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C761. She looks like a dead thing

Ji Shangqing's words made miffee tremble all over, and her hands holding the wine glass froze like this. Her beautiful eyes flashed a flurry of color. "If you even guessed it was me, then Luo Jinyu must have guessed it." Miffee laughed at herself, but the smile was ugly. Then she put down her glass and said in a confident voice: "even if he finds me, what can he do to me? At least I am the woman he once loved deeply. Can he still eat me? Oh, if he wants to eat, I'm always welcome. "

Ji Shangqing frowned at her words: "so you just asked if men like pure women. Now the answer is obvious. Women are too smart, not good!" Miffee's face changed again. There was a flash of embarrassment on her face: "what's wrong with being smart? I can help him in his career. What about Yang ChuChu? I think she can only spend money. Hum, you men are all of this virtue. When you are simple, you think women are too stupid. When you are smart, you think women are too smart. You can't please me. "

"Stop!" When Ji Shangqing saw the fire, he immediately put out his hand and stopped it. Jun's face was covered with frost: "I've never liked a woman who is too smart. I like all those stupid and lovely women!"

"For example?" Miffee suddenly raised her eyebrows.

Ji Shangqing looks frozen, then shakes his head: "I don't want to talk about it."

"It seems that you really have a sweetheart. Well, it seems that there is no drama between us!" Miffee's face was dead set. She took up the wine and looked up to drink it. Then she put the glass on the table: "today's meal, please, I'll go first!"

Ji Shangqing really hasn't seen such a self righteous woman as miffee, but for the sake of her future value, Ji doesn't care about her.

Miffee went out of the hotel, her mind was a little dizzy. In fact, she had not drunk much wine just now, but she was nervous when she thought that Luo Jinyu might know it was a good thing she did.

She went to her car, and suddenly a black car stood in her way.

Miffee looked alert, but saw a familiar face come down: "Miss MI, my boss wants to see you!"

So fast? Miffee's expression was like death, and he glared at the man angrily: "Luo Jinyu is ridiculous. When I asked to see him, he didn't see him. Now, I have no time. Instead, he sent someone to pick me up. What if I don't go? Is Miffy such a good talker?

"the boss said that we should take you there anyway. If you don't, we can only offend you."

"Oh, can't you kidnap me?" A sneer of sarcasm.

"If we really want to tie you up, you will not go to see our boss, but be sent back to country M. are you not a citizen of country m?"

Miffee's face turned white instantly. Does Luo Jinyu want to be so cruel? Driving her abroad?

Thinking that he is really a tough character now, Miffy doesn't struggle, so she has to stoop and sit in the business car. At this time, it's the night after Luo Jinyu returned home. During the day, he has been dealing with the affairs of the company for a day, which is very busy. Of course, it also includes the possibility of asking people to investigate the whole thing, and finally, he easily found out about mifield.

For this woman, Luo Jinyu's mood is only strange now.

Even if once loved deeply, but she hurt the people he cared about, he would not easily let her go.

Mifeel got out of the car and saw the building in front of her. She looked stiff. Luo Jinyu met her in the company, not at his home.

"Miss MI, you should know where the boss is!" She was asked in a light tone.

"Don't touch me with your dirty hands, I'll find him myself!" Miffee's voice was that of a loyal and chaste woman. She said hatefully, and she walked toward the elevator.

After arriving at the floor of the president's office, miffee's legs suddenly became weak, as if she was going to collapse.

Just on the way, she also made a lot of conjectures, guessing that she would only cry once, take out the previous love and say it again, and then express her love to him, maybe Luo Jinyu would let her go.

But at this moment, her mood is extremely heavy uneasy.

All the staff on this floor are off duty, so it is clear that it is empty and cold, even the air becomes thin.

Miffy frowned, trying to be calm, and walked step by step toward the closed door.

Because there was no one along the way, which made miffee more frightened.

Finally, in front of the office door, the closed door suddenly opened, and inside stood Luo Jinyu's close aide, who said coldly to her, "Miss MI, come in!"

Miffee's heart was startled, but she went in. As soon as she went in, she felt a heavier sense of oppression.

In Norda's office, there was only one person, who was leaning back on the big black chair. In his hand, he was playing with a black pen. His face was cold and there was no trace of temperature.

Luo Jinyu, dressed in a black suit, used to be miffee's favorite look. He felt that he was born to wear a suit. He had the king's domineering and male charm.

But at the moment, the man is still her favorite look, but his breath is too cold, looking at her eyes, as if looking at a dead thing, Miffy was scared.

It's impossible. How could you look at her like this?

Even if the love between them disappeared, it shouldn't be that look at her. She's not dead.

"Young master, I'll be right outside the door. Call me whenever you have something!" With the assistant finished, exit the office.

Miffee saw the people beside her go out. She summoned up her courage and calmed her mind. She went to Luo Jinyu as usual: "why do you want to see me so late? Do you miss me? "

"Miffy, are you the one who spreads the gossip about me and Yang ChuChu?" Luo Jinyu ignored the beautiful smile she forced out, and her voice sounded cold as ice.

Miffee's smile is one of the meals. She doesn't even have the basic greeting, so she asked directly. It's not like Luo Jinyu's style. Or, he really changed. In his eyes and heart, there is only Yang ChuChu, the little bitch.

Thinking of this, miffee changed from being afraid to angry. Since Luo Jinyu found her, there must be evidence. Miffee still wants to pretend to be pitiful and be a good girl. I'm afraid it won't work. So, she had to admit, hands in front of her chest, smiled: "yes, it's me!"