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C598 surprise or surprise

Mother's words, very reasonable, Yang ChuChu but some do not understand, she looked at her mother's face serious expression, expression some stay.

"Do you know him?" Cheng Ying asked again when she saw her daughter's astonishment. "Of course I know him. He He is very good to me. He will buy me what I like and the gifts he gives me are also very valuable. Don't they all say that a man who likes a woman will be willing to spend money to buy things for her? " As expected, Yang ChuChu is still young. In her eyes, she is only good for her when she is simple.

But the purer love is, isn't it?

Seeing her daughter, Cheng Ying will only emphasize how good the man is to himself and how willing he is to spend money for her. She sighs. "Luo Jinyu is very black bellied. It's said that the reason why he is single is that his ex girlfriend broke up with him and married someone when they were in the most emotional situation. He has closed his heart since then. How many famous ladies tried to move his heart and want to replace his ex girlfriend's position can all be

come back without success, I know so many!" Cheng Ying spreads out his hands.

Yang ChuChu looks stunned. Why is the amount of information? She didn't know anything?

"Do you really think you can replace his ex girlfriend and become the most important woman in his mind?" continued Cheng "Why not? I've met her ex girlfriend. Her name is miffee. She's a celebrity in the fashion world now. But what about that? Luo Jinyu has been in the past with her. Last time, miffee came to him on his own initiative, but he refused to let him out. " Yang chuchuchujue feels that she is not a liar. She feels that she is Luo Jinyu's favorite woman.

Cheng Ying looks at her daughter's innocent eyes and suddenly finds out that she really has the heart to reveal the darkest side of human nature to her? "Mom, don't you want me to talk to him? I know you don't trust men, but I may not be as strong as you think, and can't do the same as you, can have their own business, I I still want to find someone to love me, pamper me and accompany me for the rest of my life. Yes, I'm young now. You always like to say that I'm not sensible, but don't people grow up step by step? I need a process, time and opportunity to grow up. You can rest assured that I will not do anything harmful to myself, but I need Luo Jinyu. I love him. Don't break us up, OK? " Yang ChuChu held his mother's arm in tears and pleaded with her in a low voice.

Cheng Ying is also in a complicated and heavy mood.

Listening to her daughter's words, she felt that she had added too many things to her daughter, too heavy.

I don't believe in men, but also let my daughter become another self, learn to use hard shell to disguise strong.

However, I can bite my teeth step by step to today. I don't need a man to live a very self, very independent.

"Daughter, did mom give you a lot of pressure before?" Cheng Ying turns around and asks seriously.

Yang ChuChu immediately shook his head: "no, I don't have pressure. What my mother taught me is all my mother's experience and lessons. It's my most precious wealth. I will remember it well."

Daughter's sensible, let Cheng Ying's heart and inexplicable pain. "Well, I'll let you make your own choice about this matter. Even if I want to protect you, but for a lifetime, I have no courage to be alone all the time. How can I ask you? If you love him, you can love him. Don't lose the ability to love him like me. That's the most sad and terrible thing. " When Cheng Ying came back all the way, she actually thought a lot.

"Really? Mom, do you really promise me what I have to do with him? " Yang ChuChu is excited like a child. He hugs his mother and kisses her wildly. Cheng Ying was immediately shocked by her crazy behavior and pushed away her face: "well, don't be too happy too early. Mom will give you three chapters of legislation. You can stay with him, but you have to focus on learning. What's more, you can't pass it on when you are with him.

< br It's the most important one. You have to learn to protect yourself. "

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes opened and blinked: "Mom, I know all these things you said. I will not ignore anything for love."

"Don't you mind that he is so old and you are so many?" Cheng Ying reached for her daughter's long hair and asked with a sigh.

"No, I just like his mature and steady man. He can teach me many things I don't know. I'm very relieved to be with him!" Yang ChuChu is a good baby. He doesn't hide anything from his mother.

Cheng Ying nodded softly: "yes, I believe he should be a responsible man. He must be more reliable than your father." "Mom, you If you feel that a person is lonely, or, you can also find a young and beautiful woman, is not to prove their charm in men? Look at you. You are still so young. Don't waste this wonderful time. " Yang ChuChu, on the other hand,

offers advice to his mother.

Cheng Ying said indifferently, "my vision has changed now. It's not sure if I can meet it."

"Mom, when you get along with men in the future, be gentle. There must be a play!" Yang chujue's mother is too strong.

"Tenderness?" Cheng Ying snorted: "since I gave birth to you alone, I don't know what is gentleness."

Yang ChuChu reached out his hand and hugged his mother tightly: "Mom, don't worry. I know everything you pay for me. I'm growing up now, and I will honor you!"

Cheng Ying finally has a smile on her face. She reaches out and pats her daughter's face: "when she grows up, she can't keep her daughter. My mother knows that it's just that she's still sad. I hope that the man you meet will know how to pet you, pity you, know how warm you are, and snuggle up with you."

"Mom, I can't adapt to your sudden art!" Yang chuyang said with a smile.

Cheng Ying immediately wrung her face: "can't you listen to your mother's grumbling when she raises you so big?"

"Of course, mom, thank you!" Yang ChuChu's eyes are inexplicably hot. He is in a hurry to grow up. However, when he grows up, he finds out that he is afraid of his mother's old age.

Luo Jinyu sits alone on the dining table, full of delicious food, but can't hook up his appetite. He just drinks wine in a stuffy way.

I'm worried about that little thing. Now I'm in a storm.

When Luo Jinyu decided to call Yang ChuChu and ask about it, a text message came.

"Instead of scolding me, my mother promised to let us stay together. Was it a surprise? Is it unexpected? " Yang ChuChu sent messages with countless smiling faces. Luo Jin's heart is full of boredom.