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C1390: partiality causes disaster

Tang youyou hears the words. She looks at the man around her, only to see that his eyes are slightly red, and her heart quivers.

To see his friend's newborn, he was red eyed. Tang youyou felt that this man was a little cute.

"It's a very painful thing to have a child. It's enough after one experience. The child doesn't care how much, just need a good training." Season owl cold low smile explained again.

Lohnin understood his words quite well, and nodded: "it is also said that we men do not suffer, but let the women we love to pay for the pain. We should not be greedy any more, and one of them is satisfied!"

Tang youyou knows that Ji Xiaohan loves her, and her heart is warm. She reaches out and holds the man's hand. The man immediately holds her slightly stiff finger in his palm.

Out of the ward, Ji Xiaohan didn't let go of her hand. As far as the parking lot, Tang youyou was embarrassed and struggled in his palm: "a lot of people watched!"

The season owl cold but does not think lightly hum: "love so hold, who have opinion?"

"I have!" Tang youyou followed him into the car and chuckled.

Ji Xiaohan stares at her dangerously: "what's your opinion?"

"You hurt my hand!" Tang youyou replied in a low voice.

Season owl cold a Zheng, quickly loosen, just discover her white clear finger all a red mark.

"Sorry, yo, I I didn't mean it! " Ji Xiaohan apologizes.

"I know. I know what you're thinking." Tang youyou is naughty to catch his big hand and come to play.

The man's fingers are very long and bony. He has cut the finger clip short and it's very clean.

"How do you know?" Season owl cold handsome face a stiff, some embarrassed.

Tang youyou flicked a finger on his five fingers and said casually, "are you serious about what you just said?"

"Which one?" Asked the season owl in a cold, low voice.

"Don't have children?" Tang youyou leaned his head over and clasped his five fingers lightly.

"I'm afraid I'll let you suffer again. I read in the book that giving birth to a child is like walking through the gates of hell. It's very dangerous. Since there is such a probability, I won't let you try again." Of course, Ji Xiaohan is serious. Just now, seeing that Mu Lin is weak and pale, he is more worried about Tang youyou.

"In fact, it's not so dangerous. It's just a matter of probability. Do you worry too much?" Tang youyou couldn't help laughing.

"I don't care, but I won't give birth!" Season owl is extremely tough and domineering.

"That's all right. You can make up your mind." Tang youyou laughs again. Someone loves him. That's good.

Several families are happy and worried. In lanyanxi's opinion, it's really hard to live in the blue family.

She is looking forward to going to work, moving back to Ling Mo Feng's house, avoiding the wolf like family and being clean. That's freedom.

Unfortunately, some people like to ask for trouble, for example, the other two big ladies of the blue family.

LAN Qianqian and LAN Lin have always complained about LAN Yanxi, all of which come from the eccentricity of the blue master.

They are also granddaughters of the blue family, but they didn't have the treatment of LAN Yanxi when they were young. When the old blue man attended any occasion, he only took her alone. This degree of favoritism would really make people dissatisfied.

Of course, the old blue man also loves these two granddaughters, but they have parents who love them. They don't need the old man to worry about a lot of things. However, LAN Yanxi is different. He lives in the blue family alone and has no dependence. He can only rely on his grandfather, the old blue man to go out, afraid that she will be lonely, and take them everywhere.

Therefore, in the eyes of outsiders, the blue family seems to have only one big miss, LAN Yanxi, because the blue master only takes her to attend every day.

LAN Yanxi lies in her room, hunches down in a hanging chair, and looks at the leading actor in the mobile phone news with a silly smile occasionally, because the more you look, the more you love, the more you love?

"Touch!" Someone knocked on the door and interrupted LAN Yanxi's appreciation of her fiance. She frowned and went to the door with some dissatisfaction and opened it.

"Cousin, my friend is going to have a party in the evening. Xiao Lin will go with her and you will play. At the beginning of the new year, you should be happy." LAN Qianqian invites her with kindness, but with purpose behind her.

LAN Yanxi is now a famous person in the country. Take her out. I believe she will be hit everywhere. After all, everyone knows that she has climbed Ling Mo Feng, and she is not to be seen.

"No, I don't love the excitement. Go and play." Blue words and hope fruit refuse.

She was not in the mood to guess the purpose behind the two cousins. In short, she did not play with them.

"Cousin, you are so boring. Now, which girl doesn't like to play? You stay at home every day, and your mind will fall behind. No wonder vice president can't see you. You are so boring, who would like to stay with you all day long." LAN Qianqian immediately stood at a high point, righteously denouncing LAN Yanxi's bad habits and showing sincerity.

"I don't care whether he likes it or not. As long as I want to marry, he has to marry me!" LAN Yanxi said, pretending to be ignorant and proud.

When blue Qianqian heard this, she was so proud that people wanted to spit on her face.

"Cousin, you're so confident. If you get swept out of the house after you marry him for a few days, then we'll lose our blue family face, and we'll lose our face!" Lanlin also does not read her good, said the words, is also weird.

LAN Yanxi put his hands around his chest and smiled disapprovingly: "two younger sisters are afraid of my involvement, so hurry to find a boyfriend and get married in front of me. Then I won't worry because I can't get married!"

"You What do you mean, we are so young, how can we find a boyfriend? " Maureen blushed, angry and angry.

Blue Qianqian immediately sank his face and said, "cousin, what kind of woman do you think Ling Mo Feng likes? Do you need me to test him for you? Please invite him to have a meal at home one day. I'll see if he is so steady and single-minded as you said. "

"If you want to be my fiance, please don't dream. I can remind you two that Ling Mo Feng is my future husband. Other women think of him. I don't care, but you two can't." LAN Yanxi finished saying, directly a door slapped up, the two girls outside the door scared faces are blue.

LAN Yanxi won't leave them any affection. Some words need to be said boldly. Because these two sisters like to pretend to be stupid and act stupidly. If they do something bad, they can also push the responsibility. What she wants to say is unclear and unclear. She is afraid that she will be embarrassed in the future.

LAN Qianqian and LAN Lin angrily went downstairs and stood in the hall with their hands in their waist. They were not angry.

"She even suspected that we were going to rob her fiance? She's mentally ill. Do we need to rob? She couldn't make Ling Mo Feng fall in love with her, and she was afraid that we would rob her? Go crazy. " Blue Qianqian said, and he fanned the wind with his hands. His face was green.

"Elder sister, she's against us, but to be honest, Grandpa introduced her to Ling Mo Feng, which paved the way for her future. The spring election is about to start. Ling Mo Feng is the most competitive candidate. If he really elected the presidency, wouldn't LAN Yanxi get a big bargain for nothing?" Although Lanlin is one year younger, she is more stable and thoughtful than lanqianqian. Lanqianqian only shouts loudly and writes her mind and purpose on her face.

"You said that, Grandpa, it's too eccentric. Why don't you introduce me to Ling Mo Feng? At least I have my parents around me, and I can help them in the future. " Blue Qianqian gets angry immediately.

LAN Lin looks at her with a sneer: "sister, do you like a man like Ling Mo Feng? Career men generally ignore their families and wives. "

"I can't say whether I like it or not, but Ling Mo Feng is very good. Besides, his hard work shows that he has a promising future, but I'm afraid that his marriage will be ignored by him." Blue Qianqian also hummed. She is a proud princess. How could she suffer any grievance and neglect.

"Sister, don't you always think you are better than lanyanxi? Otherwise, take this opportunity to have a try. I think Ling Mo Feng is old and serious, and the city is deep. I'm sure I like the girl who is bright, lively and lovely like you. " Lanlin immediately fanned the fire.