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C508 didn'st disappoint him

Don youjue's own idea is ridiculous. She can come up with this method soberly at this time. It's also a talent.

But in any case, since she boasted in front of Ji Xiaohan and had a way to deal with the children's affairs, she must do what she said, otherwise, she was afraid that Ji Xiaohan would look down on her. More aware, she also wanted to continue to pester him under the pretext of the children.

Oh, Tang youyou has never hated this man as much as this moment. He was the one who said he loved her, and he is the one who said he did not love now, as if she had never made a decision from the beginning to the end, like a big fool, following his decision ups and downs.

Now that she has been kicked away by him, she knows the truth. She'd better not daydream any more. Don't think that if she gave him two children, she could really be his real wife.

"Will the children accept it?" Tang youyou's heart is bottomless now.

If it was when she met Ji Xiaohan and she chose any man, the children would not object.

But now, I have been with Ji Xiaohan for so long as a family. I have too many good memories and left too much joy.

I'm afraid the children can't accept the fact that she likes other men.

What should they do if they can't accept it?

Does she really want to go on pestering Ji Xiaohan for the sake of the children?

No, she doesn't want to be such a hateful woman. Children can't accept it. They have to accept it. It's just an exercise in their growth.

It's just that the children are really too young, and the result is too cruel to them.

It's a little light. Uncle yuan gets up and suddenly receives a call from Ji Xiaohan.

"Hasn't she heard?" The man's voice is hoarse, which can be seen as the result of not sleeping all night.

Uncle yuan quickly replied, "Miss Tang called me back at three o'clock yesterday and asked about the children. She also said that she lives in a friend's house now!"

"Friend?" Season owl's cold eyes narrowed instantly.

Does she have any friends?

Which one?

Why does he know that she only has a friend named Lu xuanchen?

Did she live in the man's house last night?

Season owl cold brain almost in minutes and seconds, rolling out countless information.

"Young master Young master, are you OK! " Seeing that he was silent, uncle yuan worried about him immediately.

Season owl cold voice color cold: "I am ok, I will go back later!"

"OK, are the children going to school today?" Uncle yuan asked.

"Don't send them away for a day at home!" At the moment, Ji Xiaohan is very upset. He feels that his heart cavity is about to crack because of jealousy.

Is Tang youyou looking for another man to treat her hurt mood? She can really play.

Just when Ji Xiaohan's motorcade returned to Ji's gate, suddenly, he saw Tang Youkai's sports car parked outside the hall.

With a sudden shock of his mind, he hurriedly asked the driver to stop the car and walked towards the living room.

Just when he came to the door of the hall, he heard a strange male voice introducing himself.

"Xiaonai, Xiaorui, nice to meet you. I'm your mommy's good friend since she was a child. My name is Lu xuanchen." The man said softly.

Tang xiaonai and Tang Xiaorui have been sitting on the sofa like two small sculptures. They don't move at all. Apart from the big black and white eyes, they are still rotating to look at the handsome and sunny handsome man in front of them, there seems to be no other reflection.

But Tang Youyou, who is sitting beside Lu xuanchen, saw that her children were all dead. She quickly reached out her hand and patted them twice: "OK, you can't be so rude, you know? Uncle Lu will be embarrassed by you. "

Tang Xiaorui's big eyes flickered a little bit of panic and uneasiness, and Tang xiaonai had asked directly and loudly: "Mommy, what do you want to do to bring this uncle home? Are you not afraid that daddy will be angry when you look like this?"

However, Tang Xiaorui starts to take a closer look at Lu xuanchen.

In fact, he knew the existence of Uncle Lu for a long time. She was a playmate of mummy when she was a child. Moreover, he also heard that mummy said that uncle Lu was very good to mummy and almost became a lover.

"Don't worry, your father won't be angry!" At the thought of Ji Xiaohan, Tang youyou sneers at her. At this time, he just can't wait to get rid of himself. How can he waste his energy to get angry with her? Luo xuanchen glances at Tang youyou nervously. In fact, he is worried. Although he received Tang youyou's call early in the morning, Tang youyou also told him the general situation. Now, in the face of these two black and innocent eyes, Luo xuanchen is still

a little short of courage. After all, he is not their father, afraid that they will not Like yourself.

Tang Xiaorui immediately tied his face tightly and asked seriously, "Mommy, have you fallen out with daddy? You just came back to find this uncle, just to make daddy jealous? "

Tang youyou knows that his son's IQ and emotional intelligence are higher than his daughter's. at this moment, he will have such cognition, which she expected.

So she quickly reached for Lu xuanchen's arm and said, "do you think Mommy is that kind of person? Mommy can only say sorry to you, so suddenly announce this matter, but you really don't need to doubt anything, Mommy is very serious now... "

"It's daddy Daddy's back! " Tang xiaonai's big eyes first saw the tall figure standing at the door. She quickly jumped down from the sofa and ran over: "Daddy, you are back. Mommy took other uncles home. She said no more!"

Ji Xiaohan just stood outside the door on purpose, hiding half of his body, and naturally listened to the words of Tang youyou and Lu xuanchen.

At the moment, his daughter's words shocked him.

Don't you want to be yourself? Very well, it seems that he is not as cruel and cold as she is in the aspect of feelings. Now, her practice and action power do not seem to disappoint him. So soon, she is so eager to lead her childhood sweetheart into the family. I can't wait for two children to admit their customs.

Hearing his daughter's cry, Tang youyou's expression froze for a moment.

Lu xuanchen frowned and turned to look at Tang youyou. Only he knew that at this moment, it was just a play.

Tang youyou asked him for help in the play, and he seemed to have no reason to refuse her, of course, he did not want to refuse. It's hard for him to see that Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan broke up.