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C1352. That's how you want to die

"Yes, but you didn't say you didn't want to find a boyfriend..."

"Now I suddenly want to find it again. Yan Xi, I think you are right. You can find a boyfriend to work together." Cheng Yuan expressed her thoughts eagerly.

LAN Yanxi was shocked by her, so she sat up again and looked at her with a wink: "Cheng Yuan, are you ok?"

"I'm fine. Did you just say you wanted to introduce my boyfriend? Who is it? " Asked Cheng Yuan, blushing and shy.

"Adjutant Chu, Chu lie, the one who calls you every day!" LAN Yanxi blinked and said stupidly.

"I don't deserve him!" Cheng Yuan suddenly found a real problem, turned around and said sadly.

"How can you not match him? You are already excellent. " Lanyanxi was in a hurry for her.

Cheng Yuan turned her back, looked out of the window at night, and asked quietly, "Yan Xi, if I could be as confident as you are, but I was born with low self-esteem, so I would work so hard."

"Me? I've always been blind and confident. It's a good thing for everyone to think of ways to make themselves happy 24 hours a day. Even if it's to coax themselves and deceive themselves, it's also better to be happy. " This is lanyanxi's way of doing things. Think in a good direction.

"Yan Xi, you always give people a sense of optimism. I'm really happy to make friends like you." Cheng Yuan turned around, smiling and appreciating.

"In fact, you can also be happier. Many people like to weave life in their dreams, but it's also very important to be able to live a moist life in reality. Cheng Yuan, don't worry. I've inquired about it. Chu has no girlfriend. He is single now!" LAN Yanxi, the matchmaker, is still very professional. She has inquired about everything, so she dares to lead her friends.

"Really?" Cheng Yuan was immediately excited.

"Wait a minute!" LAN Yanxi's beautiful big eyes narrowed and stared at Cheng Yuan.

Only then did Cheng Yuan find out that she was too happy and exposed something.

"Cheng Yuan, you're not honest. You lied to me!" LAN Yanxi pretended to be angry.

Cheng Yuan hurriedly walked over to her bed and took her hand: "Yan Xi, I didn't cheat you. I really don't deserve him!"

"So, you already like people, don't you? No wonder you just reflected so quickly. When I heard that I was going to introduce him to you, you didn't care about your clothes. You must like him very much, didn't you? " When LAN yanshidun discovered the new world, he was right in the red line.

Cheng Yuan finally nodded and admitted honestly: "yes, I actually liked him for a long time, but he didn't know, and I dare not let him know."

"Why don't you let people know? It's easy for you to miss your happiness. " Blue Yan sighs.

"Of course, I'm afraid and anxious, but I just don't dare to say it. Yan Xi, who did you say it first with Mr. vice president?" Cheng Yuan suddenly became curious.

"Me!" LAN Yanxi pointed to his face in a very shameless way: "I didn't like him at the beginning. I felt that he was not interesting, old-fashioned, and had no vitality of our young people. But when I contacted him, I found that he was very good. If I didn't play the emotional routine, I would show it to me directly. I was immediately conquered by his sincerity, and I fell in love with him."

"Right, right, I don't like to play routines emotionally. I also like to be sincere. Someone around me, like his boyfriend, treats emotion as a game. Whoever loses or wins, must score clearly. I'm scared when I look at it. There's no safety guarantee." Cheng Yuan is instantly aroused by LAN Yanxi's girl's mind. It's no longer the coldness of the Iron-blooded female King Kong.

"Don't worry, I don't think this adjutant Chu has time to play routines with women. Men who value their career are usually more gentle and tolerant to women." LAN Yanxi comforts her.

"Yan Xi, do you think he will like me? I'm not beautiful, I'm not gentle, I'm not even feminine! " Cheng Yuan looks at LAN Yanxi's appearance at the moment. She is weak and slender. Her long hair is soft against her delicate face. The vice president looks at her. He is afraid that she will love her even more. Looking at herself again, her hair is shorter than that of a man, her body is better than that of a man, and her speech is more masculine than that of a man. She finds that she is not a woman at all. She really wants to Crying in the toilet.

