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C880 low and noble

Bai Yiyan receives a call from her mother, asking her to come back to Bai's house for dinner after the new year.

Although Bai Yiyan didn't want to go back to face the house, her mother's tone was a touch of pleading, and Bai Yiyan agreed. After all, she was still the daughter of the white family, and her mother's home was where she went. Bai

Yiyan tells Ji Yueze that Ji Yueze is in the company at the moment. After a few words on the phone, she is asked to go home. Bai

Yiyan bought a little fruit gift box and stepped into the door. Suddenly, a young girl in a pink Nizi coat stepped in front of her and blocked her way. "

elder sister, I thought you didn't want to come back!" This girl, who is famous brand from head to toe, looks about 20 years old. She has short hair with red net and collarbone. She is fluffy and lazy. She has a beautiful face with sharp edge. She is very beautiful, but her dangling Danfeng eyes are a little mean.

She is Pei Ying, the daughter of Pei Hong, Bai Yiyan's stepfather. She is one year younger than Bai Yiyan. At the age of 15, she was sent to study abroad. She and Bai Yiyan have almost no relationship. They don't talk at all when they go home after the holidays. No, Bai Yiyan doesn't want to talk to her, but Pei Ying doesn't want to talk to her.

But I didn't expect that Pei Ying would talk to her when she came back this time. It's really strange.

"Let me see my mother!" Bai Yiyan bypasses her and goes directly to the hall inside. Pei smiled: "I heard that you were abandoned by Ji Yueze. What's the reason? Are you out of character? Or is he just playing with you? " Bai

Yiyan's eyes suddenly cool: "what are you doing Pei raised one eyebrow: "you say I'm curious. He's my idol. I still want to be an artist in his company one day." Bai

it suddenly occurred to Yi Yan that Pei Ying's major is dance. She has won many awards in China, studied abroad, and won many awards. She is a half foot into the entertainment circle. When she studied abroad, because she sent many self portraits, she has become a little famous in China, and has a lot of fans.

Pei Ying looks at Bai Yiyan's eyes, and can't help but have some jealousy. When

first Bai Yiyan studied media, unfortunately, her reputation in University was not very good, which led to her academic decline. At last, she could only be a small reporter, running errands for others. Pei yingjue's is suitable for being a small reporter, running errands for others, which is in line with her identity, lowly! But it's like God wants to fight against her on purpose. When she is going to succeed in her studies and return to China for development, she finds that Bai Yiyan has colluded with Ji Yueze. For

Yu Pei Ying, this is simply an unacceptable fact.

Bai Yiyan is not willing to be a safe and responsible reporter. She doesn't know what she did, which attracted Ji Yueze's attention. She became the only girlfriend he admitted publicly. Pei Ying is not willing to be a good reporter. No, it's a good thing that the situation has changed again. Bai Yiyan was kicked by Ji Yueze.

Therefore, Pei Yingcai came here to mock her. If she didn't step on Bai Yiyan's feet, she couldn't swallow her anger.

At the thought that she has got Ji Yueze, Pei Ying is indignant in her heart. Her holy idol has been dyed by this humble woman. It's just stabbing her in the heart with a knife. It's something she can't stand. She felt that she didn't come forward to give her two big ears of photons, even if she had a good cultivation. "

aren't you confident? Since you want to be an artist in his company, you can go at any time. " Bai Yiyan's voice is also very indifferent. "

it could have been, but now, it's not necessarily!" Pei Ying suddenly changed his tone and became a little angry: "you have offended Ji Yueze. If you let him know that I am your stepsister, I'm afraid that he won't sign me any more." Bai

hearing Yan's words, Yiyan sneered: "don't worry, if it's really because of my reasons that you can't enter his company, I will explain it for you. I will tell him that I have nothing to do with you. Let him not anger you because of me!" "

really? Will you really be so kind to help me? " Pei Ying can't believe it. Bai Yiyan suddenly becomes so nice. Maybe she wants to please her.

Bai Yiyan ignores her, but walks upstairs. Pei saw that she had completely ignored herself, and her face was blue again. Bai

Yiyan goes upstairs and sees her mother and two younger brothers in the toy room. They are seven or eight years old. They were lovely when they were little, but now they are naughty. Seeing Bai Yiyan come in, they immediately make a big face at her. Bai

the mother got up and said with a smile, "Xiaoyan, you are back!"

"Well!" Bai Yiyan looks at her two half brothers, and she can't tell what it's like.

She's almost 22 years old, but her mother has two children, so different in age, she really doesn't have a little conversation about these two younger brothers.

"Sister, you won't come back empty handed again." "

didn't you say you wanted to buy us robot toys last time? And lie to us. " "

the second sister came back this time and bought us a lot of delicious and fun things." "

that's right, elder sister. You're so bad. I'm sorry to say you're my elder sister!" Yi Yan is angry with these two younger brothers. However, she doesn't get angry with them. She says lightly, "I've brought you toys this time. Go and have a look downstairs!" As soon as two little boys heard it, they immediately ran down, as if they were fighting for the first one and then the second one. It was loud and noisy.

The white mother looks at her son coming down the stairs with a spoiled face. Then she says to Bai Yiyan, "your two younger brothers are talkative and heartless. Don't remember. Children are just playful!"

Bai Yiyan smiles and doesn't talk! If you are almost eight years old and have no heart or lungs, it is true that adults have no education. Compared with those two children in Ji's family, Bai Yiyan's family education is really important.

Mother and stepfather dote on these two sons too much. They almost say what they want and give what they want. They have developed this kind of arrogant character. Bai Yiyan feels that this kind of education is really not good.

"In a moment, your cousin will come to dinner!" White mother said with a smile. Bai

Yi Yan is shocked for a moment: "Oh, how can he come here?" Don

Ge Pei Luoqing is the only one Bai Yiyan doesn't hate. His good cultivation and tolerance are not like Pei family at all. "

when he heard that you were back, he promised to come over for dinner!" White mother said while laughing: "Yiyan, what do you think of Luoqing?"