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The feeling of emptiness in his arms made the man frown and feel slightly disappointed.

When he held her just now, he realized that she was even lighter than he thought. How could this woman be this thin?

"Since you're injured, don't go to the company. Go home and rest." Walking out of the hall's entrance, Ji Xiao Han advised her softly.

"Alright, then I'll go home first. I'll be troubling you with this matter." Tang You You spoke in a polite tone.

Seeing that she had finally agreed to return home, Ji Xiao Han heaved a sigh of relief.

If this woman still insisted on going to the company, there was nothing he could do about it.

He had overpowered her previously, and only now did he realize that this woman was someone who wouldn't bite off more than she could chew. If he were to become strong, she would surely be stronger than him.

After Ji Xiao Han sent Tang You You back home, he went to the company.

Just as he arrived at the company, he saw Lu Qing already waiting at the entrance of his office.

"I just received a call saying that Miss Tang's car has been tampered with and that there was a car accident. Is that important?"

"It's not a serious injury, the skin on the forehead is broken!" Ji Xiao Han pushed open the door of the office, and walked in. His voice was cold, and contained a trace of anger.

"Who did it? This is too sinister. "

"Didn't I ask you to investigate? "You still haven't made your move?" Ji Xiao Han raised his brows, and looked at him sternly.

Lu Qing's back was covered in cold sweat as he hurriedly said, "Young Master, I have already sent people to investigate the matter, but I just haven't received the results of the investigation, that's why I'm worried about asking you."

Ji Xiao Han narrowed his eyes and sneered: "If you aren't prepared, let's investigate just how many enemies you have made in the long run."

"Alright, I will start from this point." After Lu Qing finished speaking, he quickly went to do some proper business.

When Tang You You returned home, she saw her with a face full of shock: "Wandering, what happened to your head? Injured? "

"Yeah, I just got out of the house and got into a small car accident. It hurt my head." Tang You You started to mock herself, and touched the gauze, it must be very ugly.

Mu Shi Ye was shocked, "How can this be? You didn't get a new driver's license, did you? "

Mu Shi Ye easily linked her to the recent rumours on the internet about female drivers.

"Of course not. I've had my driver's license for several years. When I was overseas, I had my own car." Tang You You was determined that there was no problem with her driving skills.

"Oh, that could be someone trying to harm you!" Mu Shi Ye said with a face full of certainty.

Just as Tang You You was about to answer him, he heard the phone in his hands ring.

She took it out and took a look, it was actually Xia Zi Yan!

Why would she call her at this time? Could it be … What did the accident have to do with her?

Tang You You vigilantly placed the phone beside his ear, and heard Xia Zi Yan's voice, "It's me, it's. I'm really sorry about the incident where I went to your company to cause trouble last time, I was too impulsive when I hit you, can't you forgive me for my foolish actions? I promise that I will never again be careless. "

Tang You You thought that she would come to ask about her situation in a weird way, he didn't expect her to apologize the moment she opened her mouth.

She was slightly startled.

"I have to take more than half of the responsibility for this matter. There is also a reason for you to be angry. No wonder it should be on you." Tang You You said indifferently.

You don't even know about it! I was on tenterhooks these past few days, and I was just afraid that your Quarterly would come and find trouble with me, you said something nice for me, I will definitely support you in your work, you are the most talented designer I have ever seen, not working with you, it will be my loss. "Su Yun said softly. Xia Zi Yan was really worthy of being in the entertainment circle. When it came to being obedient, her mouth was as sweet as if honey had smeared it with.

Tang You You could not help but laugh lightly: "Like I said before, this matter is our responsibility. I only hope that Xia Xiao Jie can continue to cooperate with our Division without considering the past grudges."

"Of course not, I am still a very easy person to talk to. You know, I will come over in a few days to ask for a new design for you, don't be anxious, I will not rush you, you and Quarterly definitely don't have much time to draw pictures, I can understand that." Xia Zi Yan said while beaming.

Of course, Tang You You knew that her sudden change in attitude was because she was now Ji Xiao Han's girlfriend.

This kind of person was really suitable for the entertainment circle.

"Xia Xiao Jie, if you have nothing else, I still have some matters to attend to." Tang You You didn't want to hear her fake words of praise anymore.

"Alright, I won't disturb you anymore!" Xia Zi Yan immediately hung up.

At this moment, she was lying on a white sickbed. Having just finished adjusting her face, it was difficult for her to speak.

When she found out that Tang You You was Ji Xiao Han's woman, she knew that she would be done for if she did not apologize now.

He also clearly knew who sent the men who walked in that day and gave her ten slaps.

She took the opportunity to change her face slightly, hoping that she wouldn't meet a woman with a strong background like Tang You You the next time. She couldn't afford to play this game twice.

Tang You You threw the phone back into her bag and frowned as she thought about it. From the looks of it, it was not Xia Zi Yan's doing.

After excluding her, there were only two people left, and both of them could very well have killed her.

Mu Shi Ye stood by her side with his daughter in his arms, and said with righteous indignation: "Get Xiao Han to go and find that culprit, he must not be forgiven so easily."