"There are many kinds of definition of beauty. You have your advantages. Besides, you have beautiful facial features, good figure, and strong character. I believe many men still like you." LAN Yanxi feels that Cheng Yuan is also very beautiful.

"Yan Xi, you're really comforting. I look like a man. In case that adjutant Chu doesn't want to be a boyfriend and girlfriend with me, just want to be a brother with me, then I'm really finished!" Cheng Yuan's face was battered. She buried her face in her palm. The more she thought about it, the more sad she was. When she reported to the police school, her family reminded her that it was hard for a woman to find a boyfriend because she was too strong and hard. Which man didn't want her woman to be charming and charming, and needed her own protection?

But at that time, she stubborn like cattle, but also let out tough words, not a single life. Who knows, on the day when she graduated from police school, she ran into Chu Xian, the elite senior of her school. At the graduation ceremony of her school, he did a martial arts performance with a group of senior students. The handsome and stylish action hit her heart directly.

The girl who said she wanted to be single suddenly felt a little flower in her dry heart. The color of the whole world turned pink. She was so damn moved.

When she armed herself into a woman man who didn't need people's pain and protection, the man who came from the sky gave her the most deadly gentleness.

"Cheng Yuan, are you ok?" LAN yanxijue did a bad thing and made Cheng Yuan cry. Cheng Yuan really cried, like a child, crying out, losing her beloved toys, crying without consideration.

"Cheng Yuan, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I'm not good. I shouldn't mention my boyfriend. Will you stop crying?" LAN Yanxi is at a loss. Her mind is blank. She wants to comfort her, but she finds there is no way to comfort her.

"Yan Xi, I'm finished. My life is finished!" Cheng Yuan is really sad. She likes a person, but finds that she can never be with him. That feeling is that she wants to die, just like the end of the world.

"You haven't finished yet. You are so young and you still have a long life. Don't be so pessimistic!" Lanyanxi quickly reached for the tissue and wiped her nose and tears.

"No, I know. My life is really over. I will never be the type that adjutant Chu likes!" Cheng Yuan's eyes were red with tears. She was really wronged and sad.

"Things in the world will not be absolute. What if Deputy Chu likes you? You should hold a little hope! " LAN yanxijue's Cheng Yuan is as lovely as a child. If the adjutant Chu finds out about her, she may like it. After all, children are very likeable.

"No, no such good thing!" Cheng Yuan sobbed, tears could not be wiped.

"Yes, I will try to help you!" LAN Yanxi decides to help Cheng Yuan, who is not confident.

Cheng Yuan looks at her with bright eyes, nervously and excitedly grabs her arm: "Yan Xi, will you really help me?"

"Of course, such a good man can't let others take the lead. Besides, it's his blessing that you like him so much!" LAN Yanxi reached out and patted her on the shoulder, comforting her with a smile.

"Thank you, Yan Xi. If I were really with him, you would be my benefactor for the rest of my life. I will repay this benefactor for the rest of my life!" Cheng Yuan said with a serious face.

"You don't have to pay back what you said. Don't forget to give me happy candy. You've helped me now. I have the cheek not to say you want to pay back!" LAN Yanxi said with a smile.

Cheng Yuan also laughed.

"Tomorrow, Mr. vice president will be here. I hope you have a good time. I'll go to bed first!" Cheng Yuanjue can have a good dream tonight.

LAN Yanxi sighed, "yes, I can see him tomorrow. It's so good. I wish time could pass quickly and the sky would light up early."

Think of a person, think of insomnia, this feeling is really sour, but lanyanxi would like to be so painful and happy, more than three o'clock in the morning, she also got up to write a diary.

In fact, Ling Mo Feng, who has the same thoughts with LAN Yanxi, didn't fall asleep in the early morning. He lay on his big bed and closed his eyes, which is the feeling of the pictures under the sheets with her. Her gentle and delicate body, vaguely still in his arms, can open his eyes, but it's empty. He can't help laughing at himself. Since LAN Yanxi, his life has not been used to being alone 。

However, I can go to see her tomorrow, and know that her condition is getting better, and his nervous mood can be put down.