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C1327 fear of abduction

LAN Yanxi is very upset, a pair of beautiful eyes look up, fixed the man's eyes, from the deep eyes of the man, saw his deep love for himself.

Once the heart is sluggish, lanyanxi is unwilling to leave his arms, and once again sticks his face to his chest, as if only in this way, she is not afraid of any separation.

"Yan Xi, I hope you can go abroad to study and exchange." Ear, is a man's low voice, gentle not like words, she as a child coax.

LAN Yanxi closed his eyes gently, then nodded like a child: "OK, I'll listen to you!"

The man's whole body shakes, low eyes, coagulate her beautiful face, she is lovely and heartbreaking today.

"Why not ask why?" The man gently stroked her shoulder with his hands, and made a little effort to draw her closer to his arms, while his thin lips raised a smirk.

"Because I trust you. The decision you make for me must be the best!" LAN Yanxi also laughed, raised his face, and looked at him with sparkling eyes: "Ling Mo Feng, I know that everything you do is for me, how can I give up to make you embarrassed?"

Girls bold and direct words, like in his confession, it is to make men handsome face embarrassed red.

"Yan Xi, it's not good that you trust others too much." I really like her obedient appearance. It makes people want to pamper her, love her, and not let her suffer a little grievance and injury. But life is not so beautiful. Behind the perfect, it must be suffering huge pain.

"You're not someone else. You're me Future husband! " LAN Yanxi's voice pauses for a while, and his pretty face burns, so he uses a small voice to confirm his identity.

Ling Mo Feng was really amused by her. After a nervous night, he suddenly got relaxed. Her husband's two words, from her soft lips, could hit his heart more than anything else. Even though his will was like steel, it turned into soft water in an instant.

"Well, for the sake of calling me husband, I won't leave tonight!" Ling Mo Feng suddenly took her hand and led her upstairs.

"How long do I have to go?" LAN Yanxi asked curiously.

She didn't know about the exchange and study meeting organized by the state. She only knew that it was a rare opportunity to go to other countries for further study. There were few places. No matter whether she had achieved something or not, she would be promoted to two levels after returning home. She also didn't know who made the provision, so it was very difficult to get such an opportunity.

"About a month!" The man whispered back to her.

"So long?" The girl tooted her lips and complained.

She felt that one week was long enough. Unexpectedly, it was still one month.

"Of course, it will take a little time to study, which will also help you in your future work!" Men listen to her discontented complaints, only feel funny, others do not want the opportunity, but she can throw it at will, it is born arrogant.

"I don't have that much enthusiasm for my work!" LAN Yanxi sticks out her tongue. It's true. The only purpose of her going to the general office is to get closer to him and look at him more. Now she will be separated for a month. Will she get lovesickness?

"But I heard that you are very enthusiastic and diligent in your work. How can you explain that?" Ling Mo Feng picked up her eyebrow slightly. When he heard that she was working hard, he found that his feelings for her deepened a lot inexplicably. This girl, seemingly weak, brought him infinite surprises.

"I have to love every profession. My grandfather raised me up to be a hard-working good child. I can't hold back too much with that salary!" LAN Yanxi shamelessly praised himself.

"Well, that's what you said. You have to love one line when you do one line, and love one man when you are my girlfriend. Remember?" Ling didn't know where the courage came from. He was so strict and domineering to her.

"Why, you are afraid that when I go abroad to communicate, I will wear a green hat for you?" LAN Yanxi chuckled. He felt that this man was a bit aggressive. Unfortunately, she didn't eat his way. No matter how aggressive she was, she could take it back.

Green hat son three words, also really stimulated a man's nerve, at this moment, two people just walked up the curved steps, standing at the entrance of the second floor corridor.

"You say that again?" The man suddenly put out his hand and shook her aside. It was not force. He just let her lean against the arm of the wall, and his two big palms trapped her. His eyes were dangerous and his eyes were fixed on her restless big eyes.

"No more!" LAN Yanxi was shocked. Seeing this, she closed her mouth wisely.

"Lan Yanxi, listen to me. If you let me know that you are close to other men, I will come to you directly!" The man's voice is deliberately lowered, and the danger is not lost.

"Really?" Sure enough, lanyanxi's brain circuit is different from that of other women. When others are threatened, the first thing that comes to mind is compromise. But lanyanxi is not. Instead, she is inexplicably excited.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes narrowed. Is this woman still not clear about the situation?

"If I come to you, the president will know our relationship, and you will die, understand?" Ling Mo Feng is speechless. She can't understand such a terrible threat?

The girl's beautiful big eyes were sluggish, and then her pretty face turned white: "Ling Mo Feng, if I die, would you give up?"

"Of course not!" When the man saw that she was frightened, he immediately reached out and patted her face, stroked her long soft hair, pressed her into his arms, and whispered, "how can I give up?"

LAN Yan's feeling of being spoiled by him is really useful. It seems that he can win all kinds of sympathy by properly pretending to be pitiful.

"If If I really died, would you cry for me? " LAN Yanxi asked him jokingly.

"No nonsense!" In the ear is the man low angry reproach.

"I mean, if..."

"No if!" Ling Mo Feng interrupted her in a hoarse voice: "if I can't protect my own woman, what face can I have to protect this country?"

LAN Yanxi's brain was empty. He raised his head from his arms and saw the heavy color at the bottom of the man's eyes and the pain in her heart.

"I'm not going to say it. I'm joking. Don't worry. I won't die easily. I haven't married you or given you a baby!" LAN Yanxi knew what she said, which made the man feel bad. She quickly said good words to comfort her.

"Hope!" The man looked at her eyes, fingers seemed to touch her hair in her ear, he murmured: "I finally know what it's like to love someone, afraid of losing!"

LAN Yanxi listened, felt reasonable, nodded and agreed: "yes, that's the feeling. I also realized that I used to see people's love come and go, but I didn't feel very realistic. How could there be any feelings worth living and dying in this world? But when I meet you, I know that death is not enough to prove how I feel about you! "

Finally, the man was laughed by her. He flicked her forehead with his fingers: "I'm young, but I feel a lot."

"Ling Mo Feng, that I think we'll be apart for more than a month, isn't it What should I do to make me miss this month? " Lanyanxi belongs to the type of advancing with an inch. Her current feeling is like a sea, which needs to be filled with his love.

Ling Mo Feng knew that her head was beginning to think again, so he looked at her with interest and asked, "what do you want to do?"

"For example Let the relationship go deeper. Only in this way can I study at ease and not worry about you being abducted by other women! " LAN Yanxi lost face long ago in front of Ling Mo Feng. Therefore, she should not have this self-respect at all and speak frankly.

"You mean to get married with me now?" The man pretended not to understand.

"What kind of certificate? It's so late. Besides, it's too dangerous to get a license. If it's found out, I'm not dead on stilts without going abroad. " LAN Yanxi's angry little face turned red. This man is very smart. It's impossible that he can't understand what she said.

"Yan Xi, do you think too much? Even if I didn't meet you 28 years ago, I haven't been abducted by other women Ling Mo Feng looked at her in tears.