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Liu Xi watched as she seemed to have met with a difficult situation, and looked at her with concern.

Tang You You's heart was in a mess. As she raised her head to look at her foster mother, she could not help but let out a bitter laugh.

To her, Lu Xuan Chen had always been like a brother, and also like a friend. When he suddenly revealed these words to her, Tang You You was completely helpless, and did not know how to respond.

Liu Xi looked at her with concern and asked: "What's wrong? Has anyone confessed to you? "

Tang You You laughed bitterly: "That's right, a friend that I have known for a long time. I never thought that he would choose to confess to me at this time."

"He definitely felt it. If he doesn't confess now, he won't have another chance in his life. Men are always like this. Seeing the woman he likes following another man, he's still a bit unwilling." Liu Xi laughed faintly.

"In my current situation, it's impossible for me to have any thoughts with him." Tang You You secretly sighed, she was not destined to be fated with Lu Xuan Chen.

"Wandering, don't think too much about it. You chose marriage not only to pick the man you like, but also to put the child first. You are a mother now." Liu Xi naturally wished for a good ending with Ji Xiao Han even more. One must know, not every woman could cause Ji Xiao Han's relationship to become public.

"Godmother, do you think everyone will think that I'm very snobbish and greedy for wealth?" Tang You You looked at her colleagues who were intensely discussing with each other in the office outside. She was truly worried about her own situation.

Don't worry about what others say, go back to work, and set your mindset. Even if you are Quarterly's girlfriend, you can still enjoy the fun of this job, and since love cannot stop you, wealth cannot, you don't have to block it. Calm down and enjoy it, don't worry about it. Liu Xi was really a very good life mentor, when Tang You You was at a loss, she promptly gave her a proper view of life.

Tang You You was startled, then after thinking about it, what her mother said made sense.

However, love...

Was the relationship between her and Ji Xiao Han really love each other?

When Tang You You walked out of Liu Xi's office, a few young women immediately gathered in front of her desk and asked excitedly, "Wandering, since you're Quarterly's girlfriend, then Ji Yue Ze should be your Little Uncle, right? Please, help me ask him for an autograph. "

"I want one too, I want one too. Wandering, please, you have to get an autograph for me. No matter what you want me to do in the future, I won't refuse."

"That's right, Wandering. As long as you can help me get his autograph, I'll be your scum in the future, okay?"

Tang You You was stunned, seeing these girls whose faces were red from all the excitement, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

She thought that they were here to gossip about her and Ji Xiao Han. She didn't expect that all of them were here for Ji Yue Ze.

"I'm really sorry, I might not be able to do anything …"

"There's a way, Wandering. You must have a way, I beg of you."

"That's right, just think of a way, I really like Ji Yue Ze and I'm about to go crazy. If you don't help me, I won't be able to eat, and I won't be able to sleep."

"Wandering, I wish you and Quarterly a good son, a happy and happy life. Do me a favor and get me an autograph, okay?"

Tang You You really couldn't do anything to them, he could only nod and agree: "Alright, I promise you guys, when I see Ji Yue Ze, I will definitely help you guys get your signatures. Now, quickly go back to your seats and work, don't surround me anymore."

"Alright, thank you. Wandering, we love you so much."

"You are such a good person, who else would the Quarterly love?"

"I never thought that you would be able to take down an aloof and restrained man like Quarterly. You long, in the future you have to teach me a few moves. Maybe one day, I will be fated to be with my man."

Tang You You was defeated by their madness.

Some young girls liked the Ten Thousand Mystery Ji Yue Ze more, so the love between Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han didn't really affect them.

However, to the women who had been in the company for a long time, Ji Xiao Han's power and wealth were enough to attract them.

Therefore, they sat in their own seats and looked at Tang You You with jealousy, and their expressions were not well.

The Tang Clan!

Tang Xue Rou's recent announcements had been reduced by a lot, so she was currently rather idle. However, she was already thinking of ways to return to the peak.

She had just decided to find a male star to hype up her popularity with a fast-food romance.

Moreover, the person she had her eyes on was Ji Yue Ze. He recently lost a supporting role in a movie of the new era, so Tang Xue Rou wanted to audition. If she succeeded in the audition, her popularity would save a bit.

However, what she did not expect was that one day, she would actually see Tang You You and Ji Yue Ze spread a shocking rumour.

Those media people had actually guessed that Tang You You was Ji Yue Ze's mysterious girlfriend who had been hiding this for many years.

What the hell.

That woman Tang You You?

How could it enter Ji Yue Ze's eyes?

Just when Tang You You decided to make a deal with Tang You You using that piece of jade, an even more explosive rumor appeared.

This time, it angered her to the point that her face turned green and her body trembled.

Tang You You was not Ji Yue Ze's girlfriend, but actually his sister-in-law. Ji Xiao Han's girlfriend, Tang Xue Rou was about to collapse on the spot.