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C645 looking forward to the wedding

Tang xiaonai blinked: "if mommy likes you, why don't you get married?"

"Your mommy and I are just like getting married now?" Ji Xiaohan chuckles. The little guy begins to take care of the adults' business. He's really grown up.

The little guy's big eyes flickered twice, and the little head tilted to think carefully, as if there was no difference.

Ji Xiaohan dried his daughter's long hair. Suddenly, he reached into his pocket and felt for a very beautiful flower. Then he seemed to shake it in front of Ji Xiaohan.

"What is this?" Ji Xiaohan looks at his daughter curiously and asks.

"My classmate gave it to me. He said I look good with the little flower!" Tang xiaonai has some small answers, big black and shiny eyes, very beautiful.

Season owl cold dismay live, daughter so small start to receive gift?

"Male or female students!" Season owl cold alert ask.

"Of course, it's male students. All the male students in our class like to send me things." Tang xiaonai lowered his head and said happily.

No, my daughter is so young. Are there so many pursuers?

This is absolutely not the case. When Ji Xiaohan thought that his little padded jacket might be robbed by those little boys, he was not happy for a moment.

So he immediately squatted down and looked at his daughter in the same breath, and said in a very serious voice: "xiaonai, listen to my father's words carefully. You can't ask for the things sent by the little boys in the future. If you want anything, come to my father and say that my father must satisfy all your wishes."

"Why not? But I like it. " Tang xiaonai doesn't know what mood daddy is in. She just feels that someone likes her and can make her very happy by sending something to her.

"If you take someone else's things, you owe them back, you know?" Ji Xiaohan doesn't know how to tell his daughter that he is jealous.

Tang xiaonai nodded his head, half knowing what he didn't know: "well, I'll return these things to them tomorrow. I won't take their things."

"That's good!" Daughter can think like this, season owl cold mood, this just slightly better.

Tang xiaonai's black eyes flickered: "Daddy, I don't accept the gifts from those male students. You also promise me that you can't accept the gifts from other aunts!"

Ji Xiao's face is startled, and his daughter even begins to talk about the conditions with him. It seems that he has been taken bad by his son's villain.

"Daddy never accepts gifts. I can buy anything daddy wants." Season owl cold a little conceited to say.

"Then you can't give gifts to those aunts and sisters, only to me and Mommy!" Tang xiaonai was not stupid. He asked for it in a different way.

Ji Xiaohan has an impulse to caress his forehead. A while ago, he was controlled by his son. Now, is it his little princess's turn?

"Well, daddy promised you that he would only buy gifts for you and mommy in the future." Ji Xiaohan can only promise his daughter gently.

Now, downstairs in the living room!

Tang youyou wanted to go upstairs to see the bath of the two children, but the old lady stopped her.

The old lady's recent attitude change has made Tang youyou more and more impressed with her.

Since she has something to say to her, she is willing to listen carefully.

The old lady looked at the gauze wrapped around her forehead, relaxed her voice, and asked, "is the wound still painful?"

Tang youyou shook his head and said softly, "sometimes it hurts, but it's almost OK."

"I didn't expect that you would encounter such a thing. The one who hurt you is your sister. You have been in a bad relationship, have you?" The old lady also heard the whole story from Ji Xiaohan, and felt sad for Tang youyou's cruel sister.

"Yes, we didn't have a good relationship since childhood!" Tang youyou has nothing to hide. "She has also been punished, so don't think about it any more. Next, look forward to your wedding with Xiaohan!" The old lady just discussed with the old man upstairs. Since Xia Weiwen and LAN Yue have divorced, the marriage of Xiao Han and Tang youyou in that season can also be considered.

Tang youyou's beautiful eyes twinkled in an instant. He looked at the old lady with a mixture of surprise and joy. His tone was full of gratitude: "thank you for your success!"

The old lady raised her hand and said, "it's not my job. It's your father and LAN Yue who have done it. Since they are willing to divorce to give you a chance, I'll be a natural person."

"Anyway, thank you for your tolerance!" Tang youyou is excited. He didn't expect to hear such exciting things just after he came back from the hospital. "As long as you don't remember the ruthlessness before me, we can still be a family in the future, and two children can't do without you." In fact, the main reason for the old lady to give in is for the healthy growth of her two children. Her two grandchildren missed their parents' care when they were children. She really didn't want to see these two children go the same way, which is so pitiful.

"I will take good care of them!" Don youyou nods.

"Well, go upstairs and have a rest! Let two children sleep with you tonight. " Said the old lady gently.

"OK!" Tang youyou got up and went upstairs. Pushing open the bedroom door, he saw the light in the bathroom. Then he heard his daughter's tender voice singing, which was very happy.

Listening to his daughter's irregular voice, Tang youyou's mood calmed down inexplicably and filled with a touch of joy.

She went to the bathroom door and saw Ji Xiaohan holding her daughter in his lap and putting on her pajamas.

The little guy is playing with the two toys in his hand, and his mouth is singing children's songs.

This picture is really warm. In the eyes of Tang Youyou, Ji Xiaohan also warms several degrees in a moment.

"Is it ready?" Tang youYou can't help but ask aloud.

The season owl cold raises the MOU, the deep vision looks at the woman who lightly leans on the door, her face that smiling appearance, is permeated with the soft beautiful light.

"Mommy!" Tang xiaonai immediately looked up and blinked at her happily.

"It's already washed. Do you want to wash it?" Ji Xiaohan buttoned up his daughter's pajamas and put her down.

"Well!" Tang youyou is injured now. She needs to be extra careful when taking a bath. She can only wipe her body. There are still some wounds that haven't healed and can't touch water.

Ji Xiaohan immediately said in a hoarse voice, "let me help you wash it, Xiao Nai, go out and play with your brother first, and then take you to bed when mommy has taken a bath!" As soon as Tang youyou heard that he had to wash himself again, her pretty face turned red with shame. She had helped her several times in the hospital, and she was very embarrassed.