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It's been a week since the sweet and romantic wedding. Only a few exclusive reports have reported the grand occasion of the wedding site, but more contents have not. It's a little disappointing for the people who are looking forward to it.

However, it is absolutely impossible for Jijia, a famous family, to have sex in a low-key way and let them expose more privacy.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou have already got the marriage license. Now, they are just husband and wife. Big

the appellation of calling Tang youyou at home has also changed. Some people call her Jishao grandma and some call her Jima. Tang youyou is not used to it at first, but it is better to crown his surname than ever before.

It's like a real engagement for a lifetime, never to be separated again.

Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan are back to work. The war between Ji Yueze and Nebula media has begun. One day, Wu Chang came to Lu xuanchen's house in person. Because he didn't make an appointment to talk with Lu xuanchen in private, Wu Chang was worried. So he took his men and horses and waited beside Lu xuanchen's house.

In the evening, a black car drove into the community, and a staff member near Wu Chang immediately recognized Lu xuanchen's agent's car. "

president Wu, Lu xuanchen is back. Shall we go?"

Wu Chang immediately stood up and stared at the car. He saw Lu xuanchen and a young man come down. They talked all the way to the elevator.

"Go!" Wu Chang no longer missed the chance. With a wave of his hand, he led a group of people to the landing car Chen. When he saw Wu Chang and several people standing in the way, Lu xuanchen and his agent stopped. "

Mr. Lu, my name is Wu Chang. I'm the current Vice President of nebula media. Can we talk about cooperation?" Wu Chang, smiling, took out his business card and handed it to him.

Lu xuanchen's agent took the business card, looked at it and said politely, "it's the person in charge of nebula media. What can I do for you?" "

it's not convenient for us to talk here. Shall we go out for dinner and talk slowly?" Wu often asked with a smile. Lu

xuanchen's eyes were cold, and he exchanged a look at the broker.

"Agent immediately dry smile way:" my house Xuan Chen shot three night's play continuously, he is very tired now, need to rest, otherwise, another day how about, let him have a good rest today "

Mr. Lu, don't you want to hear our terms? As long as you sign in to our company's development, your achievements will definitely be more outstanding. Are you not interested in learning about it? " Lu

xuanchen said quietly: "shooting is just my hobby. I don't care much about whether I can succeed or not." "

wow, good sentiment, Mr. Lu, I've heard that you are a different actor, and you have a lot of character. Today I see you, but I always admire your character. Why don't we be friends?" Wu Chang's mouth is sharp. When he sees people talking, when he sees ghosts talking, he has come to the point of not being cheeky. "

make friends with Mr. Wu. I'm afraid I can't climb up. Please go back!" Lu xuanchen said with the a light face, with the no interest. However, the agent next to him looks forward to entering the company like Xingyun. Lu xuanchen's development will definitely go up to a higher level. He also wants to make more money.

"President Wu, I will communicate with xuanchen about this matter. He is just too tired and has some emotions. Don't be surprised!" The agent immediately smiled and finished.

Wu Chang is still smiling, gentle and tolerant: "it doesn't matter, we are also here too abrupt, without prior appointment, next time we can book a place earlier, and then have a good chat about the future development."

"Yes, I am. Thank you, Mr. Wu. I'll make an appointment some other day!" The agent nodded politely.

Wu Chang just took people away, but there was a flash of sarcasm on his smiling face just now. "

hum, it's just a little popular. I'm so arrogant that I don't even buy my account. I see how far he can go!" Wu Chang was rejected and became angry. People around him also yelled and scolded: "it's not that Lu xuanchen really takes himself seriously. Our nebula's strength is not as good as his current company's, and he has no vision at all. I don't think he will go far." "

president Wu, since people are so cold and tall, why should we come to see his face?" Someone asked angrily. "

it's not that we are interested in his development potential. If we don't start early and get poached by Ji Yueze's people, that's a big loss for us. Let's bear it first. I believe Lu xuanchen is not stupid and will definitely consider our company." Wu Changyi's face is bound to get. At this time, Lu xuanchen and his agent entered his apartment. This is a big four bedroom two hall house. It's Lu xuanchen's new home.

As soon as he went in, his face darkened: "why do you want to take that person's business card?"

"Xuanchen, don't be angry. Wu Chang, who used to be the head of jiyueze company, has jumped to Xingyun. He is very capable. Maybe we can really rely on him for development." The broker talked cautiously. "

he has a bad reputation, don't you know? Ji Yueze has more trust in him. Hasn't he sold Ji Yueze? I dare not cooperate with such a person. If he sells me one day, my future will be really ruined. " Lu xuanchen was a man in the entertainment circle before. He has a good view of this circle. He is careful in every step of his development, so he doesn't want to mix with people like Wu Chang who have a bad personality.

"Xuanchen, rich and dangerous, Wu Chang may not be worthy of trust, but it is not uncooperative." The agent had to talk to each other bitterly. "

I don't want to work with him!" Lu xuanchen said with a cold face. "

why? Is there always a reason? " The agent's face was surprised. Lu

Xuan Chen's eyes narrowed: "because of a person, I don't want that person to blame me at last!"

"Who? Which person? Do I know you? The agent's face was covered in a circle.

Lu xuanchen took the wine and took a sip. He said lightly, "you don't need to know, you just need to remember, don't contact Wu Chang."

Agent secretly looked at his face, his face floating again a sad. All of a sudden, he had the courage to say a name: "is it because of Tang youyou?"

Lu xuanchen's whole body was tense, and his face turned to stare at him.

"Ji Yueze is Tang youyou's little brother-in-law. If you go to the nebula, it's the opposite of Ji Yueze. You are considering Tang youyou's mood, so you refuse so simply. Am I right?" The agent is not stupid. He guessed it right.