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Ji Yueze just hung up Yang Siyu's phone a few minutes later, his cell phone rang again, he glanced at it, his hair stood up.

Grandma called again? "

Hello, grandma, miss me again?" Ji Yueze deliberately made fun of her. "

Ozawa, how are you getting along with thinking and speaking? Don't lie to me, to tell the truth! " The old lady got serious and didn't joke with him at all.

"We get along well. You know we are young and we know each other well." Ji Yueze's guilty nonsense.

"Oh, you know each other well? But I don't even know what they like. Do you mean to say? " The old lady has confirmed with Yang's mother that what Yang Siyu likes is not jewelry and cosmetics at all. Girls in other families have high taste and like piano. "

grandma, I just got along with thinking and speaking. I haven't really asked her what she likes. I'm busy with my work recently. She's also preparing for the exam. We two..."

"You don't use work as an excuse. I'll choose the best piano and send it to Si Yu. I'll come over for dinner tonight." The old lady has decided to welcome Yang Siyu. Since she likes playing the piano, she will give her something she likes. "

grandma, I'm afraid we can't tonight. We haven't invited a servant to cook yet." Ji Yueze's face is miserable. He is eager to dissuade him. "

then I'll help you select some servants to go over..." "

No, I actually have two, but they don't know if they can come here today."

"Then I'll take two servants. Anyway, I'm going to have dinner tonight!" The old lady was very determined.

"Well, grandma, don't bring your servant here. I'll call my servant now to prepare dinner. I'll also call Siyu." Ji Yueze said, then hung up the phone. Grandma's persistence is really a headache.

I didn't expect that life is becoming more and more like a drama. It's time to test acting skills.

Ji Yueze called Liu Xiaoxing and asked her and lengfei to send Bai Yiyan to the villa in the suburb for a rest, and then asked them to come in the evening to help make a dinner, because in the future, Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei will be the main supporting roles of this good play, so let them say hello to the old lady first.

"Jishao, do you want me to cook dinner with lengfei? I'm afraid I'll let you down! " Liu Xiaoxing is nervous.

"It's OK. It's just a regular meal. You can handle it. I have prizes!" Ji Yueze immediately offered attractive benefits. "

Wo Shao, if you say so, Leng Fei and I will do a good job. We will go out to buy food materials now." Liu Xiaoxing immediately laughs into a flower.

Ji Yueze is also angry with Yang Siyu. Of course, Yang Siyu is willing to cooperate with the acting. So they decided to play this evening.

When night fell, Ji Yueze drove to pick up Yang Siyu. It was more than seven o'clock. The old lady dressed gracefully and walked in with a piano.

"Grandma, it's very kind of you to hear from Ji Yueze that you want to give me a present and my favorite piano." Yang Siyu came over with gratitude and helped the old lady up the steps. "

if you don't dislike my grandson, I will be very satisfied. Family, what's more polite?" The old lady looked at Yang Siyu's graceful and clear water spirit. She felt that she was more and more compatible with her grandson. How could she not like it?

Next season Yueze can't help but turn a white eye. How can he become a product nobody wants in grandma's mind?

"Grandma is really joking. Your grandson is handsome and gentle. How can I dislike him?" Yang Siyu praises clearly, and let Ji Yueze take a sip of his mouth.

"Good old lady!" Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei changed their professional nanny clothes and came out of the kitchen to say hello to the old lady. "

so young?" Seeing Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei, the old lady frowned at once: "is it easy to be a servant when you are so young?" Yang

Si Yu hurriedly moved forward and pointed to Liu Xiaoxing and said, "grandma, you can't look at her young age. She has won a number of cooking competitions. Besides, she has also received three years of professional home economics training and is definitely an elite."

When Liu Xiaoxing heard Yang Siyu's boastful introduction of himself, his eyes were suddenly wide open. When it was over, he would lose the chain. What the cook champion had to do tonight was to cook home-made dishes. The old lady was so hot that she was afraid to see through.

Leng Fei's expression, which has remained motionless for thousands of years, has also changed because of Yang Siyu's words. Season

Yue Ze helps his forehead and wants to cry. Yang Siyu is too positive. Let him introduce him.

"Is it? I really can't see that you are young and promising. Well, I will make good use of your craft tonight. " After listening to Yang Siyu's introduction, the old lady was really impressed by the two young girls. Yang

Si Yu blinks at Liu Xiaoxing immediately, but Liu Xiaoxing wants to wipe his tears.

"Grandma, you really care about the younger generation. Ji Yueze and I......" "

How can I even call someone with a surname?" The old lady laughed at once.

"Oh Yue Ze and I, oh, no, Xiao Ze will be very filial to you later. " Yang Siyu's tongue is a little knotted. It's very difficult for her to say this kind of endearing address. Season

Yue Ze found that among all the people here, he was the best actor. "Grandma, let me show you our room upstairs." Ji Yueze hurriedly and enthusiastically came to pick up grandma and was about to walk upstairs.

Yang Siyu, of course, will give him a chance to perform. Smiling, he watched them go upstairs and rushed to the kitchen door. "

shout, it's dangerous!" As soon as Yang Siyu stepped in, she was greeted by two angry eyes. "

What's the matter? Did I just say something wrong? " What does Yang Siyu know? "

Miss Yang, you are going to hurt us. I only cook a few home-made dishes. You praise me as a top chef. The dishes are not delicious at that time. What can I do?"

"I can do nothing but fight!" Leng Fei shrugs her shoulders and looks helpless.

Yang Siyu was stupefied, then he immediately laughed: "don't be afraid, what about me? Wait, I'll call right now! " Yang

when he finished thinking, he took out his mobile phone, unplugged the phone, and a black delivery car, without a sound, stopped at a small partial door outside the kitchen door. Four people quickly brought down ten hot dishes. "

wow, Miss Yang, why didn't you say it earlier? I've just had a heart attack! " Liu Xiaoxing wants to sing a song happily.

It's rare for lengfei to have a smile on her face.

"If I had said that earlier, it would not have been a surprise!" Yang Siyu's face is proud.