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C809. He missed her

At the bottom of Ji Lin's eyes was a sly light. He nodded: "yes, sooner or later, I have to face it. I should go back to meet my parents. I'm afraid that the old man is going to die soon. On the last side, I still have to see it." "Grandpa must not be so fast!" Ji yunning is a little stiff. She can't say what she feels about him. Before, she felt that he was kind and kind, but merciless. She sent her son to prison and took all her shares back. She respected him and hated him. Therefore, Ji yunning was indifferent to Ji's life and death.

Ji Lin's face rarely flashed a touch of sadness: "my eldest brother is dead, and he has been supporting for a long time. Maybe, he is really tired!" "Daddy, is the equity in Grandpa's hand written into his will? I don't know if I will have you! " At present, Ji yunning is most concerned about the equity distribution. She even expects the old man to return 5% of her equity to her, so that she will have a billion yuan of disposable capital in an instant. "I'm sure I will. Maybe I've already written it. This time when I go back home, we should pay close attention to this matter." Ji Lin's voice is cold, but he is not as naive as Ji yunning's. He thinks the equity distribution depends on the old man's personal likes. At present, his favorite should be Ji Xiao's two children. They must have one share.

"What do you need to prepare? I'll do it now! " When Ji yunning heard that the old man was assigned according to his personal preference, she suddenly had a little more expectation. She had served in front of the second old man for so many years, no credit or hard work. It's impossible for the old man to give her nothing.

"I don't need to prepare anything. I'm going to see this wonderful play when I return home." Ji Lin refers to the good play, is now a mess of site accidents.

In order to show his sincerity, Ji Xiaohan personally went to see the family of the deceased. His wife and children were over grieved, and his old father was also stunned. He went to the hospital for treatment, but his brother. Seeing Ji Xiaohan, he immediately smashed an ashtray at his hand.

Because this is an emergency, the bodyguards on both sides of Ji Xiaohan didn't expect that the other side would suddenly hit people, so Ji Xiaohan was almost inevitably hit, full of white forehead, swollen up, wiped out a wound, and oozed blood. "Ji, why do you still have the face to see us? How did my brother die? You big bosses are so inhumane. You only focus on making money, but you can't do well in safety measures. Is your conscience eaten by dogs? I'm going to fight with you today. I'm going to kill you. One life is worth one Finish saying, that man seems to feel the smash is not cruel enough, scold repeatedly, come to want to take a fruit knife in hand to stab season owl cold.

The police who came to deal with the case immediately stopped the extreme behavior of the man and comforted him: "family members, please don't get excited. Where is the responsibility of this matter? We will definitely investigate it and trust us."

"Well, it's terrible to believe you. How can you help the common people? I want to sue him. I want him to pay for the loss." The more the man scolded, the louder he became.

Lu Qing quickly took the tissue and handed it to Ji Xiaohan. He was concerned: "young master, are you ok? This man is really unreasonable. He even dare to hurt people in front of the police. If you didn't just explain, I......"

"Well, I won't talk about it for the time being!" Season owl cold ignores the wound of forehead horn, calm voice orders.

Several bodyguards nearby also looked at the murderer angrily with cold expressions.

Ji Xiaohan and the family of the dead talked only a few words, and the other side was crying and sad again.

After Ji Xiaohan promised to make a compensation, the cry of the family weakened a little.

"You are Zhang Cheng's brother. I heard that you asked your brother to have a drink last night, didn't you?" The police who followed immediately asked the man who had just been hurling insults. The man was shouting loudly just now. Suddenly, he was asked by the police. His face flashed and his voice went down: "yes, it's me. I thought my brother was too tired to go to work for several days in a row. I wanted him to come out and relax, but I didn't expect Brother, what can I do when you leave? What do you want me to do! "

Before he could speak clearly, the man had already raised his head and howled. He was very sad.

"Zhang an, don't cry. Since you are the only person who met the dead yesterday, we will take you to the bureau to make a statement!" The police Comrade waited for him to howl to finish, immediately the opening request of business affairs. "Me? What are you doing with me? It's not that I pushed my brother down. You should catch him. He's a black sheep...... " The man's face turned white with fright and immediately counseled. Then, seeing Ji Xiaohan standing next to him and a large group of people following him, he immediately tried to push the crime away from him.

"President Ji also promised to cooperate with our work, and I hope you can cooperate well." Said the policeman with a serious face.

"I'm the victim's family. You can't catch me. If I don't go, I won't go anywhere. I'm going to wake my brother. Don't come to me!" After Zhang an finished speaking, he sat on the ground and didn't plan to get up.

"If you are to be so stubborn as to prevent us from investigating the truth of the matter, we have to take measures against you." Several policemen exchanged a look and decided to force him to leave.

"If I don't leave, my brother is dead. If you don't find the murderer, why do you want to catch me?" The man named Zhang an screamed in horror.

"Because we suspect that the death of the deceased has something to do with his drunkenness. At present, it is determined to be suicide. But in order to explain to the general practitioners, we still need to find out the truth and take it away!"

After the police left, Ji Xiaohan also came out, and Lu Qingleng said: "young master, this man named Zhang'an is very suspicious. He just reflected so much. Is it really because his brother died of grief?"

"Let the police investigate whether he is suspected of being sold or not!" Season owl cold deep voice order.

"Well, I'll tell the police, young master, you're injured. Go to the hospital first!"

"No, I'll go back to the company!" After Ji Xiaohan finished, he sat in the car, suffering from forehead injury.

"Go to Weiyi first!" Ji Xiaohan suddenly orders.

The car didn't go far. Ji Xiaohan took out his mobile phone and unplugged it to Tang youyou. His voice was low and he felt a little tired: "I'll come downstairs in half an hour. Come down. I want to see you!" Tang youyou listens to his words, slightly stupefied for a while, then answers.