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Hearing his mother's words, the expressions of the Mu Family siblings changed, and then, Mu Lin spoke: "Mom, what happened to your daughter? Aren't you also my grandfather's daughter? "

Lan Re Nuo saw her daughter refuting her, only then did she realize that she had said something unpleasant.

She hurriedly raised her head to look at her son. Mu Shi Ye's expression was also tense, as if he was not very happy about it.

"Son, don't be angry. Mom doesn't have any intention of not liking your daughter, bring Cheng Cheng back for me to see sometime." Lan Re Nuo was frightened by Mu Shi Ye once, and she started to think about other people's feelings, so she was no longer that selfish.

Mu Shi Ye said coldly, "I don't plan to bring Cheng Cheng home at the moment, but wait for me to catch An Xin again."

Hearing that, Lan Re Nuo was stunned.

Hearing her son say that he wanted to court Pei An Xin again, she was truly worried that because of the slap she gave him, she would bear a grudge and vent her son's love towards her. Lan Re Nuo couldn't help but feel worried.

The clock went back to around 6am in the morning, in a well-equipped apartment next to a movie base.

After Yang Chu Chu accidentally kicked Luo Jin Yu's leg in the middle of the night and threw himself into his embrace, she had been unwilling to get up from his embrace the entire time. Thus, she slept soundly in the man's embrace.

As if there was something on her body, Yang Chu Chu frowned. He was a little curious as to why there was something hard on Luo Jin Yu's body.

Luo Jin Yu had been tormented by this little thing for an entire night. After being exhausted, at around five in the morning, he finally fell asleep.

Yang Chu Chu reached out a hand, wanting to take away the thing that was pressing against her, but accidentally touched it...

"Ah …" She cried out in alarm and jumped out of his embrace, crawling back to her bed.

And Luo Jin Yu, who had also awoken in a daze after hearing her cry of shock, just now, he felt someone ruthlessly grabbing onto him.

Yang Chu Chu's little face flushed red. If it was just now that she didn't know what it was, then now, she knew very well.

Although she hadn't experienced love before, she was very clear about the structure of a man's body. However, she really didn't expect that a man would have such a reaction while he was sleeping. This really scared her.

Luo Jin Yu opened his eyes slightly and looked at the little body that was curled up on the bed with him. He raised his eyebrows and chuckled: "What's wrong? Scared? "

"No …." "No, I'm very brave, how could I be scared?" Yang Chu Chu did not dare admit that he was truly shocked.

Luo Jin Yu looked at the misty sky outside the window and then raised his hand to look at the time. It was already past 6, if he were to depart from here, he would be able to catch the earliest flight and would be able to make it to the important meeting at 10 o'clock.

"Are you leaving?" Hearing the man's voice, Yang Chu Chu immediately turned around, and looked at him with a lost expression.

Luo Jin Yu nodded and entered the bathroom.

Yang Chu Chu immediately jumped off the bed, and then quickly ran out of the living room. After finding something, she hurriedly pushed the door open and entered the bathroom: "I prepared a new toothbrush … "Ugh …"

Luo Jin Yu was standing beside the toilet with both hands in front of him. Hearing Yang Chu Chu suddenly break in, his face was a little petrified.

Yang Chu Chu's beautiful eyes were completely wide open, and her entire being was in a slightly bad state. She could only anxiously withdraw: "Sorry, I … I thought you were going to brush your teeth! "

Luo Jin Yu was so scared of her reckless actions that it became a problem to his body. He was like a child after all, reckless in everything he did.

Yang Chu Chu stood outside the door with her back against the wall, as if she wanted to smash her head into the wall and die.

Heavens, how could she be like this? Luo Jin Yu must have felt that she was not very polite, right?

After Luo Jin Yu solved his physiological problems, he washed his hands and opened the bathroom door. "Give me the toothbrush!"

Yang Chu Chu no longer had the face to look at his face.

Seeing her frightened look, Luo Jin Yu couldn't help but burst out laughing: "I'm not shy at all, what are you afraid of?"

Only then did Yang Chu Chu turn her head to look at him, her small, snow-white face had already swollen to the point that it was flushed red.

"Are you sure you won't have lunch with me? I only have something to show in the afternoon, so I'll be alone at noon! " When Yang Chu Chu saw that he was about to leave, her disappointment had already overshadowed her shyness. While Luo Jin Yu was using the toothpaste to brush her teeth, Yang Chu Chu reached out from behind his back and hugged his waist, burying her face in his back like an abandoned child.

Luo Jin Yu paused for a while and then continued to brush his teeth.

Seeing that he was still silent, Yang Chu Chu couldn't help but plead again, "Can you stay and accompany me?"

"Alright!" Just when she thought that Luo Jin Yu had to leave, she heard the man's gentle reply.

He actually said that he really wanted to stay with her?

Yang Chu Chu was instantly overjoyed, scurrying out like a happy little rabbit, "I'll make you breakfast!"

Luo Jin Yu saw that she was as happy as a child every second. Even if he did not rest well, his mood was still very good.

When Luo Jin Yu finished washing up, he heard a voice from the exquisite little kitchen. Yang Chu Chu, who was only wearing a loose white t-shirt, was humming a song while flipping a heart-shaped fried egg.

Luo Jin Yu's heart throbbed as he looked at her virtuous and virtuous appearance.

It had never occurred to him that there would be a little woman to make him breakfast. He had always eaten what the servants had prepared for him.

Yang Chu Chu turned her head and blinked her eyes, full of energy: "Wait a moment, I'm almost done frying, I'm an expert at frying eggs!"

Luo Jin Yu nodded with a smile on his lips: "I didn't expect that you would cook breakfast. Looks like I'm going to have to pick up a treasure!"

Hearing that he said that she was his treasure, Yang Chu Chu immediately giggled: "For you, I will learn to cook even more things. In the future, I will cook for you and also learn how to bake!"

However, Luo Jin Yu said gently: "As my woman, I do not need you to learn these things for me."

"Then what do you want me to learn?" Yang Chu Chu blinked his eyes and asked curiously.

"You don't need to learn anything. You just need to stay by my side." Luo Jin Yu walked over, and upon seeing her soft and pure appearance, he couldn't help but wrap his arms around her petite body, and press his lips against the top of her head: "So fragrant!"

Yang Chu Chu's face reddened. "Are you talking about me, or the eggs that I fried?"

"Both!" Luo Jin Yu's EQ was a little higher than expected.

Yang Chu Chu was so happy that she was like a flower.

As she was putting the eggs on the plate, the doorbell rang.

Both of them were stunned. Who would knock on her door so early in the morning?

"It could be my assistant... "Go to your room and hide for a while!" Yang Chu Chu grabbed the big hand of the man and headed towards his bedroom.

Luo Jin Yu didn't mind hiding inside, because it was true that he and he had not reached a public level yet.