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C1914 escape

He Jiaxuan doesn't really want to leave. He sits directly on the sofa in Xia Xinnian's office, takes the magazine next to him and looks it up.

Xia Xinnian was angry and anxious, but she couldn't help him. However, she walked quickly and opened the door of the office. He Jiaxuan raised a smile: "Xinnian, don't worry, I won't do anything to you. I just want to be a gentleman to you now."

"Your words are disgusting."

Xia Xinnian taunts him.

"Why refuse me a thousand miles away?

We have known each other since childhood, and it's destiny. Although we chose the wrong person when we were right, now I have to correct that mistake. "

He Jiaxuan looked at her affectionately, pretending to be gentle.

He Jiaxuan must be crazy. After years of marriage, Xia shuran has turned him into a madman?

"Believe it or not, I will record these words for Xia shuran?

She won't let you go. "

Xia Xinnian deliberately threatened him.

"You won't do that. I know you're not a cold-blooded person. Your heart has never been cruel."

He Jiaxuan knows her attitude very well.

Xia Xinnian angrily sits back on her desk. He Jiaxuan refuses to leave because he doesn't believe that Ji Mucheng will come, and Xia Xinnian stubbornly refuses to leave because she believes that Ji Mucheng will come.

Two people's trust, in silence.

Some of the colleagues who stayed in the office outside were surprised to see this scene.

Xia Xinnian deserves to be a popular designer. All the men who have had an affair with her are not rich or expensive. They are enviable.

In a twinkling of an eye, an hour later, he Jiaxuan stared at the woman sitting behind the desk, as if she was still busy with the work at hand.

I didn't expect that many years later, he would be attracted by Xia Xinnian.

Looking at Xia Xinnian's self-confident look in his professional clothes, he suddenly thought of the one in his family. He opened his eyes every day and thought about how to spend money. He asked a group of rich ladies to lead a life full of money. Shopping and afternoon tea almost became her normal life.

The more he Jiaxuan thought about it, the more depressed he was. If he knew Xia shuran was lazy, he only wanted to be a rich wife. Even if he could really support her, he was still reluctant.

Unlike Xia Xinnian, who has a career of her own, she is still so young, vigorous and energetic, which is quite different from Xia shuran.

Xia Xinnian glares at him angrily. He Jiaxuan is not angry, but chuckles.

"Do you want to be your own boss?"

He Jiaxuan asked her deliberately.

Xia Xinnian snorts coldly and doesn't want to take care of him.

"If I give you a design company and let you be the person in charge, are you interested?

I will give you a lot of money so that you don't need to work so hard. "

He Jiaxuan ignored her anger and thought about a better future for her.

"My woman, do you need to raise it?"

Suddenly, a cold voice rang out of the office door.

He Jiaxuan stands up from the sofa fiercely. Looking back, he sees jimucheng standing at the door. He still has some bags in his hand, like he came to deliver dinner.

"Mr. Ji?"

He Jiaxuan looks frightened. Obviously, he didn't expect jimucheng to come.

Xia Xinnian is too lazy to look at his panicked expression. No matter how hard he Jiaxuan is hit at the moment, it's what he asked himself for. It's right.

With a black face, jimucheng stepped in and looked at he Jiaxuan coldly. He asked him, "what are you doing in my girlfriend's office if you don't go home?"?

Want to be a hooligan

"Absolutely not. Mr. Ji misunderstood me. I knew Xinnian since childhood. I just passed by and came to talk to her. There was no other idea."

He Jiaxuan is still very discerning, but his heart is surging at the moment. His eyes flicker and look at Xia Xinnian. This woman didn't scare him. She did a woman in Jimu city. When was it?

Why didn't he get any news?

Xia Xinnian sneered: "I can't talk about such a friend as he Zong. Besides, he always has a family man, a man and a woman who are alone and self destruct their reputation. I dare not invite you to come and chat."

He Jiaxuan saw Xia Xinnian didn't defend him at all. He looked embarrassed and said, "Xinnian, since Ji is here, I won't disturb you. Let's go first."

He Jiaxuan used the embarrassment of his whole life to today. He walked away quickly and didn't dare to turn back.

Jimucheng stared at his back coldly until it disappeared.

"What did he come to you for?"

Jimucheng is still a little jealous. This woman didn't get rid of him for the first time, and she has been alone with him for so long?

Do you mean to upset him?

"He came to me to get back together and said a lot of temptations."

Xia Xinnian stands up from his desk and tells the truth.

"Then you don't drive him away?

He's still here? "

Jimucheng's handsome face was so ugly that he put the packaged delicacy on the table and scolded him angrily.

"It's not that I don't want to drive him away, it's that he refuses to leave. He also said that if you don't come today, he will come to pursue me in a righteous way. A married man, if he says this shameless words, I'm also experienced."

Xia Xinnian doesn't like he Jiaxuan at all, so she said it to jimucheng on purpose to see what the man would say.

"He damn it."

Jimucheng was really angry and gnashed his teeth.

"You're here now, and he's running away. I believe this is an unforgettable lesson for him. Well, don't be angry. What delicious food have you brought to me?"

Xia Xinnian felt better when she saw that he was so angry.

Jimucheng doesn't want to eat now. He takes her by the wrist and yanks her into his arms.

"Next time he dares to come again, call me and I'll ask someone to break his leg."

Jimucheng attached to her ear to remind her.

Xia Xinnian couldn't help but chuckle: "OK, I'll call you when he comes to me next time."

"I'll come by myself."

Jimucheng's voice suddenly softened.

"Don't beat him to death, just give him a lesson."

Xia Xinnian knows that he is not joking.

The man's eyes narrowed and his voice was not happy: "how?

Do you still want to love him? "

"No, I'm worried about you. If I beat him up, it's against the law. I don't want anything wrong with you."

Xia Xinnian explained it carefully.

"Then you have to remember, don't provoke other men, otherwise, I can't know what to do, beat him up, you have to live for the rest of your life."