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Waiting until the two little fellows left the room, only then did Ji Xiao Han sit beside Tang You You's bed. He extended his hand to his back, and discovered that it was still extremely hot.

"Alright, you should get up now. Let's go see a doctor!" Ji Xiao Han patted her small hands, which were exposed to the air, with a very gentle tone.

After a night of rest, Tang You You's condition did not improve at all. Instead, it became worse.

"Well, I might need an injection today!" Tang You You was also not a pampered person. Although the little guy said that she was afraid of needles, in order to help her body recover quickly, she was not afraid of needles either.

Ji Xiao Han chuckled: "Your son said that he won't let you take the shot!"

"I won't listen to him! I just want to get better quickly. It's really hard right now! "" … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … Tang You You said, he got off the bed and prepared to return to his room to change.

Ji Xiao Han followed behind her, and then, they entered the bedroom.

Tang You You opened the door of the cloakroom, there were many new types of clothes for the little guy inside. Of course, there was also hers.

"Don't ask anyone to bring any more clothes over. You can't even wear them all!" Tang You You knew that Ji Xiao Han would get someone to secretly give her a new set of clothes, and his daughter's, and all kinds of beautiful little dresses and shoes. Ji Xiao Han definitely wanted to send his daughter on the way to the princess.

On the other hand, his and his son's wardrobe was much more tidy. Although they both had more clothes, it wasn't to the point that they were nearly full like the two of them.

Ji Xiao Han smiled, "I like to buy clothes for you and your daughter!"

These words were so sweet!

What else could Tang You You say? It was definitely something worth being happy about.

"Wear this. I chose it especially for you. It suits you well!" When Tang You You didn't know which set of clothes to choose, the man stretched out his hand and gave her a set of light blue colored clothes.

Tang You You did not reject his sight. After taking it, she gave him a meaningful glance: "You can go now.

"You already changed in front of me last night, so there's no need to be shy today!" Ji Xiao Han joked.

Tang You You felt that Ji Xiao Han had a scoundrel personality, glared at him but did not say anything. He turned around, took off his robe, and quickly put on what he needed to wear.

Ji Xiao Han's expression froze, and even Tang You You moved even faster.

The Old granny looked at Ji Xiao Han's beautiful face which was blushing red and frowned: What's wrong? I heard she was sick? Take her to see a doctor later, your grandpa and I will take our child to school first! "

"Alright, Grandma, be careful when you're on the road!" Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin said.

Before closing the door, the old lady reminded him, "Remember to eat before you leave!"

Looking at the closed door, Ji Xiao Han shrugged his shoulders speechlessly: "My grandmother really likes to blabber on!"

Tang You You chuckled: "That's because she cares about you. To have the care and concern of family is truly a very fortunate thing. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not know whether they are fortunate or not."

Ji Xiao Han nodded his head, and agreed: "You're right. Although I will complain about my grandmother being annoying on the surface, I am still very happy in my heart."

Tang You You couldn't help but admire him even more.

Seeing the soreness on her face, Ji Xiao Han suddenly thought of an extremely important matter.

"Last night, after you went upstairs, my grandmother and I had a chat. Do you want to hear it?" Ji Xiao Han asked with a smile.

Tang You You was stunned, then said self-deprecatingly: "Does your grandmother have any objections to me now? Because you carried me out of the car yesterday? "

"No, my grandmother already has no objections to you. She agreed to let us marry!" Ji Xiao Han said with a pleased expression.

"Ah …" Tang You You opened his eyes wide in disbelief: "She really agreed to it? Are you trying to make me happy? "

Ji Xiao Han could not help but pamper her, "Fool, how could I dare to lie to you about something like this? It's true, my grandmother understands what you have done for her two children, and she knows how I feel for you. "

Tang You You was immediately overjoyed, even her head was not as dizzy as before.

"That's great. If your grandma also passes this trial, there won't be any more resistance, right?" Tang You You couldn't help but say happily.

Seeing her smiling face, although Ji Xiao Han's face was pale white, but she was smiling sincerely, making her look even more charming.

Her words, couldn't help but cause Ji Xiao Han to ponder deeply.

As long as her true identity was not exposed, there would be no more resistance.

"Wandering, you're willing to marry me, aren't you?" Ji Xiao Han couldn't resist walking over, and hugged her from behind as he asked his in a low voice.

Tang You You was startled, then she nodded: "Of course, I am willing!"

"That's good. Let's find a suitable time to announce this good news to the children." Ji Xiao Han's heart became a little calmer.

He really didn't think that he would fall in love with this man so soon. Even now, she was still willing to marry him and become his wife.

Tang You You thought that he was not attracted by his beauty or his wealth. What attracted him was his charm, the selfless love he had for his children, and his various care and concern for her.

Yes, she was married to love.

However, most people would think that she was a scheming woman who used her children to tie the man's heart, and then used her children to climb up to him and become his wife.

No matter what others said, Tang You You was unmoved. She only followed what she felt, whether it was worth it or not, she could understand it herself.

Ji Xiao Han held her small hand and went downstairs. After eating breakfast, he decided to take her to the doctor first.

Outside the door, bean sized rain was falling down. Tang You You's mood had become a bit stuffy for some unknown reason.

Opening the car door and getting in, Ji Xiao Han felt that her fingers were cold, and couldn't help but wrap both of her hands in his palms, wanting to warm her up.

Arriving at the hospital, Ji Xiao Han brought her before his private doctor.