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C790 further evolution of events

After a few days, I didn't see each other. Suddenly, I saw each other in the middle of the night, and my thoughts were endless.

Tang youyou wants to be lifted and stopped by the man in a low voice: "it's cold, don't get up, I'll take a bath!"

After listening to his words, Tang youyou just lay down safely again, watching the man take off his coat and throw it on the sofa aside. Then, he turned to look at her again, reached out to remove the gray vest he was wearing inside, and asked in a low voice, "are the children OK?"

"Well, they're fine!" Tang youyou answers softly.

"And grandparents?" Season owl cold ask again.

"They are all very well!" Joe smiled at first.

At this time, the man once again picked the button of the shirt with his fingers, revealing a small solid chest.

Tang youyou's beautiful eyes are slightly stunned. He sees the man turn around and go to the bathroom.

Although I want to peek more, unfortunately, I have no chance.

Ten minutes later, the bathroom door opened, and Ji Xiaohan came out in a gray Nightgown, his short hair dripping, and he was wiping with a towel.

The scrupulous black short hair, which is usually taken care of, is messy at the moment, but it doesn't affect the natural beauty of a man's face, instead, it fills in a sense of wildness.

After drying his short hair, Ji Xiaohan went to the other side of the bed, gently opened it and sat in.

There is a warm smell in the quilt. It's nice to have someone warm the bed.

"Come here!" Ji Xiaohan chuckled at her, and Tang youyou immediately moved to his side like a obedient pet, hugged his arm, and rubbed his face lightly: "I thought you would come back tomorrow!"

"I was aiming at tomorrow, but I have nothing to do today!" Season owl cold fingers gently touch her long hair, again and again.

Her hair is thin and soft, touching the palm, like the most silky forging, very comfortable.

"How are you talking to your uncle?" This is one of the things that Tang youyou is most concerned about.

"No!" The cold and quiet eyes of the season owl flashed a cold color quickly, and then sneered again.

Tang youyou's heart was thumping. Mei Mou looked at his handsome face and saw that his face was not pretty. She was surprised. Was it really that bad?

"What did your uncle do to you?" Tang youyou asked nervously.

"No, it's just a meal, but I suspect he was related to my father's car accident." When Ji Xiaohan mentioned this, he looked more painful. As a son of man, he took more than ten years to find out the cause of death for his father. It's really an unfilial and sad thing.

"Ah!" Tang youyou was scared. She thought that Ji Xiaohan went abroad to see Ji Lin for the sake of the company's ghost. Unexpectedly, she also pulled out such an old crisis. "I don't have enough evidence at present, but I tested Ji Lin and he showed a guilty side, so I'm more sure that he and my father can't be separated from each other." Ji Xiaohan's tone was full of sadness. He really hoped that this matter had nothing to do with Ji Lin. everything was just an accident, but it was more serious than he thought.

Tang youyou's face was also full of uneasiness and anxiety: "he's your father's brother. How could he do such a thing?"

"He valued power and profits, but he was always unwilling. My father was the only roadblock for him at that time. It was not impossible for him to get rid of it. But I didn't expect that he not only dared to think about it, but also really dared to do it." Season owl cold feel this kind of killing motive is established, so, just more cold hearted.

"Then what? What are you going to do? " Tang youyou also felt that if Ji Lin had designed and killed Ji Xiaohan's father, it would be terrible. If he didn't let go of his elder brother, he would have done something to Ji Xiaohan, which was unimaginable.

"I want to find evidence and convict him!" Said the season owl in a cold voice.

"Do you know where to find the evidence?" Of course, Tang youyou also supports him to do so. If Ji Lin is guilty, he should be severely punished by the law.

"I'll see my mother tomorrow and ask her." Season owl cold low way.

Tang youyou felt that he was coming back this time. He was very worried. He immediately put his hand around him and comforted him in a soft voice: "this matter needs a long-term consideration. Don't think about it any more. Go to bed first. I'll go to see your mother with you tomorrow!"

"Well, sleep!" Ji Xiaohan lies down, hugs the woman's warm body and heavy heart, which makes him have no evil thoughts. He just wants to hold her like this and go to sleep all the time.

Early next morning!

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou get up and clean up the clothes of the two little guys.

The two little guys saw daddy in the early morning, with a happy smile on their little faces.

"Daddy, did you come back yesterday? Did you bring me a present? " Ji xiaonai immediately ran over, holding his thighs in a standard position, raising his head, and asked with expectation. "I'm sorry, xiaonai, daddy came back in a hurry this time. I didn't have time to buy it for you. Would you like daddy to go out with you in the evening? If you want anything, daddy will buy it for you!" Ji Xiaohan had promised his daughter to buy her a gift, but this time, he came and went in a hurry, and really forgot

. At this moment, Jun's face was a little frightened, and he was afraid to see his daughter's disappointed appearance.

"Well, Mommy said, daddy is very busy at work now. When daddy is finished, play with me again!" Ji xiaonai's face is sensible, no longer as unreasonable as before.

Season owl cold incomparably gratified, squats down, kisses daughter's small forehead: "small Nai really is good."

Tang youyou and the old lady stood by and looked at each other. They all praised the little guy.

Ji Laozi comes out from the elevator in a wheelchair. Ji Xiaohan hurries to say, "Grandpa!"

"Back, how is he!" As a result of that incident five years ago, Mr. Ji has always been very disappointed with the little son. The father and son are secretly interested in each other, and no one proposes to meet each other. However, it doesn't mean that the father doesn't worry about the son.

"My uncle has a good mentality. He said that he would come back to visit my grandparents for a while!" Ji Xiaohan answers in a low voice, holding back many things.

"Really? He said he would return to China? " The old lady was a little happy. In the past, he and the old man were very fond of the little son. Maybe they were too fond of him when they were little, which resulted in his competitive character now.

"Well, he said it himself!" Season owl cold nods!

The old lady showed a little sadness on her face: "a good family, it's really a misfortune to come to this step!"

The old man frowned and said lightly, "if he still thinks we are parents, he should come back!"

The old lady nodded, "yes, it's time to come back after so many years of parting!" Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou look at each other secretly and think about one thing in their hearts. If Ji Lin comes back, I'm afraid that they will involve more and colder things.