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C1703. She's not that gullible

Through monitoring, Chu lie personally brought several main troublemakers to arrest and interrogate.

LAN Yanxi stood outside the glass window and looked at the camera. The arrogant expression of those people seemed that they were not afraid at all. They were even happy to be called to ask questions.

A staff member made a basic inquiry, and one of them immediately slapped the table angrily: "why should we make trouble? The money blue family owes us, we all signed the contract, they said goodbye to us, they have to pay our liquidated damages, otherwise, we just want to make trouble, the people above all know that we believe that there is a fair existence in this world It's natural that we should pay off our debts. "

"It's just that the blue old man, with his eyes closed, doesn't care about anything. We've devoted so many years of youth and sweat to him, but we haven't got any guarantee. Of course, we won't be reconciled."

Another person also angrily uneven mouth.

LAN Yanxi looks at these people and decides to talk to them in person.

Chu lie reached out and stopped her for a moment: "Miss LAN, you don't need to have a good understanding with these people. They are bullied by your youth. Our lawyer is outside the door. Let them study the contract first, see where the loopholes are, and then discuss solutions with them."

The Chu lie of blue speech Xi Jue said is reasonable, then forbeared.

Three well-known lawyers are studying the work contract of Lanshi group, but the final result is that lanyanxi feels frustrated. Because the company's labor contract was changed three years ago, and there is a clause in it, which clearly shows that the dismissal of the company's staff without any reason needs to compensate for high liquidated damages. These people, in fact, are not the company this time Those who donate to be resigned are dismissed one month before the company is donated. The reason is that they only write about embezzlement, but there is no evidence to prove it. Therefore, these people will come here to make trouble so angrily.

LAN Yanxi reached for his hand and stroked his forehead. It seems that this contract was changed when his uncle was in the upper position. These people are the chess pieces they have collected and sold. At the moment, they make such a big trouble. They only want her to lose money.

"If we're going to fight this case, how many are the odds?"

LAN Yanxi asked.

Three law show's expression some dignified, very careful opening: "half of the winner, but miss blue, have you ever thought, whether this lawsuit can win or not, it is negative to your image of blue family company."

Lanyanxi nodded. Of course, she thought about it, so she had to make a careful decision.

"If I want to pay their liquidated damages, what is the amount?"

LAN Yanxi looked out of the window and asked.

"I calculated it carefully for you. You have to pay more than 5 million yuan this time. Nearly 30 leaders of middle and upper level companies have been dismissed for embezzlement. In fact, it's not your responsibility. It's your uncle's decision to dismiss them. In this case, he has to bear the responsibility. It's really unreasonable to dismiss them without evidence."

A lawyer answered her doubts.

More than five million yuan, lanyanxi still feels that he has some pain in his flesh, but now he has two hands and one stall. He will never manage the company's mess again.

"Well, since it's the company that misjudged their evidence, I accept the compensation. I just want to put this thing in order, and don't do anything bad to the development of the company and the operation of charities."

After careful consideration, lanyanxi decided to give up a step. After all, they are all important cadres of the company. They have worked for the company before, and should be treated well.

"Miss LAN, in fact, your decision is the most reasonable at present, and it is the most important to settle down. If you decide, we will negotiate with them instead of you."

The three lawyers are also very responsible people. They were personally explained by Ling Mo Feng. Of course, they should take good care of lanyanxi's affairs.

"Thank you."

LAN Yanxi said gratefully.

Three lawyers entered the negotiation, and LAN Yanxi still sat in front of the glass window, watching the dialogue in the surveillance video.

"We don't want money. Do you think we are short of money?

We want a fair result. We were dismissed from the company for no reason, which has a huge impact on our spirit and famous students. We don't want money. We also want to continue to work for the company in the blue group company. "

"That is, what we want is a fair result, and we will be given liquidated damages. Doesn't that mean that we are greedy for the company's money?

We are not stupid. Let's go back to work. That's the fairest compensation for us. "

LAN Yanxi watched them argue fiercely. Her eyebrows were twisted to death. It seems that she still despised these people's ability to make trouble. She didn't want to ask for money. She wanted to return to her original job. But now the company's professional manager, who had been invited by her grandfather, is in charge of the company. The company has changed blood once. Every post has a new person in charge. What is she going to do How about putting these people in?

LAN Yanxi found that these people had no sincerity to come over to negotiate, more like playing with her.

Lanyanxi no longer decided to pretend to be mysterious. She pushed the door directly and went in.

Those people used to be arrogant. When they saw LAN Yanxi coming in, their faces flashed a little guilty.

"You are all familiar with each other. We met before when my grandfather was alive. I've backed down. Why do we embarrass each other? If you don't accept compensation, I just think you give up such negotiation. As for you who want to continue to work in the company, I may not be able to decide. Now the company has new managers and any decision of the company It's up to them to decide. I won't interfere. "

LAN Yanxi's body, or the blue old man's that deterrent momentum, she is cold with a pretty face, but also gives a sense of oppression.

"It's said that you're the most visible successor of Mr. blue. Miss LAN, we have been wronged. You don't make up your mind for us, but you say this kind of words to hurt us. Is that how Mr. blue taught you to treat your subordinates?"

Someone immediately spoke up against her.

"I don't need to discuss with you what my grandfather taught me, but whether you embezzled money or not. Although there is no evidence to prove it, as long as I find someone to check it carefully, maybe there are any shady transactions behind the scenes, it will certainly show up."

Lanyanxi is confident in her own guess, so she dare to threaten them with such words.

Sure enough, the expressions of these people are a little unnatural. If LAN Yanxi really wants to check, he can still find what they have on their heads. Even if they don't embezzle money, the reason for their trouble can't be explored.

"Well, let's go out and discuss it with others."

In the silent atmosphere, some people can't resist the pressure and begin to have the meaning of compromise.

"Of course, it's illegal for you to smash and make trouble. The medical expenses of the lost and injured staff must be borne by you personally. You will also be subject to detention. So, I hope you can send a representative to discuss this matter."

"Miss LAN, what do you mean?

Do you think we want to make a mess?

We just want a fair result. "

Some people were not happy at once and began to retort angrily.

"If you only want results, you can come to me directly. I'm not a cannibal. I'm not unreasonable."

LAN Yanxi sneered and went back.

All of a sudden, the group was dumb. One of them said, "you are not the same now. You are not only the eldest lady of the blue family, but also the wife of the president. How can we have such a big face? We can come to see you at will."

"This is really a good excuse. In your eyes, am I now superior?

Are you afraid to come to see me, or is there someone behind you who doesn't want you to come to see me like this? "

Blue Yan Xi ridicules, already saw through their heart.

"What do you mean, Miss LAN?

You can't just charge us. "

Some people pretend to be stupid and dissatisfied.

"Why don't you tell me the truth? Who is behind this trouble?

Be frank and lenient. You should have heard that

LAN Yanxi's voice sank, and immediately gave them a fierce punch in the heart, and their faces turned pale.