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C1250 come and go with resentment

Pei Ying, after confessing her mistake to Bai Yiyan, explained it to the media again. She thought it would eliminate Ji Yueze's anger. However, Ji Yueze still stopped all her notices, which led to her leaving at home. The whole person was almost driven mad.

Not only that, she also found that the relationship between her father Peihong and her stepmother Bai Wanqing was very rigid unconsciously.

Pei Ying is finally unable to help asking his father after his nth drunken return home.

"She hates me!" Pei Hong said.

"How could she hate you? What did you do wrong? She is still unreasonable. You give her food and use. Her two younger brothers are so young. When is she going to fight with you? " Pei Ying finds that the family is becoming more and more different from home. In the past, she felt that after she drove Bai Yiyan out, she could treat Bai Wanqing as her stepmother. But now, she finds that even if Bai Yiyan was completely driven away, the family still doesn't look like it.

"She blames me for pushing Bai Yiyan out to die." Pei Hong is not happy recently. After Bai Wanqing was kidnapped, he asked Bai Yiyan out and hurt Bai Yiyan. Bai Wanqing always blamed himself. He hated that he should not have killed Bai Yiyan to save her life. "

How can she blame you? You are saving her... " Pei Ying said that in the middle of the conversation, her expression suddenly froze. Bai Wanqing always looked at Bai Yiyan as if she were her own. She really didn't want to trade her life for her own, but everyone was selfish, didn't she?

She didn't realize that her father's mistake in doing this was Bai Yiyan's as well as Bai Yiyan's, all of which were caused by her. At last, all of them were involved and suffered. "

maybe I did something wrong. Wan Qing was so kind to me before, but I didn't know her mind. She would rather die herself than Bai Yiyan. But we have two children. Does she really have the heart to die like this?" Pei Hong was so angry that he was about to collapse.

"I'll go find Bai Yiyan to reason!" Pei Ying even if no longer sensible, at this moment about her father, related to the harmony of the family, she decided to go to Bai Yiyan, ask her to help out.

Pei Hong is in a bad mood, so he is too lazy to take care of his daughter's behavior.

Early the next morning, Pei Ying drove to Bai Yiyan's villa. This time, she not only asked Bai Yiyan to come out and tell her love, but also wanted to recognize her mistake and change her job back.

Pei Ying rings the doorbell. Liu Xiaoxing and Leng Fei stand by the door and look at her.

"I'm looking for Bai Yiyan. I'm here to apologize!" Pei Ying saw that these two women were not good-looking, and immediately pleaded kindly.

"Come in!" Liu Xiaoxing really apologizes to Bai Yiyan for watching Pei Ying.

Bai Yiyan is sitting in the living room drinking water. Pei Ying walks in and looks uneasy. However, she goes to the living room and opens her mouth: "Bai Yiyan, my father asked you to come out and hurt you last time when Bai was tied up. Bai has not forgiven my father. Would you please go over and say something about it? I'm sure you don't want to see them having a bad relationship, do you? " White

Yiyan looks stunned, then she frowns: "I will go to persuade my little aunt, you can rest assured." This is because of her. Now she is really responsible for the discord in her marriage. "

do you really want to persuade her?" Pei Ying can't believe it. Bai Yiyan doesn't feel so kind. Bai

knowing that she was doubting herself, Yiyan said lightly: "I have left your Pei family. Without me, I would rather have a happy little aunt. Please don't embarrass her any more. After all, she has given birth to two children for you Pei family." Pei

Ying chuckled: "I've always been aiming at you. If you don't disturb the peace of our family, I will certainly treat her well."

"Well, I hope you can do what you say. Go back first!" Bai Yiyan really doesn't know about it. Although she will also talk to Xiaoyi on the phone, Xiaoyi doesn't say a word about it. She just says she's not hurt. "

Bai Yiyan, last time I made a mistake between you and Ji Zong with some ulterior motives, will you forgive me?" Pei Ying's eyes were a little ashamed. Bai

Yi Yan looks into her eyes and sees her eyes dodging. I think she really knows that this is not a kind thing to do.

