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"Did you see a ghost again?" Ji Yue Ze felt that whatever he was afraid of had arrived. It was as if his life was deliberately playing tricks on him.

"I'm not answering!" Ji Yue Ze was anxiously spinning back and forth in his office, a pair of handsome eyes staring at the phone screen that was ringing.

Indeed, he did not take the first call. He was satisfied with his proud self-control.

Two minutes passed by, Ji Yue Ze frowned, he laid on the sofa and looked at the phone on the table absentmindedly.

Did she have some urgent matter with me?

What if it was something extremely urgent?

Would she be disappointed if she couldn't find me?

No no no, I absolutely cannot let my imagination run wild, what urgent matter does Tang You You have to find me?

At this moment, it was as if Ji Yue Ze was performing a comical play on his own, all of his lines became extremely funny.

"Why isn't the call coming over?" Ji Yue Ze furrowed his brows, he was actually looking forward to it.

So contradictory.

Just as Ji Yue Ze was looking forward to it, his phone rang again.

This time, he jumped up from the sofa and rushed to the front of the desk. With both hands on top of the desk, he squinted his eyes and stared at the phone.

As expected, it was Tang You You who called him again.

Ji Yue Ze no longer had any form of resistance, he quickly took his phone and placed it beside his ear, pretending to be indifferent: "Sister-in-law, do you need anything from me?"

However, Tang You You's voice rang out with a hint of laughter: "I do have some matters to attend to. Um, tomorrow at noon, can we have a meal together?"

Ji Yue Ze's handsome eyes instantly widened as he looked at his phone in disbelief. Then, he pretended to be indifferent as he asked, "You want to treat me to a meal? What's wrong? Is there any good news? "

"No, I just want to have a meal with you and meet you with a friend." Tang You You said somewhat guiltily.

"Bring a friend to see me? It's a woman? " Ji Yue Ze instantly became more sensitive. Thinking about how his grandmother kept urging him to get married, could it be that he was also tricked by her? Should I find someone for him?

Tang You You immediately laughed dryly: "You guessed right, she is a beauty. Um, do you have time to meet her?"

"Tang You You, how can you be like this? Don't think that just because I call you sister-in-law you can interfere with my marriage." When Ji Yue Ze thought about how the other party was a matchmaker, he immediately had the temperament of a Young Master, and berated him in a very dissatisfied manner.

"Marital events? "No, no, no, you're mistaken. I'm not making a blind date with you, I'm just a client and your fan. Knowing that you're my brother-in-law, she wanted to take this opportunity to treat you to a meal. Tang You You saw that Ji Yue Ze was angry, and immediately explained.

Ji Yue Ze's eyes slightly narrowed, "They're really not for my blind date? Just a fan meeting? "

"Really, I promise!" When Tang You You thought about the pitiful look on the girl's face, she had no choice but to bite the bullet and invite Ji Yue Ze.

Ji Yue Ze pretended to be deep in thought: "If you aren't going to give me a blind date, then alright, I'll go eat with you at noon tomorrow."

"I'm indeed not matchmaking for you, but what exactly is that beauty going to say to you tomorrow, or confess to you? You have to think carefully about how to answer that!" Tang You You couldn't guarantee that the girl wouldn't confess to him emotionally the moment she saw him.

Ji Yue Ze smiled proudly: "I'm not surprised anymore. When female fans see me, which one of them isn't bold enough to confess to me?"

Tang You You, "..." She said it for nothing.

"Then it's a deal, you won't feel like I have a purpose, will you?" Tang You You was still very guilty, she was afraid that Ji Yue Ze would think too much.

Ji Yue Ze Dan Dan said: "What goal could you have? Moreover, you're my sister-in-law, helping you rope in a customer can be considered something that I should help with."

Tang You You never thought that Ji Yue Ze would be so reasonable and hurried said gratefully: "Then I'll thank you first."

Ji Yue Ze immediately laughed cynically: Why are you being courteous to me? "You are going to be my sister-in-law's man soon!"

Hearing him call her his sister-in-law, Tang You You couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"Alright, I still have things to do. See you tomorrow!" Ji Yue Ze heard her laughter and for some reason, he felt depressed and anxiously hung up the phone.

Ji Yue Ze leaned against the chair with a headache. He felt that he had walked into a foggy area and could not find a way out any time soon.

Logic told him that he could not, but her emotions were at fault. Just now when she called him, his reaction was like a teenager who had just started to amuse himself. He was nervous, excited, and panicked.

Ji Yue Ze really hated these kinds of emotions. One had to know, he had played in the entertainment circle for more than a day or two already.

No matter what, Ji Yue Ze felt that enjoying his current life was also a kind of happiness.

Although he knew that he couldn't have anything with Tang You You, he still enjoyed that kind of secret liking.

He could actually have a meal together tomorrow. Hmm, he could really look forward to it.

When Luo Jin Yu was sending Yang Chu Chu back to the company, he suddenly invited him: "Let's eat together tonight!"

Yang Chu Chu's heart felt as sweet as if she had eaten candy. The man's timely invitation made this sweetness even more.

"Just the two of us?" Yang Chu Chu laughed foolishly.

"Otherwise? You want your mother to come with you? " Luo Jin Yu purposely threatened her.

"Please, please, I'm not afraid!" Yang Chu Chu was not scared at all, but was instead confident and confident.

Luo Jin Yu's handsome face stiffened, and he immediately stopped teasing her. "It's just the two of us!"

"Alright then. You decide on the location first, I'll be back later!" Yang Chu Chu pushed open the car door and stepped out. Standing outside the car door, he raised his small hand and waved it at him.

Luo Jin Yu nodded once.

As they drove back to the company, Luo Jin Yu's lips would occasionally rise.

It took courage to take the first step, but fortunately, everything went the way he wanted.

When he first saw Yang Chu Chu singing with that man holding hands, a fire had inexplicably lit up in his heart.

That was jealousy, yes, Luo Jin Yu clearly knew that he was jealous.

When he realized that he actually didn't like Yang Chu Chu spreading rumors about him with other men, he had to face up to his feelings. He had fallen for that little thing.

Since he liked her, he definitely wouldn't give her up to someone else.

Around 4 PM, Tang You You heard the little guys' footsteps coming from outside the corridor.

She had finished two sets of work, and was in no mood to continue her work when the children returned.

Thus, she opened the bedroom door, and the two little fellows were stunned when they saw her.