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C1359. This is the tigress

Cheng Yuan's tension, or let Chu lie to find out, he looked at her strangely: "are you very cold?"

Cheng Yuan choked on the man's words. She is sweating now. How can she be cold?

"Not cold!" Cheng Yuan lowered her head and whispered.

"Then why do you keep shaking?" Chu lie, a straight man, doesn't understand that when a woman is nervous, she will tremble.

"I I'm just a little nervous. " Cheng Yuanmeng swallowed her saliva and looked up at Chu lie quickly.

"What are you nervous about? You are so good. Are you afraid that no one will succeed?" Chu lie was immediately amused by her words. In her hearty laughter, he still revealed a straight line of brain circuits of men.

Cheng Yuan sat stupidly, embarrassed and ashamed. The whole person was not well.

Chu lie smiled half, only to find Cheng Yuan's face ashamed. He stopped laughing and asked casually, "Cheng Yuan, you say you are so good at it. If you want to find a boyfriend in the future, will you fight with each other first? You can marry you only if you win."

Cheng Yuan's brain explodes. She looks at the man who is joking with her.

"Whoever says that he can fight, he must use force to get married. I I like to marry! " Cheng Yuan was almost stunned at the scene.

"Oh, but I think you should find a man who can beat you better. Otherwise, there may be domestic violence. I don't know which poor man you want to discipline!" Chu lie is also interested for a while. He wants to have fun with Cheng Yuan. Seeing Cheng Yuan blush, he wants to tease her even more.

Cheng Yuan is so angry that she wants to cry. Who will save her three outlooks? Who told her that the adjutant Chu is serious and honest? Stand up and promise not to kill.

In front of her eyes, this angry man really made Cheng Yuan want to move her fingers and perform an exposure exercise.

"Adjutant Chu, can you say a few words less? I know I don't like you guys, but you can't make fun of me." Cheng Yuan bit her lips and stared at him angrily.

Chu lie a Leng, this just discovers oneself to joke big.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything..."

"Adjutant Chu, I heard that you are good at martial arts. I wonder if I can compete with you!" Cheng Yuan did not know where the courage came from, and suddenly put forward such a request.

"Ah?" Chu lie's face is covered in circles. Why does this woman want to fight with a man?

She will suffer a lot!

"Cheng Yuan, it's so late. Forget it. I'm afraid I'll hurt you!" Chu lie still knows how to pity fragrance and cherish jade.

"I can't count. I've long wanted to learn the skill of the Deputy Chu. Today I have a rare chance. I must have a try!" Cheng Yuan's stubborn temper came up, and she pleaded firmly.

"Then It's not good. You're a woman. I... "

"Adjutant Chu doesn't discriminate against women!" Cheng Yuan's face was taut and her tone was aggressive.

"Of course not!"

"Then fight with me, no matter win or lose, just for a fight!" Cheng Yuan didn't mean to give in at all.

Chu lie suddenly understood that a woman is a tiger. If she can't get up, she can't hide.

"Well, since you want to compete with me like this, come down with me. There's a training ground underground!" Chu lie's face was helpless. Since Cheng Yuan wanted to compete with him so much, of course, he had to meet her demand. Anyway, he would never hurt her.

Cheng Yuan didn't know which nerve was hurt. Looking at the man's solid back, she just wanted to beat him to the ground to find teeth. She dared to make fun of her. Even if he was the boss, she would not admit defeat.

There is a training ground underground. The light is a little dim. Looking at the spacious training ground, Cheng Yuan asked in surprise, "what is this place and how can it be built underground?"

"It's a secret. It can't be revealed!" Chu lie reached out to his lips and made a silent movement.

Cheng Yuan can't be more curious. There is no air conditioning in the underground training ground, but the temperature is not cold.

Cheng Yuan directly reached out and took off her military uniform. Wearing only a white military shirt, she stood there quietly. As soon as Chu lie looked back, she saw her standing in the middle of the field against the light, and her heart was shocked.

"Come on!" Cheng Yuan stood steadily and hooked her fingers to Chu lie.

