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Two men in police uniform suddenly appeared in Only Idealism Hall. After revealing his ID card at the front desk, he rode in the elevator and arrived at the office of Lam Tung, the person in charge of Only Idealism.

When the Lam Tung saw the policemen who had suddenly appeared, he was shocked, but then he arrogantly took out his identity. "Comrade policemen, did you guys have business with me?"

"Li Fang Fang, do you know him?"

Previously, he expelled Li Fang Fang and promised 500,000 yuan as compensation. However, he didn't keep his promise and only gave Li Fang Fang 50,000 yuan to send her away.

Presumably, Li Fang Fang was holding a grudge and that was why she was dragged inside.

Thinking about it, Lam Tung was full of regret. If he knew that women were so hard to deal with, he would not have gone to find her.

The news of Lam Tung being taken away by the police instantly spread throughout the company.

Liu Xi was very surprised, and called Tang You You.

Only then did Tang You You mention the matter of him being injured in a car accident to his foster mother.

Liu Xi asked with concern: "Are your injuries serious? I'll give you a few more days of rest. "

"It's not that serious. I've already dealt with the head injury. I don't want to take a leave. I'll go back to work tomorrow." Tang You You still had two big orders in hand, she could not just irresponsibly throw them away.

"You Zou, the fact that the Lam Tung was taken away by the police, is it related to your car accident as well?" Liu Xi doubted.

Tang You You sneered, and said without a trace of sympathy: "I think Li Fang Fang dragged him into the water on purpose, but as for whether or not he was an accomplice, I believe the police can give me a reasonable explanation."

"If this Lam Tung truly has such a malicious heart towards you, then it would be better if he didn't stay in the company. Quickly mention it to him, it's only a matter of a single sentence from him." Liu Xi had long hated the Lam Tung. He did not have any talent, he only sat on such a position because he fawned on her.

"Mother, if Lam Tung is truly gone, then this position is most suitable for you. I can also help you talk about it." Tang You You immediately said with a smile.

After Liu Xi heard this, he was slightly shocked, "Me? Wandering? Do you really want Quarterly to give me a promotion? "

Tang You You thought about how her godmother had helped him so much and how she had helped him so much that he could live a carefree life with his children. She was truly willing to help out with such a small matter.

"Yes, mother, I will try my best to help you. As long as you become the boss of Only Idealism, I can be at ease under your hands." Tang You You joked.

"Wandering, then mother really needs to thank you. Really, if I can really get promoted, I would be very grateful to you." Faced with a promotion in work, everyone would be moved. Moreover, Liu Xi had stayed in this small department for 8 years.

"Godmother, don't be like this, do you still need to say so many polite words between us?" Tang You You immediately felt embarrassed.

"Alright, Wandering, no matter what you want to do in the future, your godmother won't care about you." Liu Xi said while crying and laughing.

After hanging up the phone, Tang You You heaved a sigh of relief. Just now, she had promised her mother that she would do her best to fulfill her promise.

But was she going to beg Ji Xiao Han again?

How should I talk to him?

Actually, Tang You You had already found the best reason, and it was because of this child.

As long as she said the words that her foster mother told her every day about how she was helping him and his children, Ji Xiao Han would definitely give her this position without saying a word.

Tang You You thought that he would bring up the matter again tonight.

The living room of the Ji Family!

After Xiao Cheng Cheng went to sleep, he was in great spirits. She ran around the living room like a penguin, clumsy yet cute.

Mu Lin carefully followed behind her, afraid that she would fall if she wasn't careful.

Just as she expected, while the little guy was sprinting, his two calves tripped and he fell to the ground.

"Cheng Cheng!"

"Be careful!"

Luo He Ning stretched out his hand almost at the same time, but he didn't expect the little fellow to quickly crawl back up by itself. The instant the two adults threw themselves at him, they actually collided directly.

The two of them were stunned. When their eyes met, they were a little shy.

"Sorry, it didn't hurt you, right?" Luo He Ning looked at her and asked in a low voice.

Mu Lin shook her head: "I'm fine, I'll see if Xiao Cheng Cheng is alright."

Luo He Ning raised his head and saw the little guy running off into the distance to find something to play with. He chuckled: "It seems like she's fine as well."

"It's good that you're fine!" Mu Lin quickly walked toward her.

Luo He Ning was still trying to recollect the feeling of her crashing into his arms just now, and couldn't say it out loud.

He really wanted to hug her again.

Unfortunately, he didn't dare to hug her like that. He could only hope that the pleasant surprise would happen a few more times.

Mu Lin's current state of mind was also a little messy. Actually, she rarely came into contact with the opposite sex, but when she collided with Luo He Ning just now, she could smell the masculine scent of his body, causing her to have an indescribable feeling.