiful now. It's all hereditary.

Next to them are a few slightly blurred pictures. One of them is a pair of lovely young men and girls. Both of them seem to have taken secretly. It seems that the Ji family is very good at protecting their children. There are almost no positive pictures of them on the Internet.

Xia Xinnian actually knew Tang Youyou, the mother of Jimu City, before that, she had been told that she had created a young and fashionable design brand. Later, because of the family relationship, the brand was handed over to others, and she also returned to the family.

At more than seven o'clock in the evening, Xia Xinnian ordered a restaurant. She hurried by first. Shortly after arriving, Yan Junhan came, holding a bunch of flowers in his hand and a very cool robot toy.

"Brother Yan."

Xia Xinnian gets up and greets with a smile.

"Where is Yu Chen?"

Yan Jun asked in surprise.

"He will come here in a moment. Why do you buy flowers?"

Xia Xinnian looks at what he handed over. She is embarrassed to take over.

"I used to plant some flowers for you when I was abroad. Now I'm back home. I can only buy them for you."

Yan Jun said with a smile.

"The domestic environment is still very different from that of foreign countries. This time I returned home to work, which witnessed the strength of the country and the unlimited domestic development market. I may work in China for a long time in the future."

Xia Xinnian looked out of the window at the traffic and said with emotion.

"Is it?

That's not what you said last time. You said that you would go abroad for three years on loan. "

Yan Junhan's eyes are slightly surprised.

"It was decided in the past, but now Elder brother Yan, there is something I should tell you. Yu Chen has found his father. "

Said Xia Xinnian in a low voice.


Yu Chen's father?

Who is he?

How did you find it? "

Yan Junhan's body shook slightly, and his eyes widened in surprise.

"It's a coincidence that he found Yu Chen."

Xia Xinnian also felt that this was a coincidence that people couldn't believe.

"Can you see it's your own son in the vast crowd?

Are you kidding me? "

Yan Junhan can't laugh or cry at the moment. He feels ridiculous.

"I know you think it's funny. In fact, I think so too, but That's how he really recognized my son. "

Xia Xinnian smiled helplessly.

"Well, even if he is Yu Chen's father, how about you?

How did he bully you? Did you hate him? "

Yan Junhan's face was heavy. When Xia Xinnian told him the story, he really wanted to beat that bastard.

Xia Xinnian's pretty face dimmed. She held her hands tightly and bit her lips: "I hated him when I knew it was him, but now I found that he was not so hateful. Maybe there would be others without him. I was calculated by my cousin. "

"Listen to you. Don't you hate him now?"

Yan Junhan's expression froze.

At this time, the door of the box was pushed open by a slender white hand. The voice of the man's indifference came: "you seem to want her to hate me?"

Suddenly out of the voice, let the two people in the box can't help looking back, see Ji Mucheng holding his son Xia Yuchen standing at the door, his handsome face is not very good-looking.

"Uncle Yan."

Xia Yuchen is very happy to see the person he likes.

Yan Junhan didn't expect that the man who bullied Xia Xinnian would be so handsome. Moreover, his temperament is so good that it's extraordinary at first sight.

When Yan Junhan didn't reflect, the man came to him with his son in his arms and politely extended his hand: "Hello, I'm Yu Chen's father, jimucheng, when I first met you."

When Yan Junhan heard the name, his expression was even more surprised. It was hard to believe that he looked at the copied version of the little boy. His heart almost stopped beating.

"Hello, I'm their friend, Yan Junhan."

Although surprised, Yan Junhan is also a gentleman.

"Mommy, look, I said they would be good friends."

Xiaoyuchen said with a smile beside him, he thought that the handshake between adults should be the meaning of making good friends.

But in Xia Xinnian's eyes, what's wrong with him is that the atmosphere has changed.