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After talking with the old lady, Tang youyou felt less bored. Seeing the man holding his daughter in his arms and coming towards her with a smile on his face, she sat on the sofa and changed her side. She pretended to look down at her cell phone, but didn't look at him.

Ji Xiaohan obviously feels that his little wife seems to be a little upset about him recently. He guesses her mind, just because of his and Gao Yue.

Although because of her cold heart lost, but because of her jealous and happy, this does not prove that she has an irreplaceable position in her mind?

"Xiaonai, ask your mommy if you want to go for a walk by the sea at night!" Season owl cold is attached to the ear of the daughter, whispering.

However, the little guy didn't understand his interest at all. He immediately opened his mouth wide and asked loudly, "Daddy, Mommy is sitting there. Why should I ask?"

Ji Xiaohan shivered a little. This little guy, she suffered a lot. He couldn't do anything. So he gave her a kiss on the cheek: "OK, daddy asked himself, do you want to go upstairs to play with my brother?"

"No, I'm going for a walk by the sea with my parents!" The little guy said with a serious face.

Ji Xiao is speechless and helpless. He originally wanted to go to the world of two with Tang youyou. With this little tail, all romantic feelings are gone. Only father and daughter are happy.

Although Tang youyou is far away, she can still hear the man's words. Her originally tense expression is almost unstoppable. Her daughter's loveliness makes the man's desire to please become so obvious.

"Then Then I'll discuss with mommy. You go upstairs first! " Of course, Ji Xiaohan can't beat his daughter's happiness, so he has to plead gently.

"Well, I'll tell my brother to go too!" The little guy ran up the stairs at once.

Hearing that his son would follow, Ji Xiaohan failed to manage his expression in an instant.

If you let your son know that he has made his mother unhappy, you still don't know how to make trouble for him.

At the moment, Ji Xiaohan is still in a suit and dress. The whole person looks beautiful and elegant. With his mouth turned up, he can make women more interested.

He went to Tang youyou's side, and without saying anything, he grabbed her wrist and said in an urgent voice, "Youyou, hurry up and go down with me. I have something to say to you!"

Tang youyou is grasped by his domineering wrist, and his strength is not as great as that of him. When he tugs hard, the whole person follows him to the door.

"What can I say here..."

"No, I have to find a place where nobody is!" After Ji Xiaohan finished speaking, he forced her to the copilot of the car. Tang youyou wanted to pretend to be a serious face, and he had to bear the smile.

In my own home, I still need to be a thief. Ji Xiaohan is not ashamed.

I don't know if the two little guys will run down the stairs with their faces covered.

Ji Xiaohan took the driver's seat himself, and soon drove out.

Sure enough, before long, Ji xiaonai ran down with Ji Xiaorui's hand, but when he saw that the living room was empty, his father and mother were gone, and the two little guys stood in the middle of the hall, their faces covered.

"Daddy and mummy leave us alone!" Ji xiaonai's beautiful little mouth immediately flattened down, and tears of grievance suddenly slipped down. Daddy was a big villain, and even lied to her.

Ji Xiaorui is not angry, because he doesn't pester his parents.

"Brother, take me down to find my parents. I want to see them." Ji xiaonai immediately put his hope on his brother: "let's find uncle yuan to send us down!"

"Stupid little Nai, can you stop crying? Daddy and Mommy also need time to cultivate their feelings. Don't disturb them all the time." Ji Xiaorui has to bear to persuade her sister.

Ji xiaonai stared at him angrily, turned around and ran upstairs, not wanting to talk to him.

Ji Xiaorui shrugs his shoulders and doesn't think so.

At the moment, Ji Xiaohan drives his car and takes Tang youyou to the beach by the sea. He stops the car. They don't get off the car, but turn off the fire and sit in the car to chat.

"You don't remember that when you first came to me to look for children, you were still searching for death by the sea, which scared me." Season owl cold quickly hit a topic to break the dreariness.

Tang youyou snorted: "who said I was going to die? I said it. My legs are numb..."

"That's not true. If you don't want to die, why do you want to jump into the water?" Season owl cold can't help but low laugh out a voice, think of that time's matter, she rolled a body of sand, he still felt inexplicably lovely and funny.

"I don't want you to see the tears in my eyes!" Tang youyou finally tells the truth. The man laughs and her eyes are on her face.

At this moment, the light is dim, but Ji Xiaohan can still see the bitter smile on her face.

"I'm sorry!" The apology that the man reproaches oneself, have to admit, that meeting, oneself is same as bandit, bastard is unbearable.

"What are you talking about now?" Tang youyou turns to look at him, and his lips turn up.

"In the last few days, did you neglect me because you were worried about Gao Yue and me? You don't have to worry. I'll never see her again. " Season owl cold firm upper body inclines toward her, the big hand also grasped her to put the two small hands which the knee place clenched: "later no longer plays this kind of boring game."

Tang youyou was stunned and pretended not to care. "I'm not angry. Maybe it's because I'm about to come there, so I'm not in a good mood."

"Is it? It's said that women need men's comfort most before they come there. Let me comfort you! " Looking at her duplicity, Ji Xiaohan begins to play a rogue.

"Who said I didn't need it!" Tang youyou said nonsense on his mouth, but he leaned towards the man's arms.

The next second, the man's thin lips are on her lips.

"Don't be here in case someone comes..."

"No, uncle yuan won't let outsiders disturb us!" Just when he left the house, in a hurry, he made a sign with his eyes to Uncle yuan. Although he was old, uncle yuan knew all kinds of eyes very well.

"You What a nuisance! " Tang youjue's behavior sometimes makes people laugh and cry.

"To be likable, to be able to see, is for sure!" The man suddenly fell back on her chair, and the next second he pressed it.

Tang youyou didn't even have the chance to struggle. However, the man was not well. After all, the legs and hands were long, and only half of them were played for a while.

Tang youyou's brain is going to explode. His nerves are stretched to the limit. He's always afraid of someone coming. He's just scared.

Fortunately, there was no accident at last. Ji Xiaohan arranged her long hair and kissed her again and again with thin lips on her forehead: "let's go back. I'm afraid the children will be in a hurry!"

"In a moment, my daughter will ask you for trouble. You can't depend on me!" Tang youyou combed his long hair with his fingers and shouted.

"Don't worry, I've got a set of tricks for girls. Let's go!" Ji Xiaohan said with confidence.

After the two men got ready, they drove around the Panshan Avenue and back to the villa halfway up the mountain.

In the villa, the lights are bright. The two thieves walk down from the car. They think they will bump into two children. Unexpectedly, they see the old lady coming down and sitting in the living room. LAN Yue has been at jiyueze for a while recently, helping to take care of her new granddaughter.

"Grandma!" Seeing the old lady, Ji Xiaohan is surprised. He quickly pulls Tang youyou to his back and shouts with a smile.

"Where have you been? It's almost dinner! " The old lady looked up at them.

Tang youYou can't be embarrassed. At the back, pinch Ji Xiaohan's back with your fingers.

Season owl cold bear the pain, bear the smile again, hurriedly lowered the voice to say to Tang youyou: "you go up to take a bath!"

Tang youyou had to walk quickly to the stairs and whispered, "grandma, we just went out for a run. It's a little hot. Take a bath first!"

When the man heard her lie, he couldn't help laughing.

Tang youyou was afraid enough. When he heard the man break up her words with laughter, he stared at him angrily.

"Young people, it's good to exercise more. Go!" The old lady really believed it. After all, when the old lady reached this age, she was not curious about the young man's * either.