"No more than three, don't have another time!" Bai Yiyan said with a cold face. "

I dare not, and I know I'm wrong." Pei Ying was able to bend and stretch in order to save her career. "

this is the first time you are willing to admit your mistake to me, and it is also rare!" Bai Yiyan couldn't help laughing. "

I've done a lot of things that I'm sorry for you before. Will you forgive me too?" Pei Ying seems to speak very well today when she meets Bai Yiyan. She is calm and calm, so she wants to eliminate the past resentment.

"I believe that in the future, we won't have a chance to meet again. If I don't put it down, will I still have a lifetime of hatred?" Bai Yiyan said helplessly. "

then Would you like to ask Ji Zong for a favor? Let him not refrigerate me! " Pei yinghou said cheekily and immediately jumped down in front of her, grabbed her arm and continued, "Bai Yiyan, you know what I learned is acting, and acting is my dream. Please don't let my dream be broken, I won't hurt you next time, I promise!" Bai

Yiyan is shocked when she pours on her. Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei, who are not far away from her, run to her in a hurry, thinking that she is killing Bai Yiyan. "

What are you doing?" Bai Yiyan frowned. "

I just want to ask you, please help me, no one can help me except you!" Pei Ying cried and looked sad and despairing: "I can't even enter Tianyu's gate now. Ji must hate me. Bai Yiyan, I will thank you. You must help me!" Bai

according to Yan's pure nature, looking at Pei Ying's tears and snivels, she did not know what to do for a while.

"If you don't help me, I'll go nowhere. I'll die!" Pei Ying looks sad. But Liu Xiaoxing smiled unkindly: "if you knew today, why did you do it?"

"That is, if you really think that dreams are more important than life, how can you seduce men with ulterior motives?" Cold Philippines also not cold not hot mend a knife.

Pei Ying's face was pale and colorless. She lowered her head and stared at the floor.

"Well, I can ask kyoyuze to give you a job, but I ask you to write a letter of guarantee that you will never do this kind of damage to other people's family relations in the future." Bai Yiyan is not stupid either. For the sake of her aunt, she is willing to give Pei Ying a chance to make a change, but she can't be so cheap. "

protect Guarantee? " Pei Ying's face panicked.

"That's right. It's a guarantee. You have to write it and sign it." Bai Yiyan said coldly. "

OK, I'll write!" Pei Ying made a balance and wanted to overcome the difficulty first. Liu

Xiaoxing immediately prepared the paper and pen. "

first, you promise that you will never be close to jiyueze, will not damage our relationship, let alone harm me. Second, you promise not to insult my aunt again." Bai Yiyan put forward these two conditions. "

OK, I promise, I promise." Pei Ying is secretly pleased. Fortunately, Bai Yiyan has not put forward more stringent conditions. "

sign it!" Bai Yiyan said lightly. Pei

Ying immediately wrote these two conditions and signed them, which made him leave easily.

But when she came out of the gate, there was a flash of resentment on her face.

"Today's disgrace must be paid back to you twice in the future." Pei Ying slams the door. Bai

Yiyan's heart was worried too. Unexpectedly, Xiaoyi had such trouble with Pei Hong because of her own affairs. Why didn't Xiaoyi mention anything?

Bai Yiyan has to take her cell phone and decide to call Xiaoyi. After greeting Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei, she goes upstairs. When the phone was connected, Bai Wanqing's gentle voice came: "Xiaoyan!" "

Pei Ying came to me today and said that the relationship between you and Pei Hong was strained. Was it because of me?" Bai Yiyan asked with concern. "

I have nothing to do with him..." "Can you tell me the truth, aunty?" Bai Yiyan interrupts her anxiously. Wan Qing knew that she would definitely ask after all, so she sighed: "I couldn't see that he was such a selfish person before, but now I see through and find that I don't love him so much." "

auntie, Pei Hong still loves you. Don't blame him. He also made this decision in a hurry." Bai Yiyan used to be young and ignorant. She hoped that her aunt would divorce Pei Hong. But now, she really didn't want to destroy their relationship.