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C837 final choice

In the office, there was dead silence. Neither brother spoke. The atmosphere was filled with deep sadness.

"When did you know? Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Ji Yueze put down his arm, raised his head and looked at elder brother. There was a trace of resentment in his voice.

"I didn't know it until recently. Before that, I would ask the doctor about Grandpa's condition every day, but the doctor's reply to me was the same. He always told me that Grandpa's condition was good." Season owl cold look dye is sad, the voice is stiff answer.

"This quack, if he deceives us like this, is he not afraid that I will smash his signboard? It's disgusting. Who do you think we are? Grandpa's leap love also dare to lie to us. " Ji Yueze angrily scolded and lost his temper.

"It's useless to scold him. It's the result of the discussion between grandpa and grandma!" Season owl cold but also calmly accept the fact.

"Grandpa is really a stubborn old man. He's so ill that he doesn't let us know. He wants to upset our conscience, doesn't he?" Ji Yueze took his anger away from the old man again.

"Grandpa just doesn't want us to grieve for him. I believe that it's something that every elder is willing to be considerate of." Season owl cold low voice explains.

Ji Yueze suddenly found that he had no one to scold. He had to be discouraged and looked at Ji Xiaohan blankly: "what else can we do now? Brother, tell me! "

Ji Xiaohan looked at him fixedly, then sighed: "at least, don't do anything that makes him angry while grandpa is still there."

"How to do it? He's not angry? Is it necessary to let Ji Lingxiao go outside the law? " Ji Yueze's brain is in a mess at the moment. He can't hold the center of gravity. He just feels angry in his heart and wants to vent.

"I've decided to get engaged to you. I've asked Lu Qing to help me prepare this. In three days, we'll finish the engagement and get married at the end of the month!" Ji Xiaohan said his decision.

"Engagement in three days? Are you ready in such a hurry? " When Ji Yueze heard about it, he looked blank for a short time. Then, he frowned and didn't feel enough time. "Enough, I try to make them prepare luxury in limited time, because the decision is too hasty, everything is not perfect, I can accept it, I just want to make grandpa happy and reassure him!" Ji Xiaohan answers in a low voice. He was originally a tough and selective person, but he no longer has to deal with details. He just wants this result, engagement, marriage, and one step in place.

"Well, brother, I have nothing to do these days. Let me prepare this engagement dinner for you." Ji Yueze hopes that elder brother's engagement banquet will be more grand. Tang youyou deserves the best memories from elder brother.

On his handsome face, Ji Xiao finally got a smile. Wen said, "don't bother you. I've asked Lu Qing to do it. He's good at it. I'm sure he will satisfy me!" "But I also want to help!" After Ji Yueze finished this sentence, he raised his eyes sharply and explained to elder brother immediately: "brother, don't get me wrong, I want to help you, not because I have any idea about Tang Youyou, but because I just want to help you with the engagement banquet better!"

When Ji Xiaohan saw that his anxious face was bulging, he couldn't help laughing: "I know you don't need to explain it to me anymore. I can see it for a long time. Your feelings for Bai Yiyan are very different."

"She? I don't want to talk about her now! " Ji Yueze's face flashed a flash of anger. Obviously, Bai Yiyan's deception has completely hurt his heart.

Season owl cold but warm voice way: "you don't remember to hate someone else, she also has bitter loyalty, just in the recording, you also can hear, she just thought about the family affection, didn't want for white really escape the suspicion of the crime life."

"I don't care what she wants to do, she just lied to me!" Ji Yueze gnaws his teeth.

"You hate her so much. Didn't you fight for her last night?" Ji Xiao's brother is very childish sometimes. He says he doesn't like it, but he has already regarded him as a treasure.

"That's because I don't like people moving my things, even if it's something I don't want! " Ji Yueze is far fetched to find a reason.

"Well, I won't advise you. It's your feeling. You'll make up your own mind!" Ji Xiaohan decides not to mention it any more. "Brother, don't we all publish this matter before grandpa leaves? What should Ji Lin do in case he gets more? Maybe he has more hateful means waiting for you. He came out this time, just afraid that he still wanted your position, so you should be careful of him! " The more you think about it, the more reluctant you are. There's always a bad breath in your heart. You can't feel happy without vomiting.

"Of course, I've always been on guard against him. Don't worry, I won't take it lightly!" Ji Xiao's cold eyes flashed a trace of violence, and he clenched his hands tightly.

"Brother, how long do you think grandpa still has? A year? " Ji Yueze suddenly looks like a frightened child, with a look of uneasiness in his eyes.

"I also hope it will be a year, but the situation is not optimistic. Maybe for a few months, maybe..." Suddenly, Ji Xiaohan is silent. He doesn't want to talk any more. Ji Yueze froze all over, his expression also showed uneasiness: "will it really be so fast? If Ji Lin knew about it, would he stop? Didn't he feel that grandpa was angry with him when he was seriously ill? Would he feel a little guilty? Does he have a conscience? "

With a sneer, Ji Xiao sneered: "do you still expect a man who can even start with his elder brother to have conscience? He has been hating grandpa's partiality in his heart. I'm afraid that if he knew the news, he would fight for those shares in Grandpa's hands at the first time! "

Ji Yueze's face has changed. Yes, he is delusional. He thought Ji Lin would turn around.

"Elder brother, then we can't let him know about Grandpa. He's heartless and really doesn't care about Grandpa's life and death!" Ji Yueze said angrily.

"He'll be here tonight. Would you like to meet him?" Season owl sneers.

Ji Yueze shook his head: "I don't want to see him. I'm afraid I can't help killing him!"

"You have to calm down, the other side is a dog, you are not, you will not bite!" Ji Xiaohan teaches his younger brother directly.

Of course, Ji Yueze can't really kill people. He just feels that he has a fiery temper. After seeing Ji Lin, he can't calm down. Something unpleasant will happen, which will also stimulate grandpa's condition. "Well, I'll try my best to control my temper. Brother, take the recording. I'll go first!" After Ji Yueze finished, he turned around and left, but he didn't feel the excitement of the new discovery when he came.