Chu lie's eyes were straight for a moment. Why didn't he feel like he was fighting? Instead, he seemed to be haunted by her.

"Well!" Chu lie is still in a daze. Cheng Yuan raises her legs and sweeps around, kicks her foot firmly on his chest. Chu lie steps back and covers her chest. Her face is painful: "Wow, you hate me, Cheng Yuan?"

"Don't smile, adjutant Chu. I always admire you. I hope you can do your best and don't let me down!" Cheng Yuan's chest is choked with sullen air. It's because she hears Chu lie joking about her marriage. It's also because she's so angry that her heart is aching. She must give him a long memory so that he can't joke about it next time.

"Well, I'll fight you seriously!" Chu lie finally accepted the smile, but his heart was depressed. How did he offend Cheng Yuan? The woman's eyes are full of murderous expressions. Alas, that's why he doesn't want to make girlfriend. She can't guess the heart of a woman, the needle of the sea.

The next fists came and went, and the fight between fists and flesh made the atmosphere of the whole basement dull and hot.

"Cheng Yuan, is that ok?" Chu lie is about to hurt her several times, but she stops her hand and takes back her strength. She only asks the girl who doesn't want to give up.

"Not enough, come again!" Cheng Yuan suddenly took a step back and directly ripped the shirt that got in the way. She took it off and threw it on the ground. Inside it was a grey blue sports underwear. She looked like she had an unspeakable health charm. Her short hair had been wet with sweat. A beautiful face was stained with sweat. It was difficult to tame the obvious wild nature, which made people unable to move their eyes.

"You Why did you take off your clothes! " Chu lie's eyes were straight again. He didn't expect Cheng Yuan to fight with him so seriously. For a while, he couldn't think about it.

"It's OK, don't worry, I can resist it!" Cheng Yuan is trying to give full play to her, even if the man hit her, she didn't feel the pain.

"Don't be so serious. I dare not start like you!" Chu lie hurriedly closed his fists. If he didn't dare to fight her just now because she was wearing a shirt, he would still fight her. He would feel guilty at the thought of his fist hitting her so delicate body.

But Cheng Yuan didn't want to stop. She rushed straight to him, raised her feet, and was about to kick him in the arm.

At the same time, she raised her hand to catch her. When her finger touched her leg, she did not dare to use force. At last, Cheng Yuan got her hand. Chu lie was almost out of breath when she kicked her.

"Cheng Yuan, you are crazy!" Chu lie found that the woman was really moving. He was surprised.

"I'm not crazy, chulie. I'll beat you first!" Cheng Yuan took a breath and continued the attack.

Seeing that she was really crazy, Chu lie quickly reached out and put her whole body in her arms, controlled all her movements, gasped and said, "Cheng Yuan, why do you want to win me?"

"Because you lost, I can find another man who can beat me better to like it!" At this moment, Cheng Yuan's heart is so sad that her tears are all turning, a kind of unspeakable sadness.

"What?" Chu lie's brain was buzzing, and a blank color burst out for a while.

"Chulie, I will win you, so that I can persuade myself to give up!" Cheng Yuan said, raising her legs and drawing a straight line in front of her chest. Seeing that she was about to bump into the man's forehead, Chu lie suddenly reached out for her hand and held her leg firmly.

Cheng Yuan's posture at the moment is endless. She feels ashamed and tries hard to break away, but Chu lie's strength is bigger than her. She can't break away, and her tears suddenly fall down, as if she had been wronged.

"Cheng Yuan, do you like me?" Chu lie suddenly asked, and he was surprised.

"No! Let go of me! " Cheng Yuan stubbornly struggled again. The man was stunned and let go.

Cheng Yuan is really angry, but when Chu lie is unprepared, she grabs his arm and directly falls over his shoulder. Next second, Cheng Yuan grabs one of his arms, kneels on his chest and says angrily, "you still lose, I can give up on you."

"I won't lose!" At this time, Chu lie's strength, which came from nowhere, suddenly lifted her whole body, but Cheng Yuan didn't reflect it. She fell to the side, and the next second, the man directly put his hands in her ear, occupying the advantage.