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The man's eyes are deep on the little woman with a guilty face, and his thin lips make a light smile: "if you are pregnant without my consent, it's stealing, you know?"

Tang youyou took a look at him. He really didn't see such a serious person as he told jokes.

"What's wrong with stealing? Is stealing against the law? " Tang youyou immediately angrily refutes him.

"Not against the law, but it will make me sad!" A wounded expression flashed in Ji Xiaohan's words.

Don you dare not to joke at once. Does this man really care about her?

"Don't worry, if I have a baby, I will not steal it with your consent!" Said Tang youyou with a smile.

"That's good." The cold look of the season owl just eased down.

The next day, Gao Yue picked out a dark blue suit with a White Ruffle edge low collar shirt and a thin diamond necklace. The water drop shaped pendant showed her pride invisibly.

Gao Yue drove to the headquarters of Jishi group and went directly to the personnel department.

Just after arriving at the personnel department, Gao Yue saw a young man with golden glasses coming to him, and introduced himself: "my name is Lu Qing, who is the assistant of President Ji. President Ji heard that Miss Gao is coming to report today, and he just called me to the personnel department to wait for you!"

"Ji is so polite. I'm flattered." Gao Yue smiles and appreciates. Deep inside, he is not happy anymore.

Ji Xiaohan even sent his assistant to wait for her, so he still attached great importance to her, which made Gao Yue feel vanity.

"Miss Gao, we have seen the resume you submitted. You have experience in marketing. Therefore, President Ji decided to assign you to the business department and set up a new business department in charge of import and export. I wonder if Miss Gao would like to take the position of vice president?" Lu Qing asked her sincerely.

Gao Yue was shocked and asked her to sit in the position of vice president of the business department as soon as she came here. Ah, Ji Xiaohan really valued her, but was it her ability or her person? This is to be said.

"Ji is always a young entrepreneur I admire very much. I often read his success history in major financial magazines. To be honest, I really admire such an excellent person and have the honor to work with him. It's my honor. No matter what position Ji always arranges me for, I will shine and work for the company." Gao Yue's words are very beautiful. Of course, her heart is also very happy.

"In that case, Miss Gao is going to enter the company today. This is the entry procedure. Have a look!" Lu Qing immediately handed her a contract.

Gao Yue reached out and took it. Her eyes were very astute and she glanced around it. At last, she stopped on the line and her face changed.

There is a clause in it, that is, it is absolutely not allowed to sell or betray the company. Every word is black and white. Gao Yue's eyes stop on that line for a long time, and she is struggling inside.

"Miss Gao, if you don't understand anything, please ask me. I will explain it to you in detail." Lu Qing also found Gao Yue's look as if something was wrong, he immediately said with a smile.

Gao Yue was so excited that she almost couldn't hold the pen. As soon as her scalp was hard, she immediately wrote her name, closed the contract and smiled at Lu Qing: "Lu assistant, we are colleagues from now on. Please take care of us."

"Miss Gao is so polite. I believe that with your talent, you can definitely make Mr. Ji look different." Lu Qing intentionally or unintentionally revealed the importance Ji Xiaohan attached to her, which made Gao Yue very happy.

"I can get this job, all depends on the trust of President Ji. I don't know if assistant Lu can pass a message to President Ji for me. I want to thank him very much and invite him to have a meal." Gao Yue immediately became uneasy. When she heard that Ji Xiaohan appreciated her so much, she felt that she had to strike while the iron was hot and take Ji Xiaohan down.

Lu Qing sneered at the bottom of his heart. He was eager for quick success and instant profits.

"OK, I'll give it to you. However, the company is busy recently, and the workload is heavy every day in the quarter. I don't know if he is free to keep the appointment!" Lu Qing quickly explained with a smile.

"Thank you, assistant Lu. I'll wait for your good news." Gao Yue finished, followed a girl from the personnel department to her new post to see the situation.

Lu Qing takes the contract and knocks on the door of Ji Xiaohan's office.

With permission, he stepped in and whispered, "young master, she signed the contract."

"Very good!" Season owl cold handsome face as cold as ice, only a light sentence, it can be seen that he has a plan.

"Young master, this is to force her to sign this contract on purpose, isn't it? She was really hesitant just now. " Lu Qing asked with a smile.

"Only when she signed the contract, I can regard anything she does as betrayal. I have never tolerated anyone who dares to violate the rules in our company." Ji Xiao smiled coldly. Gao Yue was caught by herself and didn't know. She thought all the situations were held by her.

"Young master is wise. Gao Yue is a very ambitious woman at first sight. But she is too proud and will be hit sooner or later." Lu Qing really doesn't like this kind of woman, and he doesn't care about her.

"Let her stay in the company for a while to see what her purpose is." Ji Xiaohan is too lazy to take care of her. All he wants is this contract.

"President Ji, Gao Yuegang just asked me to ask you a word. She wants to thank you and invite you to dinner." Lu Qing immediately asked in a low voice.

"Want to see me in such a hurry?" Ji Xiaohan is also surprised. I thought that this woman would show up for at least some time and get close to him again.

"Yes, I think she really likes young master. When she mentions you, her eyes are shining." Lu Qing sneered.

"Give me a push first. I'm not going to meet her in private at the moment." Ji Xiaohan won't give her such a quick chance. He also wants to observe her back movements.

"OK, I'll push for you now!" Lu Qing nodded.

Gao Yue is standing in her bright and spacious office with her hands around her chest. Her eyes are smiling with confidence and looking out of the window.

There is a feeling of the cold, after all, her current floor, is able to look down at the buildings under her feet.

The phone on the desk rang. Gao Yue reached for it and answered, "Hello!"

"Miss Gao, is the office satisfactory?" Lu Qing's voice came, smiling.

"Of course, I'm very satisfied. Ji always has a heart. He has a wide view outside. It's a good place to work." Gao Yue answered with a hearty smile.

"I'm satisfied. By the way, our season's schedule is full. Maybe I can't accept your invitation for a while. Miss Gao won't have a problem." Lu Qing said the point.

Gao Yue's face flashed with a sense of loss, but he still had to smile: "of course, Ji is always a busy person, or work is important, my personal invitation, Ji will never come nor blame him."

"Miss Gao, don't be disappointed. Mr. Ji said he would contact you when he had time." Lu Qing fills her disappointed heart record with another ray of hope.

"Really? Thank you very much, assistant Lu! " Gao Yue hung up the landline and frowned.

At this time, her mobile phone rang. She quickly picked it up and saw it was Zhang's recorded phone. She was bored and didn't want to answer it. But on second thought, he was the old president's transmitter. If she didn't answer, she was not sincere.

So Gao Yue answers, but it's not Zhang record's voice, it's a cold woman's voice.

"I'm the middle man to replace Zhang Lu. You can call me sister Mei. Zhang Lu has been dismissed. You don't need to meet him again later." Gao Yue was surprised by the strong and cold voice of women.

"Is Zhang Lu's identity exposed?" Gao Yue immediately asked curiously.

"You don't have to ask so many questions. You are loyal to Mr. President all the time. Whoever is your middle man is the same. It's only bad to record this straw bag!" Sister Mei sneered and ridiculed, as if she gave bad comments to Zhang Lu.

"OK, sister Mei, please give me more advice in the future!" Gao Yue immediately accepted the fact.