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C1153 begins to pity her

Lanyanxi shivered, cold from her feet, and she was frozen.

Ling Mo Feng raised his head and looked at her stupefied appearance, but she was still a little pitiful. Although her shape was funny at the moment, her battered and lost look really made people want to pity her.

"If you are free recently, why don't you stay with me for a while? The right thing is to cultivate the relationship after marriage. I will give you three months. If you still can't adapt to be with me these three months, I will consider quitting the marriage." Ling Mo Feng is not an inhuman man either. If career and love really can't have both, then he really needs to make a careful choice.

"Really?" Blue Yan Xi's gray eyes brightened in an instant, just like a person caught a driftwood when drowning, and it is expected to survive. "

really!" Ling Mo Feng nodded.

"Then I escaped marriage..." LAN Yanxi is still scared.

"Your family sent people abroad to look for you. I think if you are found by them, the consequences must be very serious. Being with me can at least alleviate your dilemma. Your grandfather will certainly not punish you again." Ling Mo Feng knows her situation very well. He wants to help her through this time. "

Why are you helping me? I won't thank you. " LAN Yanxi could not help but guard against it. He looked at his big black eyes and was full of vigilance.

"I don't need your gratitude. I helped you because it was because of me. I know that you and your grandfather have always had a good relationship. I don't want to see you make your grandfather angry because of me." Ling Mo Feng lightly explained, took chopsticks, and began to eat slowly. Blue

Yan Xi is confused. Suddenly, she can't see the man sitting opposite her clearly. He is so real in front of her. But why? His eyes, his words and his deeds seem to have deep meaning, which makes her unable to guess and see clearly.

"These meals are for you. If you don't eat them, they will be cold!" As soon as I raised my eyes, I saw the girl opposite staring at me with two eyes. Ling Mo Feng could not help but feel funny. It's true that he doesn't have any deficiency of heart, but for the first time, he was looked at so directly by a woman. He was not used to it. Although her eyes were painted as panda's eyes, they were clear as water, but they still had a girl's pure nature.

LAN Yanxi has been staring at Ling Mo Feng for a long time. He is eager to see several holes, but he still doesn't see what he wants. If you are full, you will have the strength to keep staring at him. LAN

Yan Xi is really hungry. She has been living in Tibet for a long time. At this moment, she doesn't want to escape any more. Since Ling Mo Feng promised that she would make a careful decision, she should trust him once. Anyway, she has no other choice. Two

when he ate in silence, LAN Yanxi's appetite increased greatly. He ate two bowls and directly supported her.

"Where do you live now? Otherwise, move in with me. I have three days left for my trip here. You can give your grandfather a reply, so that he won't worry about you. " After dinner, Ling Mo Feng said. "

What do you want?" LAN Yanxi immediately put his hands on his chest and regarded him as a shameless bastard. Ling

Mo Feng frowned and said, "I will arrange you to stay in another room. If you really don't want to get along with me, there are many rooms here. You can stay as far away as you want. I have no problem!" Think of

him as a scheming scum man. Ling Mo Feng is angry. Although he has never been a woman, it doesn't mean that he will do anything wrong to her in a hurry.

LAN Yanxi realized that he was too nervous and would be wrong. "

sorry, I thought you wanted to do something to me." LAN Yanxi still bowed his head and admitted his mistake. Ling

Mo Feng didn't look at her any more. He turned around and went out. He told his deputy at the door to arrange everything for LAN Yanxi.

Lanyanxi quickly walked out of the door, only to see the tall and straight figure of the man, disappeared in the corridor full of light and shadow, and the upright figure made her a little trance.

Do you really think more about it?

Maybe Ling Mo Feng didn't want to marry her even more. He was also struggling and suffering under the pressure of his family. Is she in the same boat with him?

Morning! Yang

in the courtyard of the villa, Bai Yiyan is still sleeping in. Since she was pregnant, she has become lazy. She is sleepy when sitting and standing. Only lying down can make her feel a little better. Moreover, she began to reflect that she is not used to the smell of oil smoke, and her sense of smell has become sharp. Many smells can be heard, which makes her very uncomfortable. No, last night was the surest night she had slept in these months.

Resting on the man's arm, smelling his breath, the warm palms that are always gently held around her waist, all of these will save her from nightmares in the past few days. She used to have nightmares, but yesterday she had a good dream.

I dreamed that I gave birth to a beautiful and lovely baby. I dreamed that my child grew up peacefully and kept shouting for her Mommy, tender voice, sweet. Guest

in the hall, Liu Xiaoxing worked as a part-time cook, got up early in the morning, and made a nutritious breakfast for everyone to enjoy.

Yang Siyu was still wearing a rose SILK PAJAMA and yawned downstairs. Behind her was Chen Jiajia. Her elegant goddess temperament was very obvious. Even though she only wore a simple long T-shirt and covered with a beige knitted cardigan, her feeling was gentle. "

Jiajia, are you still used to sleeping?" Yang Siyu looked back at her and asked, a star in her eyes. Chen

Jia Jia nodded and smiled: "I'm used to sleeping with you." "

is my best!" Yang Siyu takes her hand sweetly. Two

people went downstairs, Yang Siyu walked into the kitchen and asked Liu Xiaoxing, "how about lengfei?" "

she's out running! I made breakfast, so hurry up and have some! " "

Xiaoxing, you are really virtuous. I must learn from you. I plan to make breakfast for Jiajia in the future. I can't always let her take care of me!" Yang Siyu said with a firm voice on his face. Chen

Jia Jia smiled and leaned against the kitchen door: "think, don't learn, one of us can cook." "

that's not good. I'll share the housework for you!" Yang Siyu said seriously. Liu

Xiaoxing reached for his forehead and sighed: "can you not show your love in front of a single dog? It's not my fault that I can't find my boyfriend. "